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|family=[[House Kholin]]
|parents=[[Dalinar's father]]
|spouse=[[Evi]] <small>(deceased)</small>, [[Navani]]
|children=[[Adolin]], [[Renarin]]
|relatives=[[Jasnah]], [[Elhokar]], [[Gavinor]]
|born=ca. {{Rosharan date|1120|missing-date=y}}{{wob ref|5569}}
|abilities={{tag+|bondsmith}}, {{tag+|oldmagic}}, {{tag+|Shardbearer}} <small>(formerly)</small>
|bonded=the [[Stormfather]]
|titles={{tag+|Highprince|Alethkar}} <small>(formerly)</small>, [[Highprince of War]] <small>(formerly)</small>,<br />King of [[Urithiru]]{{book ref|sa3.5|1}}{{wob ref|14306}}
|aliases=The Blackthorn
|groups={{tag|Knights Radiant}} <small>([[Order of Bondsmiths|Bondsmiths]])</small>, {{tag+|army|Kholin}}
|books=[[The Stormlight Archive]]




House Kholin


Chapters 26, 36, 66 71

I hate what this does. I see beauty in you, Dalinar Kholin. I see a great man struggling against a terrible one. And sometimes, you get this look in your eyes. A horrible, terrifying nothingness. Like you have become a creature with no heart, feasting upon sounds to fill that void, dragging pain spren in your wake. It haunts me, Dalinar.


Dalinar often has a strained relationship with Evi, partially because their marriage was political. He does love her, but felt that he was too good for him. Evi hates the way Dalinar kills so many people without mercy, and they often get into fights which often leave Evi in tears. Dalinar tries to evade the topic of his killing whenever he can, but avoiding the argument just makes it worse. Evi cares deeply for Dalinar despite her dislike of violence, and burns prayers constantly for both him and those he slays.[1] When Dalinar is about to march on the Rift and destroy it, Evi sneaks into the city to try find a peaceful solution through diplomacy. Dalinar kills all the messengers that come out from the Rift, and thus doesn’t realize that Evi is in the city. After he burns the city alive, Evi along with it, he realizes what has happened and is racked with guilt and grief, and is haunted by both her screams and the screams of the Rifters.[2] His grief drives him to visit the Nightwatcher, and his curse is to forget Evi and everything about her. He completely forgets her for several years, unable to hear anyone speak her name or see any pictures of her.[3] Over time, he eventually gaining his memories of her back.[2]


Lots of good info in chapter 26, with Dalinar almost attacking Gavilar, but stopped by the sight of his face, and deciding that he can never be king, also can use it as a reference for Ehlokar.


Dalinar has an internal conflict when it comes to his nephew, who doesn’t make a good king. Dalinar has to resist the urge to take over as King, but doesn’t allow himself to, partially out of love for both Ehlokar and Gavilar. Ehlokar at one point suspects Dalinar of trying to kill him, but Dalinar makes it clear that if he wanted the throne, he would take it, but that he doesn’t.


Though he neglected both of his sons at first, Dalinar soon begins to love Adolin dearly. Aolin has always been a born fighter, and as a young boy would participate in Dalniar’s meetings to learn, and Dalinar enjoyed having him around. Dalinar grooms Adolin as his eventual successor, drilling the Codes into him from his youth. They fight side by side on multiple occasions, and rely on each other. When Dalinar starts having visions from the Stormfather, Adolin initially doubts him, but soon believes his father and becomes one of his strong supporters.

Later, when Elhokar died, Dalinar wants Adolin to become the new king. Adolin refuses as he doesn't believe he is the right person to take the crown. His father could not understand this, and is furious when Adolin admits to killing Sadeas.[4] The publishing of the Blackthorn's memoir, including the admission of Dalinar's role in Evi's death, caused a further rift between Adolin and his father. Adolin still loves and respects his father but can not forgive him for killing his mother. The young highprince is slowly realizing he has a different moral code than his father.[5] Nevertheless, Adolin stays loyal and doesn't want to let his father down by failing the mission to the honorspren.[6]


And Renarin? Dalinar, you have two sons, in case you have forgotten. Do you even care about this child’s condition? Or is he nothing to you, now that he can’t become a soldier?


Don’t forget, part of Dalinar thought. When you were broken on the floor, consumed by your past, this boy held you. Don’t forget who was strong, when you—the Blackthorn—were weak.


From the start, Dalinar usually paid much less attention to Renarin than to Adolin, since because of Renarin’s condition he couldn’t ever be a good fighter.[9] Dalinar often suggests to Renarin that he become a scholar or an ardent. Later on, Dalinar grows more loving and supportive, and is encouraging to his son. Dalinar gives Renarin plate and blade, wanting him to be able to defend himself if the need arises. After Renarin becomes a Radiant, Dalinar learns to see his healing abilities as invaluable, and sees that Renarin is indeed strong, though in a different way than he had thought. Dalinar feels shame for his treatment of Renarin, and soon treats him with respect. [10][11]

When Renarin goes to the meetings of the scholars in Urithiru, Dalinar sometimes joins the meetings to show support for his son and to dispel the notion that he is acting unmasculine.[11] Dalinar and Renarin share a bond over the fact that both of them experience visions against their will. After he learns about what happened to his mother Renarin chooses to blame Odium for her death instead of Dalinar so he would not lose him as well.[8]