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{!{character|name=Lord Ruler |image=Rashek movie concept.jpg |world=Scadrial|nation=Terris |titles=Lord Ruler, Sliver of Infinity, the Father |abilities=Feruchemist, Allomancer, Sliver |died=1022 IF |books=Mistborn: The Final Empire }}

I did not make a mistake. I have never made a mistake. However, it is time for a change.

—The Lord Ruler's words after lord prelan Tevidian Tekiel's death.[1]

The Lord Ruler, also referred to as the Sliver of Infinity (and later, the Sliver), was the sovereign head of the theocratic Final Empire for a thousand years. The legends say that he went to the Well of Ascension and became a god.

He used all three Metallic Arts: he was one of the first Mistborn to exist, the progenitors of the modern form of Allomancy; he was also a Feruchemist, though this knowledge was hidden during Imperial times; and, he used Hemalurgy to not only enhance his abilities[Falta cita] but create the kandra, koloss, and Steel Inquisitors. Ultimately, Vin slew him in 1022 FE.

The Lord Ruler's effect on the culture of Scadrial was indelible, his name being used as an epithet years after his death.

Attributes and Abilities

Head of the Final Empire

The Lord Ruler was the ultimate authority in the Final Empire. Noblemen did not own skaa, they rented them from the Lord Ruler.

The lord prelan of the Steel Ministry ran the day-to-day government of the Final Empire, as the Lord Ruler generally stood disinterested in almost all things, but the Lord Ruler's word was law. The Lord Ruler could dramatically change the structure of the Ministry's cantons, like making the Canton of Inquisition the highest canton over the Canton of Orthodoxy.

He maintained an economic grip over the Empire's noble houses through atium, which he

Legends and Myths

To the skaa, the Lord Ruler was forever immortal. He could not be killed.

He was so powerful, he single-handedly slaughtered entire armies, and could survive any wound, even a beheading.

He maintained control of the koloss, a power which baffled Kelsier's crew as well as Elend Venture until the Siege of Luthadel.

Incredible Soothing at Kredik Shaw

Said to have a great atium cache

Metallic Abilities


The Lord Ruler's original metallic ability was that of being a Full Feruchemist. He made himself Mistborn--one of the first Allomancers--when he held the power of the Well of Ascension, thus making him the first and most powerful Compounder.



Allomantic Strength and Hemalurgy

{/{theory}} ((allomantic strength quote from Harmony))

Harmony claimed in the Words of Founding that the Lord Ruler's supreme Allomantic strength was something shared with all of the original Allomancers. However, Elend Venture could only Push so hard with emotional Allomancy with duralumin, while the Lord Ruler maintained a constant Soothing at duralumin levels of intensity constantly, so Harmony was not totally accurate in his initial assessment. The Lord Ruler did not use duralumin to maintain that Soothing effect.[Falta cita]

The Lord Ruler also employed Hemalurgy to create some his most dramatic effects (which?).

Through his supremely powerful emotional Allomancy, he could control the koloss, and presumably the Steel Inquisitors, if necessary.

Appearance and Personality


Kwaan and Alendi

Potential Luthadel name

No known lovers or relationships, but he did have a child (or children)

The Kandra

The Father


See below for the relationship between the Lord Ruler and the Terris people during the Final Empire.


Early Life

The Lord Ruler was born Rashek in the lands of Terris, and was a Feruchemist.

The Ascension of the Lord Ruler

The Final Empire

Ruin's subtle interference.

Early conquests.

At some point during the Final Empire, the Lord Ruler attempted to give up and destroy his work.[Falta cita]

Rarely left Kredik Shaw, leading people to call it his box. The imperial coin had an image of Kredik Shaw on its back, and so the coin became known as the boxing. However, he did occasionally go to balls, and did meet with nobles, like heads of Great Houses.

Subjugation of the Terris Peoples


Criticisms of the Lord Ruler's policies throughout the Empire.

The Collapse

Describing the Lord Ruler's fall (basically, the events pertinent to MB1).

After Death

By killing me, you have doomed yourselves...

—The Lord Ruler's final words[2]


The Lord Ruler had intended to retake the power of the Well so Ruin was not released.

Safe houses, new metals


During the Catacendre, Harmony utilized the safehouses and moved them into one location which became known as the Field of Rebirth, the center of Elendel.


Let the executions begin.

—The Lord Ruler, after killing Kelsier.[3]

"My lord," Tevidian said, turning away from her. "Look outside your window! Do we not have better things to discuss? The entire city is in rebellion! Skaa torches light up the night, and they dare go out into the mists. They blaspheme in riots, attacking the keeps of the nobility!"
"Let them," the Lord Ruler said in an uncaring voice.

Tevidian and the Lord Ruler arguing about the skaa rebels[1]

God cannot be killed. God cannot be overthrown. Your rebellion—you think I haven't seen its like before? You think I haven't destroyed entire armies on my own? What will it take before you people stop questioning? How many centuries must I prove myself before you idiot skaa see the truth? How many of you must I kill!

—The Lord Ruler[2]

You don't know what I do for mankind. I was your god, even if you couldn't see it. By killing me, you have doomed yourselves...

—The Lord Ruler's final words[2]


In Final Empire Prime, one of the two stories that combined to turn into Mistborn: The Final Empire, the Lord Ruler had a love interest, leading some fans to believe that Luthadel was named after a woman named Lutha.