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I started reading Brandon's works in 2015 and have been following the community on and off since then. I finally decided to start contributing here in 2019. I've got some miscellaneous resources and notes on this page, as well as a vague list of #Projects and a list of my user subpages under #Navigation.

I'm also a Keeper, which I guess means I'm qualified to answer questions about how to do wiki things or how to handle weird situations. Feel free to contact me on my talk page or on our Coppermind editors Discord server (I'm Stargazer#6905 there if you want to ping me or would feel better direct messaging me).

I often take inspiration for edits from things I see in Special:RecentChanges so if I edit something you just did, it's probably not because you did anything wrong, I just saw something else on the page that I thought could be improved.

My thousandth edit came in the middle of a spree to fix the book parameter in all the Skyward infoboxes (I note that only so that I can remember in five years exactly which page it was).



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Stuff Cut from Cosmere Page

Content I wrote for the new cosmere page, was too detailed, but might be useful elsewhere

Cognitive Realm
The reason for this [land/water] inversion also has something to do with how people think, as well as where they are likely to pass.[1]

Not hedging on the land/water inversion being limited to Roshar and Scadrial. Leras implies it's a universal property; nuance can be discussed elsewhere.

Spiritual Realm
Since the Spiritual Realm is not truly a place, travel to it does not so much involve literally going there, but rather seeing the various Connections of the present and into the future. For example, when Elend Venture burned atium with duralumin, he was pulled mostly into the Spiritual Realm for a moment and understood Leras' plan for the death of Ati.[2][3] Visions, such as the ones Honor left for potential Bondsmiths, almost always involved being pulled partially into the Spiritual Realm, with an additional "Cognitive framework" to provide the structure of the vision.[4]

It appears, however, that a person's accent is tied to their Identity, not the their Connection.[5] As a result, if a person forms Connection without adjusting their Identity, the person's soul will remember where they were born, and they will speak with an accent.[6] Suppressing that part of one's Identity, however, would allow one to speak with a local accent;[5] other methods may work as well.[7]

Like regular matter and energy, Investiture, when highly concentrated, causes time dilation.[8] Any pure Investiture in a solid state is always a metal.[9] Just as matter and energy can be converted into each other, Investiture can be converted to matter or energy, and vice versa.[10] Like matter and energy, it can neither be created nor destroyed, only changed from one form to another.[11] Investiture thus adheres to the laws of thermodynamics, though, in the cosmere, there is a yet-unknown fourth law that relates to Adonalsium.[10] though the phrases "manifestations of Investiture" and "forms of Investiture" are also used [to refer to Invested Arts].[12][13]

More detailed version cut from Realmatic Theory work
In addition to having ordinary mass and energy, the cosmere also has a magical power known as Investiture. Investiture is closely tied to the Spiritual Realm,[14][15] which holds a vast reserve of Investiture,[16] but ultimately transcends the divisions between the three Realms.[14] Over time, Investiture will cycle between the Realms,[16][17] but ultimately returns to the Spiritual Realm.[18][19]

Investiture follows many of the same laws of physics that ordinary mass and energy do. Just as mass and energy can be converted to each other, so to can Investiture be converted to mass or energy, and vice versa.[20][10] Once this equivalence is accounted for, the cosmere adheres to the laws of thermodynamics,[10][11][21] though there is an additional fourth law that relates to Adonalsium.[10] Like matter and energy, high concentrations of Investiture curves space, but it primarily affects the geometry of the Realms and brings them closer together rather than creating ordinary gravitational effects. At a certain point, this effect will cause a perpendicularity to form.[22] Similarly, high concentrations of Investiture also cause time dilation,[8] though it appears that far higher concentrations than those usually found in perpendicularities are needed for this effect to become noticeable.[23][24] Investiture is quantized and has force carriers, though they act "very oddly."[15] Investiture also has a property that associates with specific Shards, though it is also still linked to Adonalsium.[25][26]

Shards can also create various constructs that will act according to rules they lay down and do not require direct action on their part to maintain. Examples of this include how Preservation set up the mists to Snap people and the visions Honor left for potential Bondsmiths.[27][28]

A Vessel's expanded mind also allows them to stretch time to fit their needs, and they can instantaneously move their focus around a world in which they are Invested.[29][30]

