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Nación Tashikk
Mundo Roshar
Universo Cosmere
Aparece en The Stormlight Archive

No, this was impressive. A majestic city cut out of the starvin' ground.

Lift, when thinking about Yeddaw[1]

Yeddaw is a city in Tashikk on Roshar.


Yeddaw's shape and appearance is very unusual because it is composed of hundreds of trenches cut into the ground by hired Shardblades, the Imperial Shardblades of Azir. All inhabitants live inside of the trenches, but farming is done above the city in the spaces between trenches. These trenches have varying widths and make a spiral towards the center of the city, which has a large moundlike building that rises over the surface of the ground, called the Grand Indicium.[2] All of the trenches are cut so that water drains out of the city during highstorms, with the Grand Indicium being the highest central point from which the rest of the city slopes downward.[1]

The city has many different sectors cut into it, the one most known currently is the immigrant quarter. The immigrant quarter is a slum-like area of the city where the poor live, and it is implied that the area surrounding it has lower property values by proximity. Many of the homes in this sector are wooden and raised on stilts to avoid the runoff during storms.[3]

The inhabitants of the city are known for trading in information as a form of currency.[4]


Yeddaw is a relatively new city, having been created only 100 years prior to the Everstorm.[1]

Around the time of the Everstorm, Lift visits Yeddaw whilst following Nale.


The city is locally controlled by a prince. While not much is known currently, the prince has enough authority to issue special operatives and empower the local Skybreakers to react to crimes however they see fit,[5][6] as well as declare a state of emergency immediately followed by all inhabitants.[7][8] He was also capable of turning out the Parshman slaves into the coming Everstorm.[9]


Yeddaw is known for pancakes that are eaten during the Weeping. The pancakes are called "Sun Day" cakes for unknown reasons,[4] and they are eaten everywhere in the city, from shanties in alleyways to the Grand Indicium.[10][7] There are said to be ten varieties of pancakes, although one of them is not physically made but is simply thought about in dedication to Tashi.[11]

When Lift visits Yeddaw, she tries to eat all of the varieties of pancakes in the city. She identifies them as follows:

  1. Tuk-cake, a tasty pancake eaten for prosperity in the year to come[4]
  2. a salty pancake with chopped-up vegetables[6]
  3. a sweet-tasting pancake[6]
  4. an airy, fluffy pancake served with a dipping sauce[6]
  5. a dense pancake with salty, sticky paste in the center[7]
  6. a pancake covered in small, crunchy seeds[7]
  7. a pancake with sugar in the center (Lift's favorite)[7][12]
  8. an unknown relatively tasty pancake[7]
  9. a pancake with a thick, mealy texture[11]

Notable Residents


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