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Hey everyone, I am Eric, an administrator on 17th Shard. I'm the site's webmaster (though now Joe webmasters the wiki), its forum admin, a Mistborn RPG admin, and, as what matters on the Coppermind, a Coppermind admin. I get around, I guess.

On the wiki, my expertise centers in Cosmere stuff, as well as Final Empire era Mistborn stuff. I know a lot of other things, but that's what gets me excited; cosmere especially. There's a reason I spent a crapton of time writing that Shard article (Hint: It's my insanity).



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My Articles

These are prominent articles I've written or intend to write.

My To-do List


  • Finish Allomancy
  • Do Jindo
  • Lord Ruler
  • Edit the Shard article for the 17S Q&A info. (All Shards have the same power level, they are the most powerful entities in the cosmere)
    • All shards have same power level
    • Most powerful entities in the cosmere
  • Add an article on subtle forces.
  • Rewrite all Shard pages
    • Odium is done, as is Cultivation.
    • Ruin has quotes, but still needs a lot of work.
    • Honor, Preservation, Harmony, Devotion, Dominion are all awful.
  • Adonalsium. Scary how many people to link this.
  • Realmatic Theory article (someday...)
  • Generally complete everything in the Cosmere navbox and make it better.
  • Do stuff with the unpublished works page. Generally get all the top viewed articles done.
  • Lerasium article. Include info about lerasium's burn effect, how it can override spiritual DNA, and a note on its proper capitalization.

New Articles

New Categories we need

I figure we can use categories to more easily list members of specific groups.

  • Adolin's Girlfriends
  • Highprinces
  • Kings, maybe?
  • Category:Games, a subcategory of Culture. We kind of have a lot of fictional games so this would be good.
  • Myths and Legends, definitely a good idea Windy.


  • Categorization Guide and new categories. Need to make some choices on high level categories and some conventions.
  • Article templates
  • Finishing the article flags mod with Joe
  • Remove the remaining wanted articles before Words of Radiance. There honestly aren't too many of them to do