At least one Shard, Autonomy, has also shown the ability to create additional avatars of herself.[31] Shardic avatars appear to be personalities tied to a piece of a Shard's power that can nevertheless be disconnected from the main focus of a Shard's Investiture, allowing them to operate far from the main body of the Shard's attention and power and with a degree of independence.[32][33][26] Avatars can be created without a Shard's conscious involvement, but a Shard is always aware of his or her avatars.[34]

Odium's Impact on Selish CR
First, it made the Cognitive Realm around Sel incredibly dangerous, as Devotion and Dominion's Investiture is trapped together in a high-energy state known as the Dor, without enough "escape valves" to stabilize the system.[35][36] Second, because the Cognitive Realm was distinct locations and the Spiritual Realm does not, systems of Investiture on Sel became highly-location dependent—different systems of Investiture exist in different regions and the symbols used to access the Dor are often derived from geographical features.[35][37][38][39]

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  • Intro
  • Properties and Forces
    • Realms
      • Physical Realm
      • Cognitive Realm
      • Spiritual Realm
    • Investiture
    • Adonalsium
      • Shards of Adonalsium
  • Planets
  • History
    • Before the Shattering
    • The Shattering of Adonalsium
    • Odium's Quest
    • The Ascension of Harmony
    • Splintering of Honor and the True Desolation
    • Trell and Scadrial
  • Worldhoppers
    • Hoid
    • Worldhopping Groups
      • The Seventeenth Shard
      • Silverlight
      • The Ire
      • The Ghostbloods
    • Other Worldhoppers
  • Development
  • Bibliography of the Cosmere
    • Forthcoming
    • Chronological Order
  • Further Reading

Properties and Forces

The cosmere symbol


In the cosmere, everything exists in three Realms: the Physical Realm, the Cognitive Realm, and the Spiritual Realm.[1][2] The three Realms have existed since the beginning of the cosmere.[3]

When someone in the cosmere dies, their body remains in the Physical Realm and a Cognitive Shadow forms in the Cognitive Realm.[4][5] For most people, this Cognitive Shadow quickly moves on to the Beyond and their Investiture returns to the Spiritual Realm.[4][5] The more Investiture someone held in life, the longer they can linger before being drawn to the Beyond,[4] but only Slivers—those who once held a significant portion of a Shard's power—can resist the Beyond forever, though they can still choose to go if they so desire.[6] Before the person passes to the Beyond, however, they can still be restored via Investiture healing[5][7] or be infused with enough Investiture to become a more permanent Cognitive Shadow, usually as a result of a Shard's action.[4][8] Those killed by Nightblood or anti-Investiture, however, cannot be resurrected in any way, as nothing remains of their soul.[9][10][11]

The Physical Realm

In the Physical Realm, the cosmere is a star cluster of about 50 to 100 stars.[12] The Physical Realm is composed of fundamental particles known as axi and follows ordinary laws of physics, except when the other Realms are involved.[13][10][14] Currently, there are ten known planetary systems in the cosmere, which contain a total of twelve notable planets. The cosmere is also home to other celestial objects, including several dwarf planets, gas giants, and constellations.[15] At least one person has tried to leave the physical bounds of the cosmere, with unknown results.[16][17]

The Cognitive Realm

A map of Shadesmar, the region of the Cognitive Realm around Roshar.[18] Regions labelled "Expanse" lead to other planets in the cosmere.[19]

The Cognitive Realm is closely modeled on the Physical Realm, though there are significant differences. Because the Cognitive Realm is the Realm of thought, it is substantially impacted by how people imagine and perceive ideas. For example, outer space is significantly compressed in the Cognitive Realm, because people do not spend much time thinking about the space between planets.[19] There are also some entities that naturally exist primarily in the Cognitive Realm, such as the spren who personify thoughts, emotions, and natural features,[20] as well as certain Cognitive Shadows.

The appearance of the Cognitive Realm around a particular planet seems to reflect salient characteristics of that planet—around Scadrial, for instance, it is composed of mist, while around Roshar it is composed of spheres.[4][21] Land and water are inverted in the Cognitive Realm—what is solid land in the Physical Realm is unstable ground in the Cognitive, while bodies of water in the Physical are solid in the Cognitive.[22][21] As a result, physical beings attempting to traverse non-solid regions of the Cognitive Realm risk drowning in whatever composes the local Cognitive Realm, though cognitive entities can traverse these regions safely.[23][21]

The Spiritual Realm

All things exist in three Realms, Gaotona. Physical, Cognitive, Spiritual. The Physical is what we feel, what is before us. The Cognitive is how an object is viewed and how it views itself. The Spiritual Realm contains an object’s soul—its essence—as well as the ways it is connected to the things and people around it.

