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Fallecido First Dreams[1]
Oficio Capitán de barco
Nacionalidad de Thaylenah
Mundo natal Roshar
Universo Cosmere

Vazrmeb is the captain of the ship First Dreams on Roshar.[1]

Appearance and personality

Vazrmeb is Thaylen and has the long white eyebrows characteristic of his people. He has long, curly hair. He is unusually tall for a Thaylen, as tall as a typical Alethi, and has large arms and hands.[1] Kaza remarks that he does not conform to the stereotypical image of Thaylens as parsimonious merchants.[1] He is boisterous and appears to be a skilled captain, as he is able to keep his crew organized through a deadly storm.[1]


Vazrmeb was infatuated with the legends of hidden riches on Akinah in Aimia.[2] Although most Rosharans considered Akinah unreachable, he and his helmsman Droz sought to travel to the island. Few sailors were willing to attempt this journey, so Vazrmeb hired a mercenary crew in Steen. It is not clear whether he owned the ship First Dreams or if it was chartered. He had at least some prior knowledge of the stone spikes blocking entry to Akinah, and hired Kaza in Liafor (at great expense) to Soulcast them into smoke.[1]

First Dreams sailed north from Liafor and encountered a massive storm on the Aimian Sea that abruptly ended near Akinah.[1] Kaza was able to Soulcast the spikes, allowing the crew to approach the island in dinghies. However, Vazrmeb had been poisoned and killed along with the rest of the crew by the ship's cook, a Sleepless posing as a human.[1] Kaza was the only person besides the cook to reach the shore alive, and before she ended her life she noticed that the island did in fact appear to contain the gemhearts that Vazrmeb was seeking.[1] However, these gemhearts would later prove to be fake.[3]

Navani Kholin later learned of Vazrmeb's ambition from the prince of Liafor while investigating the mysterious reappearance of the First Dreams as a ghost ship, although she did not know his fate.[2]


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