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Defiance is not ‘Defiant’ to them unless it doesn’t actually defy anything.

—FM describing the hypocrisy of the DDF.[1]

Appearance and Personality

Being a Defiant, isn’t just about our nationality. It’s always expressed as a mindset. ‘A true Defiant will think this way’ or ‘To be Defiant, you need to never back down,’ things like that. So, by their own logic, I can un-Defiant myself through personal choices.

—FM explaining her world philosophy.[1]

FM is tall[2] and skinny, around 185 centimeters in height. She has short blond hair,[3] that she will sometimes pin back with glittery barrettes.[4] FM has subtle Nordic physical features and shares a name with the goddess of love and beauty from Nordic mythology, indicating that she likely has Northern European heritage.[3]

She has a slight accent which is associated with the people of the deep caverns,[5] and sometimes speaks in a formalized manner and proper tone.[6] She is fashionable and and wears new and pristine clothing, courtesy of her family's wealth.[3] Her regular DDF uniform is well tailored,[2] and she is able to look fashionable in a flight suit.[7] When not in uniform, she enjoys wearing feminine clothing such as blouses and skirts.[8]

FM wears her emotions on her sleeve, is rather perceptive, and good at reading others.[9] She is highly confident and unafraid to speak her mind,[2] nor is she opposed to skirting or breaking the rules.[10] This confidence, along with her refined and poised manner, makes FM appear older than the rest of her flight.[2][11] She can be a perfectionist and dislikes her own shortcomings, even when she is doing better than her classmates.[12] FM is more conservative when presented with risky choices, choosing to take the safer option.[13] She may do this as a statement against the strong risk taking attitude promoted by the DDF.

She's is a people person who is often the instigator of group trips off the base,[8][14] and also enjoys reading.[1]


FM self-identifies as a Disputer, a member of a movement that believes the Defiant culture is becoming too jingoistic and authoritarian and that the dictatorship ruling Detritus has too much power.[2][15] She's highly critical of military culture and worship of the First Citizens,[6][2] and is quick to notice and challenge any hypocrisy from her peers. However, for all her misgivings she is supportive of the continued war against the Krell and works hard to become a pilot,[2] despite feeling guilty for conforming to DDF militaristic society.[1] She likes being asked about her beliefs,[1] and will often complain that her flight members are too aggressive.[2]

History (ReDawn stuff)

Joining with Alanik

Attributes and Abilities

I figure these clowns will all get themselves killed, sir. I could probably win without any points at all.

—FM feeling cocky during the light-lance game[13]

FM is highly knowledgeable about piloting and starfighters, having achieved the rank of pilot.[16] She is best suited to smaller ships.[17]

During flight school FM trains to pilot a Poco, perform aerial maneuvers, and use its weaponry. It is unknown as to whether she was required to sit the entrance exam or whether she is the descendant of a First Citizen and was granted free admission. She may have had flight experience prior to joining the DDF,[18] however lacked some of the background tactical knowledge known by her classmates.[19]

FM is an excellent pilot who is highly skilled with a light-lance and at maneuvers.[1] She is good enough with destructors to be able to take down enemy units by brute force,[20] although this weapon is not her strong suit.[1] She has a tendency to be overly cautious, though this habit has lead her to greatly improve her precision in the cockpit.[21] She is well suited as a scout,[14] and for a time join their ranks after graduation,[16] though was initially resistant to the idea.[14] Prior to graduation, FM was also offered a place in Nightmare Flight.[22] When Skyward Flight was reformed, she joined in a specialized capacity, likely flying an interceptor.[23]

She comes from a highly-merited family, giving her a large degree of freedom, wealth, and influence.[1]


You will not tell her I said those things. She probably doesn’t even remember who I am....Does she?

Rodge talking to Spensa after admitting he likes FM[24]

Rodge has a crush on FM and thinks she is smart, cute, and has nice eyes.[24] Spensa, while playing matchmaker, asks FM about her dating preferences to see whether she would be interested in someone like Rodge, although her attempts to find out information do not go very far.[25]


Nedd had a crush on FM.[26] They have a playful relationship, often exchanging friendly insults and joking comments.[25] Nedd had hoped to celebrate with FM after her graduation, and was disappointed that she had immediately been sent on a DDF mission.[16] While they were on leave, he cornered FM and asked her out, but she told him she'd rather just be friends. He took it well, though sometimes acted overly friendly in an effort to not make their friendship awkward.[27]


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