Shai discussing the Realms with Gaotona[1]

The Spiritual Realm exists beyond space and time.[24] As such, it is not truly a place, but rather is the Realm of concepts like Intent, Identity, Connection, and Fortune.[25][1][26] Everything exists in the Spiritual Realm in its ideal form.[1][27]

Intent matters. Intent is king. You cannot do what I attempt by accident. You must mean it.

Navani Kholin on the role of Intent[28]

Intent is the Spiritual property that expresses a person's considered will or purpose. Intent cannot be formed accidentally; if Intent is required to do something, then the person attempting to do it must not only do it, but mean to do it.[29][28] Many Invested Arts require their user to act with Intent in order to properly use their magic.[30][31] Invested entities, like spren, Cognitive Shadows, and even Shards have a fundamental Intent that describes the purpose of the Investiture that constitutes their essence. Indeed, the longer they exist, the more they will become bound by their Intent, unable to act against it.[8][32] An extreme example of this is Ati, the original Vessel of the Shard Ruin, who was initially a "kind and generous" man,[33] but became so consumed by his Shard's Intent that he sought the complete destruction of Scadrial and even viewed it as necessary.[34]

Along with Intent, there is also the associated concept of Command. Commands are more limited than Intent, but they help to focus the Intent so that Investiture can respond appropriately.[35] While most Commands are related to a certain Invested Art or some other specific method of manipulating Investiture, there are also the Dawnshards, four fundamental Commands that were involved in both the creation of the cosmere and the Shattering of Adonalsium.[31]

Identity is the Spiritual property that demarcates one person or object from another and describes who or what they are.[36] Losing their Identity during the False Desolation turned the singers into slaveform.[37] Identity also serves as the lock and key for metalminds; Feruchemists can only withdraw attributes stored by someone with a matching Identity—ordinarily, this means only attributes they stored.[36] Because Identity describes who a person is, it is closely tied to the concept of a Spiritweb, which is sometimes called Spiritual DNA.[38] Spiritwebs are not entirely understood, but they are quantifiable in some way,[39] and seem to record information about a person's Investiture, such as the genetics that make one an Allomancer.[40]

Magical healing in the cosmere usually works by using Investiture to make a person's condition in the Physical Realm more closely match their idealized self in the Spiritual Realm, though this idealized self is filtered through the person's perception of themself in the Cognitive Realm. As a result, healing is usually limited by how a person views themself, and once a person accepts something as part of themself, it will not be able to heal.[41]

Yours is the power of Connection, of joining men and worlds, minds and souls.

—The Stormfather to Dalinar Kholin, explaining the powers of the Bondsmiths[42]

In addition to containing this information about a person or obejcts's Identity, the Spiritual Realm also stores Connection between people, objects, and even more abstract concepts.[1] For example, a person can form Connection to a region, which will allow them to speak that region's language.[43][44] In order to take up a Shard after a Vessel dies, a person must be Connected to that Shard.[45]

Because the Spiritual Realm exists beyond space and time, it—along with the associated property of Fortune—can be used to see events in other locations or even the future,[46][26] though this is generally very difficult.[47][48]


A depiction of the different forms of Investiture on Roshar

[I]t seemed you were Soulcasting to give your illusions weight. But then, concentrated Stormlight has a faint mass to it.

Jasnah Kholin on the relationship between Investiture and mass[49]

Just as there is an equivalency between mass and energy, in the cosmere these things can also be exchanged with a magical power known as Investiture. When Investiture is accounted for, the cosmere adheres to the ordinary laws of conservation and thermodynamics.[50][51] Investiture mostly exists in the Spiritual Realm, though it is more precisely understood as transcending the Realms.[52] However, it can also exist in a "condensed" form in the Physical Realm as solid, liquid, or gas.[53]

If left alone, Investiture will, over time, become self-aware,[54] resulting in a Splinter.[55] Khriss suspects that the land itself on Sel is undergoing a process like this as a result of Devotion and Dominion's Investiture being trapped in the Cognitive Realm.[56] More common examples of this process include seons and spren.[55]

Investiture has a property that associates it with one of the sixteen Shards of Adonalsium; at the Shattering of Adonalsium, all Investiture was divided evenly between the Shards.[57][58][59] Even though, as a result of the Shattering, all Investiture is associated with a Shard, Investiture also remains linked to Adonalsium in some way and the Shattering meant "everything and nothing at the same time" to Investiture.[58]

