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There seems to be an impression I'm seeing sometimes that the Coppermind team is some kind of professional venture, When in fact it is less of a team and more of a herd of giraffes being vaguely pushed in a general direction by a herd of a slightly taller giraffes equipped with a map


Hi! I’m an editor on the Coppermind, and I particularly work on articles from books that don’t normally get as much attention, particularly Cytoverse stuff. I’m TalnFan or #1 Taln Fan on the forums. I started out the Cosmere when my friend forced me to read The Way of Kings in summer 2020. By the end of the year I had read all of the Cosmere and most of the non-cosmere. In August I got involved in the fandom, and shortly after started working on the Coppermind!

Note to self! Make a Lorn page! Cytonic ch 35

Also an Estevez page (rithmatist ch 23)

For my (very small) artist page, go here


User:Co-president of the Taln Fanclub/awards


Though I occasionally work on Stormlight or Mistborn articles, most of my work is on articles about less popular books such as Lux and The Original, and I’m currently working on Cytoverse articles.

Current big projects:

Other Projects

Things I’ve Written by Myself

  • Pretty much all the Sunreach slugs
  • Several minor Epics

Pages I’ve Written Most of

Grand Battle Plan

  1. Do Alanik’s history section and the ReDawn summaries
  2. Finish Wayne History
  3. Do the Cytonic Summaries
  4. Do Chet and some other Cytonic things.
  5. Evershore summary
  6. Evershore character histories or whatever needs to be done
  7. Spensa History, thats a big one
  8. Actually get around to finishing up the Original articles. (When the ebook is out
  9. Rithmatist articles! These are just sad. Rithmatist deserves better.

Notes to Self

  • The Happy Accident, chapter 15 og
  • Aunt Sydney, chapter 16 og
  • This is how you strikethrough

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