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This is a list of all military engagements or violent encounters in Brandon's work


Coup of Hanald
Vasher overthrew House Idris with its own armies
Battle of Twilight Falls
Pahn Kahl rebellion
stirring of Idirian rebellion
invasion of Idris
Kalad's phantoms vs army of Hallandren


last battle of Aharietiam
Breaking of the Oathpact[1]
Alethi reunification
Wastescum skirmishes
Amaram vs Hallaw
Border protection
Battle of 1168 <date>
Kaladin's third battle, Tien dies[3]
Battle of 1172 Ishi<day?>
Kaladin's last battle, he kills Helaran Davar, Amaram steals the Shardblade.
Eighty's War (1168-)
Emul vs Tukar[4]
War of Reckoning
Alethkar vs Parshendi various gemheart hunts
Failed Chasmfiend hunt.
Kholin lead skirmishes
Battle of 1173 <date>
Sadeas attends, Dalinar salutes Eshonai post-battle[5]
Bridge Four bridgeruns
Battle of 1173 <date>
Kaladin's first run
Battle of the Side Carry - 1173 <date>
Battle of the Parshendi armor - 1173 <date>
at the tower?
Battle of 1173 <date>
Dalinar and Sadeas team up[7], Maps dies[8]
Battle of the Tower - 1173 Tanatashev?[9]
Kaladin rescues Kholin army[3]++
Highprince of War arc
Battles of 1173 <date>
various coordinated gemheart hunts
Battle of Narak - 1173 Ishishach?[9]
Jah Keved war of succession
Battle of Vedenar


Alendi's conquests
Final Empire foundation wars
Rashek's armies vs Classical Scadrial's armies
skaa rebellion
rebel uprisings during the Final Empire
Tougier uprising
century prior to the Collapse
Courteline uprising
half century prior to the Collapse
rebels slaughter Holstep garrison, are slaughtered by Valtroux garrison
House war of 1024 FE
started by Kelsier
Siege of Luthadel
Battle of Luthadel
Battle of Vetitan
Siege of Fadrex City
Coup of Urteau
Battle of Hathsin


Fall of the Duladel Republic
Invasion of Arelon
Battle of Teoin