When one form of Investiture attempts to co-opt or corrupt another form of Investiture, it will often produce a red effect.[60] Examples of this include the red smoke given off by Shai's soulstamps when she uses them to temporarily tweak Gaotona's soul,[61][62] the red haze of Trell invading Scadrial,[5][63][64] and the red coloring of some of the spren Enlightened by Sja-anat.[65][21][66] Similarly, when some entity possesses or has a strong influence over a person, the person's eyes will often grow red, as seen with the bodies controlled by Trell's Faceless Immortals,[67] the soldiers possessed via the Thrill at the Battle of Thaylen Field,[66][68] and many of Odium's servants, whose souls are corrupted by his power.[69][70]

This is a powerful magic, and one where humans themselves have often had access to grand bursts of strength. I would challenge one to identify another planet, save only Roshar, where one can find such strength of Investiture so commonly in the hands of mortals.

Investiture can be divided into two categories: kinetic Investiture and static or innate Investiture.[72][73] Kinetic Investiture refers to Investiture actively doing something. When Investiture is kinetic, it can often be detected by various methods, such as Allomantic bronze or sand from the Dayside of Taldain.[73][74] Static or innate Investiture refers to all Investiture not actively doing something, from the piece of Preservation in all Scadrians to Feruchemical charge in a metalmind.[73][75][76] At least some forms of static Investiture, including Lights not actively powering anything, can also be detected by Taldain's sand, though they affect the sand much more slowly than kinetic Investiture does.[72]

Cosmere scholars term the various methods of utilizing Investiture (such as the Metallic Arts, Surgebinding, and Awakening) Invested Arts.[77] Since the Shattering, these can be grouped into three main categories. The most common are those powered directly by the Shards,[78] which arise from the interactions between a Shard and the planet they are Invested in.[79] Such Invested Arts are capable of far more spectacular results than other Invested Arts.[58][78] If a planet does not have a Shard in residence, its inhabitants can still access and use Investiture by the ordinary laws of Realmatics, but, without a Shard to provide additional power, the results are far more limited.[58] The last category is the few Invested Arts left over from before the Shattering of Adonalsium,[78] of which the only known example is Yolish Lightweaving.


Much like there is both matter and antimatter, at least some forms of Investiture can be transformed into a substance known as anti-Investiture.[80] Currently, the only known forms of anti-Investiture are anti-Stormlight and anti-Voidlight, which can be made by at least partially isolating Stormlight or Voidlight respectively from their Shard's pure tone and then exposing it to their Shard's opposite tone;[10][81][82] Khriss seems to believe additional forms of anti-Investiture are possible.[80] Anti-Voidlight, at least, looks mostly similar to regular Voidlight, but appears to warp the air around it.[10] When anti-Investiture mixes with Investiture of the same type, the two annihilate in a violent explosion; if the Investiture in question is the soul of a person or that of an entity composed entirely of Investiture, like a spren, then this annihilation results in their permanent death.[10][81]


Anytime too much power—too much Investiture, too much self—congregated, realms became porous and time behaved oddly.

Sylphrena on entering the centerbeat of the highstorm[83]

When a sufficient amount of Investiture coalesces in one place in the Physical and Cognitive Realms, it creates a junction between all three Realms known as a perpendicularity. Most stable perpendicularities form from the presence of a Shard on a planet and the massive amount of Investiture they bring with them.[84][85] Sentient beings can use perpendicularities to travel between the Physical and Cognitive Realms, which in turn facilitates easier travel on and off a planet for those with the knowledge to use them.[84]


There was a God. Adonalsium. I don’t know if it was a force or a being, though I suspect the latter.

When the cosmere began, there was an entity known as Adonalsium; this entity is widely believed to have created the cosmere.[86] Perhaps for this reason, Adonalsium is sometimes referred to as "the power of creation."[87] Investiture was Adonalsium's power,[88] which has led cosmere scholars to conclude that either Investiture seeks intelligence because it used to be Adonalsium or that Adonalsium came into being because Investiture sought intelligence.[89]

The exact nature of Adonalsium, however, remains unclear. It may have been a mere force that acted according to specific rules or an actual entity that could think on its own; Khriss suspects the latter.[22] The way Adonalsium saw the cosmere was simply the way its magic worked. For example, the spren on Roshar could not form fabrials prior to the Shattering because Adonalsium did not want them to be able to do so. Given Adonalsium had this level of control over the cosmere, some have suggested that Adonalsium may have wanted the Shattering to occur.[90]

