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This is an article that Mbg created and is being preserved here. It potentially requires vetting.

I used the end of the book(the return of Talenel, announcing the desolation) as reference point, which seems to be the main event of the book(Roshar and consmere) and is referenced by the Arthur in the chapter titles (i.e. "Five years ago").

It is uncertain how the Alethi dates mentioned in the Epigraphs(1171-1173) related to the dates.

Heraldic Epochs

  • Eighth Epoch, three thirty-seven, Dalinar vision take place, soon after antoher Desolation suppose to begin.
  • -4500, Last Desolation, Oathpact is broken: Mankind led by the Heralds, is victorious in the last battle during the time of Desolation. Heralds abandon their duty, telling the people they won the "war", naming it the "Last Desolation"

Era of Solitude(modern era)

  • Day of Recreance - Knight Radiant abandon their duty.
  • Hierocracy, the Vorinism church tried to seize power and were overthrown. (about five centuries before)
  • Epoch Kingdoms crushed.

Recent events

  • Gavilar and Dalinar unite Alethkar,
  • Gavilar marry Navani
  • Dalinar wife dies.
  • Laral -One more year, and she’d start wearing a glove on her left hand, the mark that a girl had entered adolescence
  • Tien was ten years old, two years Kal’s junior.
  • King Gavilar and Dalinar travel to the Shattered Plains. Dalinar's scouting party encounter the Parshendi for the first time. Gavilar show an uncharstrist intrest, even obsession with the Parshendi.
  • The dying has began speaking of what beyound.
  • Szeth is sold to an Alethi merchant Vstim.
  • Brightlord Wistiow dies, Brightlord Roshone reaplce him as city lord ~ two month later.
  • King Gavilar is assassinated by Szeth, during a treaty-signing with the Parshendi. Galivar pass a black sphere to Szeth, so that no one will find it.
  • Vengeance Pact is formed, Ten alethi Highprinces and armies ventre to Shattered Plains to fight the Parshendi.
  • Dalinar had won a Parshendi Shardblade and Plate on the shattared plains, given both to King Elhokar.
  • Kaladin and Tien join Amaram's army.
  • Kaladin become squadleader, in Amaram army. Kaladin rescues Amaram, killing a Veden shardbearer, refusing to take his Shardblade and Shardplate. Betrayed by Amaram, Kaladin is branded traitor and sold into slavery.
  • King Taravangian obtained Szeth Oathstone, giving him a hit list.
  • Kaladin enlistment would be up in a few week.
0 - The True Desolation
  • Talenel, repear in Kholinar, heralding a new Desolation. Supposedly the 'Last Desolation', the 'Night of Sorrows', the 'True Desolation', the 'Everstorm'.


  • Many event corelate with the chapter named for example "Five years ago" or "EIGHT MONTHS LATER".
  • Kaladin is 13 in the "Seven years ago" chapter. Five months to 15 in the "Six years ago" chapter.
  • Tien is Thirteen in the ""Five and a half years ago". He is two years Kaladin's junior.
  • Kaladin/Tien joined the army two month before Kaladin sixteenth Weeping. Tien died less then four months later and Kaladin become squadleader four years later.
  • 8 month after Kaladin, branded slave/traitor, he arrive at the shattered plains, in Tvlakv's slave wagons. a month later(9 from the event) Kaldain become bridge leader.
  • Dalinar is three months Navani's junior.
  • Elhokar is 27, Adolin is 23 (seven years past his sixteenth birthday) and Renarin is 19. - Introlude 9, above I assumed it was in the last year, prior the end of the book.
  • Dalinar recall his wife being dead for the past 10 years, at an event six years after the assassination.
  • Dalinar visions had started several months after his first reading of
  • 5 year after Gavilar assassination. Szeth is 35 years old, its and 7 since he was named Truthless.
  • Shallan spent nearly 6 month travelling before she reached ,becoming Jasnah Kholin's ward.
  • Dalinar refered to Hierocracy atempt to conquer the world as five centuries before his time.
Misc unused refernces
  • Ghostbloods made contact with Shallan, family a few weeks after the death of Luesh, who presumably died after Shallan departure and before
  • Dalinar visions start after he'd first listened to readings from it.
  • King Gavilar hunt was at least five months.(time from first encountering parshendi and their promise to take galavr to the "Monster of the Chasms"