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Nacido en ca. 300 Eighth Epoch
Fallecido Unknown
Capacidades Custodio de Piedra, Shardbearer
Grupo Knights Radiant (Order of Stonewards)
Mundo natal Roshar
Universo Cosmere
Primera aparición The Way of Kings
El título de este artículo no es canon y ha sido creado por un fan ya que todavía no se ha establecido un término oficial.

It is our duty and our privilege to stay vigilant for the Desolation. One kingdom to study the arts of war so that the others might have peace. We die so that you may live. It has ever been our place.

—The Starfalls Stoneward[1]

The Starfalls Stoneward was a Knight Radiant from the Heraldic Epochs who appeared in Dalinar Kholin's twelfth vision, also known as the Starfalls vision.[1]

Appearance and Personality

The Stoneward has light tan skin, similar to that of a modern Alethi. She has light tan eyes that seem to glow, and wears her hair in a bun. She wears "delicate" Shardplate that glows with an amber light, and is able to summon and dismiss the helm. She is very calm and focused in dangerous situations. When Dalinar asks her questions about who she fights for, she emphasizes her duty to protect the world by training in the arts of war.[1]

Attributes and Abilities

The Stoneward exhibits the typical abilities of the ancient Knights Radiant, including a Shardblade and Shardplate that she is able to summon or dismiss at will. Although Dalinar does not observe her using Stoneward abilities, the amber color of her armor places her in that Order.[1][2] She is a skilled fighter and was able to fend off an attack by the Midnight Essence with the help of Dalinar and her Windrunner companion.[1]

She also is in possession of a healing fabrial that consists of a large topaz and a large heliodor entwined in a metal cage. By using the fabrial and touching someone, she is able to heal serious wounds almost instantly. She makes reference to the fabrial's use of Regrowth.[1]


She and a Windrunner companion rescued Dalinar's embodiment Heb and his family from an attack by the Midnight Essence in their village. She appeared suddenly during the attack and used a fabrial to heal both "Heb" and his wife Taffa after they were injured defending themselves. She then summoned her Shardblade and joined her companion to defeat the monsters. She was shocked when Dalinar joined the fight skillfully wielding a fireplace poker, but the three of them quickly formed a defensive position; after a difficult battle, they destroyed all of the creatures.[1]

The Windrunner flew away, leaving the Stoneward to guard the family, and Dalinar used the opportunity to ask her a few questions. She was a bit confused by the nature of his questions, but explained that they were in Natanatan during the Eighth Epoch. She explained that the attacking creatures were not Voidbringers, but rather the Midnight Essence (which she called one of the Ten Deaths), although she did not know who had released it.[1]

She also briefly discussed the Knights Radiant; at that time, the Orders were centered in Urithiru but the Knights lived in Alethela. She emphasized that it was the duty of the Knights to train in the art of war and stay vigilant for the Desolations, and that they gave their lives to keep the world safe. She urged Dalinar to come train with the Radiants, since they had could teach people how to manage the burden that came along with fighting and killing. She mentioned that Harkaylain had predicted that a Desolation would be coming soon before quickly departing when she heard screaming nearby.[1]


The Knights Radiant fight for no king and for all of them.

—The Starfalls Stoneward[1]

Every pasture needs three things. Flocks to grow, herdsmen to tend, and watchers at the rim. We of Alethela are those watchers—the warriors who protect and fight. We maintain the terrible arts of killing, then pass them on to others when the Desolation comes

—The Starfalls Stoneward, recited as if from memory[1]


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