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Interesting WoBs

  • Nightblood consumes Investiture in a similar way to both larkins and Leechers.[1]
  • RAFO on if Shardblade practice sheaths are made of aluminum.[2]
  • RAFO on if the original Vessels knew what Shards they were taking.[3]
  • RAFO on if Syl left Kaladin temporarily because he was about to meet Hoid.[4]
  • Sazed is incapable of communicating with Leras or Ati.[5]
  • RAFO on if ralkalest was used in the Shattering of Adonalsium.[6]
  • RAFO on what would happen if a Vessel was killed and two people tried to take the Shard simultaneously.[7]
  • Szeth's psychosis has to do with the Spiritual Realm.[8]
  • RAFO on if a singer could bond with an Unmade to change forms.[9]
  • RAFO on if aluminum is Adonalsium's God Metal.[10]
  • Who got which Shards originally wasn't random.[11] I wonder why a kindly old man then ended up with the incarnation of pure destruction.
  • RAFO on what would happen if you Allomantically burned an Awakened bit of metal.[12] I think you'd get the Breaths from it, as if you were Compounding, but only if they were your Breaths. We have proof that BioChromatics is strongly tied to Identity.