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Cónyuge Husband[1]
Oficio Tailor
Residencia Kholinar
Etnia de Thaylenah
Mundo natal Roshar
Universo Cosmere
Presentado en Oathbringer

Yokska is a Thaylen tailor in Kholinar on Roshar.[1]

Appearance and Personality

Yokska is short, plump and fashionable. She has traditional long white Thaylen eyebrows, which she wears in ringlets. She is polite, and she respects the Alethi monarchy. She follows the Thaylen Passions.[1]

After the singers occupy Kholinar, Yokska becomes thin and scrawny and wears lowly worker's clothes.[2]

Attributes and Abilities

Yokska speaks Alethi and is able to write in women's script. She is quite attuned to the goings-on in the city.[1] She is a skilled tailor who attracts demanding clients, and she travels to places such as Liafor to stay informed about the latest fashion trends.[3][4] She is well known as a tailor skilled at creating new designs of clothing.[2]


Yokska and her husband ran a tailor shop in Kholinar that catered to wealthy male customers; the shop had a showroom, a workroom, and separate living quarters.[4][1] She had presumably lived in Kholinar for some time, as Adolin Kholin was a dedicated customer. Yokska employed at least one maid in the shop.[1][5]

But oh! When that new storm came, the one with the red lightning, it left a gloom over the palace. So nasty! Dark times. I suppose … suppose those haven't ended.


During the Siege of Kholinar, Adolin brought Elhokar's rescue party to Yokska's shop; he trusted Yokska and thought it would be an inconspicuous place to hide.[3] Elhokar, Kaladin, and Adolin interviewed Yokska regarding the recent events in the city. Although she was a bit scattered, she was able to provide a significant amount of information regarding Aesudan's strange behavior, the execution of Pai, the arrival of the Everstorm, the screamers, and the disappearance of the Palace Guard. She provided some hope when she mentioned that some lighteyes and the Wall Guard had resisted Aesudan's orders. The three men kept asking questions until Shallan noticed that Yokska needed a break. While the interview was happening, Ishnah searched Yokska's bedroom and did not find anything incriminating.[1]

The shop was in an area of the city that had remained relatively unscathed by the events of the siege.[6] It remained the rescue party's base of operations, and they held several meetings there.[4][7] Yokska continued to provide information about the city—including Brightlord Velalant, the food shortage, and the Cult of Moments—while Elhokar and his party formulated their plan to open the Oathgate adjacent to the palace.[5] She also made Adolin a flamboyant suit to use as part of his disguise while in public.[4]

Just before the Voidbringer assault on the palace, Adolin thanked Yokska for her help and instructed her to flee towards the Shattered Plains if the city fell. Yokska was already unsettled by the recent turns of events in the city, and was shocked that she and her husband would have to travel so far.[7]

After the singers took over Kholinar Yokska was not able to continue working as a tailor, but she was able to maintain her reputation. When Lady Leshwi needed an expert tailor to design new robes for her, she asked her Voice, Venli, to find an expert tailor to do it for her. Venli found Yokska and brought her before Leshwi, but the Fused refused to have a human work for her and insisted on using a singer. Leshwi told Venli to have Yokska teach an artform singer who could then do the job Leshwi needed done.[2]


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