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This page acts as a comprehensive timeline for the planet of Scadrial.

Early History of Scadrial

Pact between Ati and Leras

... Life is created, Leras gives slightly more of himself to life/humanity than Ati does.

Classical Scadrial


Empire of Alendi
Thinking himself the Hero of Ages, Alendi conquests and becomes emperor
Ascension of the Lord Ruler
Rashek uses the power at the Well of Ascension
thus begins the separate history of Southern Scadrians

The Final Empire

Battle of FellSpire
Early battle for the empire.
Conquering of Urtan
late first century FE
Slaughter at Devanex
A skaa rebellion
Massacre at Tougier
A skaa rebellion ~700 FE
Slaughter at Courteline
A skaa rebellion ~950 FE
skaa rebellion
The rebellion lead by Kelsier and his crew, finally kill the Lord Ruler

The Collapse

Elend is crowned King of Luthadel
Siege of Luthadel
The armies of Straff Venture and Ashweather Cett besiege Luthadel
Elend is deposed, Penrod is raised
Marriage of Elend and Vin
Vin, Elend and Spook flee the city to find the Well of Ascension
Battle of Luthadel
The koloss army attack Luthadel
Vin returns, forcing the koloss into submission, ending the battle
Vin kills Straff Venture and his generals, forcing both his and Cett's army to submit to rule under emperor Elend
New Empire
The rule of Emperor Elend
Siege of Fadrex City
For the last of the Lord Ruler's caches
Battle of Hathsin
Elend's forces defend against the hoards of koloss and the Inquisitors controlled by Ruin
Vin vs Ruin
Elend vs Marsh
Final Ascension
Sazed takes both Ruin and Preservation and becomes Harmony


Great Catacendre, Anteverdant

the Bands of Mourning are created

~300 years post-Catacendre

the life and times of Waxillium Ladrian
rise and fall of the Set