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This is my testbed for constructing the series infoboxes templates.

Okay... this infobox is freaking huge. I think this is all the critical information I can think of, but this should not all be displayed at once, with a big infobox, and two sub-infoboxes. So, here’s my thought. The main part, about Mistborn Series, is always displayed. But then the series (like which trilogy) below it is displayed, with the other ones will be auto-collapsed.

I think the best way to do this would be to give the Mistborn template a parameter to it, which is a series selector. So like, let’s say there are parameters 1-4. If I put in 1, then First Mistborn Trilogy is expanded, while Mistborn Adventures (which is Alloy and its sequels) and whatever future mistborn trilogies are collapsed. 2 would have Mistborn Adventures open, with all the others collapsed.

I have no idea if that is even possible, but that’d be pretty cool if that could work out. Because that way, if I’m on the article on Elend, I activate the Mistborn template, and I can choose the relevant trilogy to display. It’d also be nice if when someone forgets the additional parameter, all ones are displayed. (or maybe none of them?)

Also, I think I’m going to make those identifier articles (Future Mistborn Books, Lists of Minor Characters, etc), just because I think they’ll be useful lists to have.

I think this is a good start to the infobox, but I don’t know about the organization of it all yet. I’ve been awake for a long time atm.

Okay, so after tinkering, I can't get nested infoboxes to work.

First Trilogy

Mistborn Adventures