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First of the Sun History

First of the Sun is a planet that was formed in the Drominad system. Unlike its peers the planet has a perpendicularity on it that allows it to be visited, as a result it is the most well studied of all planets within the system.[1] Humans are not a recent addition to the planets ecosystem.[2] Throughout its history many Shards have meddled with the planet and its inhabitants.[3] Of partiuclar note is the Shard Autonomy who created Patji on the planet.[3][4][5] This being was directly created by Autonomy[6] however the associated perpendicularity was not. That was naturally occuring,[7] and is placed on the most dangerous section of the planet.[8]

Various expeditions have been undertaken by Silverlight in order to explore the planet. Very few return however keeping most of the planet unexplored.[1] Due to the location of the perpendicularity transportation to and from the planet remained highly difficult for most of its existence.[9] This made study of the Aviar particularly difficult with the only known case of an Aviar being found off world being Mraizes pet.[10][11]

Humans at one stage attempted to try and gain Aviar powers but failed.[12]

Hoid was challenged to take up the dangers at Patji in order to earn the associated Avatars trust.[13] Hoid never visited First of the Sun and so never accepted it.[14]

By the time of Sixth of the Dusk there is no longer a shard present on First of the Sun.[3][15] By this stage Scadrial has achieved space travel.[16] Contact on the planet has been made with individuals known as the Ones Above ten years before the events of Sixth of the Dusk. The individuals gratned various technology to the human populations of First of the Sun.

Era 4 events

Braize History


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