Some say there are "subtle forces" being manifest in the cosmere, separate from Adonalsium, likely referring to belief in the God Beyond.[91]

Shards of Adonalsium

Shards of Adonalsium
Shard Original Vessel
Endowment Edgli
Cultivation Koravellium Avast
Honor Tanavast
Odium Rayse
Preservation Leras
Ruin Ati
Devotion Aona
Dominion Skai
Autonomy Bavadin
Ambition Uli Da
Invention Unknown
Mercy Unknown
Valor Unknown
Whimsy Unknown

[Odium] is far greater than I, but the power of ancient Adonalsium permeates him. And controls him. Odium is a force like pressure, gravitation, or the movement of time. These things cannot break their own rules. Nor can he.

—The Stormfather on Shards of Adonalsium[92]

During the Shattering, Adonalsium split into sixteen pieces, referred to as Shards of Adonalsium. Each of these Shards has an Intent that represents a particular facet of Adonalsium. Sixteen people involved in the Shattering then took up those Shards, becoming the first Vessels and effectively ascending to godhood.[22] There was some sort of force or property of the cosmere that caused Adonalsium to shatter into the sixteen Shards that it did,[93] and the distribution of the Shards to the Vessels was not random.[94]

Though the power of a Shard requires a mind to control it, known as a Vessel, the Intent of a Shard will slowly warp the minds of those that hold it, overriding their independence.[33][95] For example, after Leras Ascended as Preservation, he became unable to cause harm, even to preserve other things.[96][97] It is unclear whether the original Vessels knew this when they took up their Shards, but, eventually, the Vessels came to be known simply by their Shard's name.

The Shards have access to infinite power, but the Vessels' minds, even though they are expanded by holding the Shard, are not capable of wielding it all at once.[57][98] The Shards are also limited by certain rules that restrict how they can act;[92][48] for example, they must fulfill a formally made oath.[99][100] Failing to do so can give others an opening to act against the Shard who broke an oath; this has, on at least one occasion, resulted in the death of a Vessel.[101] Shards can also intervene to block another Shard's actions, though not perfectly.[102]

Despite these restrictions, however, the Shards are generally capable of both subtle and incredible changes. Among other things, they can change the orbit of entire planets, make changes to individuals and entire species on a genetic level, and alter some of the mechanics of an Invested Art resulting from their presence on a planet.[103][104] Since Shards exist primarily in the Spiritual Realm, they also have some ability to look into the future, though not all Shards are equally good at this and it fragments into more and more possibilities the further they look.[105][106]

We also instruct that you should not return to Obrodai. We have claimed that world, and a new avatar of our being is beginning to manifest there.

Patji, one of Autonomy's avatars, to Hoid[107][108]

Shards can also create avatars, beings with access to a portion of the Shard's power who can act autonomously from their Shard, but remain part of the Shard and ultimately cannot act against the Shard's instructions. Avatars stand in contrast to Splinters, who are pieces of a Shard's power that have or could develop free will.[109] Avatars often seem to be used when a Shard wants to influence events on a planet other than the one they are primarily Invested in; for example, Autonomy, who is Invested in Taldain,[110] has avatars on First of the Sun and Obrodai.[111][112]

Since the Shattering, the Shards have been the primary source of magic in the cosmere.[78] The interactions between their Investiture and a planet give rise to Invested Arts that are far more powerful than those formed by people accessing background Investiture.[79][78]

Each Shard also has its own pure tone and rhythm, that can often influence and be heard emanating from their Investiture and can become part of the worlds they Invest in.[113][114][115] For example, the Lights of Roshar pulse softly to their Shard's tone and rhythm and will follow a source—vocal or instrumental—generating their Shard's tone[113] and both the Well of Ascension on Scadrial and the pulses a Seeker can pick up from someone using Allomancy are related to Preservation's tone and rhythm.[115][116] Harmonizing the tones and rhythms of two different Shards is part of the creation of hybrid Investiture, like Warlight and Towerlight.[117][118] Shards also have an opposite tone, which sounds identical to most people but is unpleasant to those attuned to that Shard's Investiture, and can only be created by Intent. This opposite tone can physically repel its Shard's Investiture and can help create anti-Investiture associated with its Shard.[10]

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