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Propiedades Harms shades
Mundo Threnody
Universo Cosmere
Featured in Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell, Stormlight Archive

The metal silver has some notable properties in the cosmere.[1] The effects of silver are still not fully understood.[2]



Silver is a significant substance and a valuable currency in the Forests of Hell, as it is known to repel shades. Shades that touch it are thrown backward, though the touch of the spirits blacken and ruin the metal. A ring of silver is installed around every house to ward off the shades, and the ring needs to be maintained regularly.[3]

Silver can also heal the effects of a shade attack. Silver dust is applied immediately to areas of the body that are affected, reversing the necrotic effects of the shade's touch. Applying silver too late would have no effect on the wound.[3]

Threnodite Chains

Silvery chains that originate on Threnody[4] somehow allow a user to "anchor" themselves through a Cognitive anomaly.[5] The implications of anchoring are unknown, but the chains are incredibly rare and valuable on other planets.[6][7] They are used by the scholars of Silverlight.[4]

The chains are described as "silver" or "silvery", but their exact composition is unclear. Raboniel was immediately shocked at the sight of a Threnodite chain on Roshar[7] while Kaladin failed to notice anything unusual about a chain that he saw in Shadesmar,[6] implying that the chains have distinguishing characteristics that are not obvious to every observer.

Other Planets

On planets where silver is not known to exhibit special properties (such as Scadrial, Roshar, and Sel), it is typically used as jewelry or decoration.[8][9][10]


Silver is Allomantically inert[11] and is not known to play a role in Feruchemy or Hemalurgy.[1] If a Mistborn attempts to burn silver, nothing happens.[12] Although silver alone does not have Allomantic properties, electrum is an alloy of forty-five percent gold and fifty-five percent silver.[13] Like all metals other than aluminum (and certain aluminum alloys), silver can be used as an anchor by Coinshots and Lurchers.[14][15]

Silver has interesting properties that are undiscovered on Scadrial.[1][12] It is unclear if these properties would directly affect the Metallic Arts.


On Roshar, silver could potentially be used to permanently kill spren, unlike aluminum.[16] A silver-nickel alloy houses the polestone on the pommel of at least one Raysium dagger used by the Fused, but the metal does not affect the dagger's function.[17]


  • Brandon originally envisioned the Allomantic partner of pewter as silver instead of tin, changing his mind after learning that he was under the false impression that pewter had a high quantity of silver.[18] Even years later, he sometimes forgets that silver was replaced with tin.[19]
  • Because silver is such a well-known metal in real life, Brandon still wanted to include it in the Allomantic table. He considered swapping it in for aluminum as the metal that wipes out other metal reserves in chapter 36 of The Final Empire, when Vin is captured in Kredik Shaw. However, he decided that silver was too abundant to have this effect.[11] He has some regrets about leaving silver out of Allomancy, but the fact that aluminum goes from very rare to very common after a society becomes industrialized lends itself well to the long-term arc of Mistborn.[20]
  • After replacing silver with tin, Brandon was concerned that the description of Vin's earring might be confusing, so it became 'silver coated'.[21]
  • Nightblood's sheath is described as "silver" in Warbreaker, but it is actually made of aluminum.[22]


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