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Capital Teoras
Gobernado por Eventeo
Mundo Sel
Universo Cosmere

Teod is a peninsula state on the world of Sel.[1] The people from Teod are called the Teo. Despite not being located on Opelon, Teod is in it’s cultural sphere of influence.[2]


Location and Climate

She remembered the way the snow settled on the landscape. One morning she had awoken to find everything outside coated in a beautiful film of ice; the trees had looked like jewels sparkling in the winter daylight.

—Sarene thinking about Teod[3]

Teod is located on the northern continent, although it is one of the more southern nations on this continent. Teod is separated from the southern continent, called Opelon or Sycla, by the Sea of Fjorden. There are large mountain ranges both in the north and in the south of the nation.[4] These mountains contain a number of passes that lead to the Rose Empire.[5] The nation is also filled with forests.[3]

Teod’s climate is relatively cold, although not insufferably so.[6] Due to this cold it snows and freezes often.[3]



Teod is a monarchy, with the current king being Eventeo. It appears that Eventeo and perhaps his wife have absolute power. While the king does hold court, it seems that at least some of the ruling is done by ministers.[3][2] The royal crest of the country is a gold Aon Teo on a blue backround.[7]

After the death of the monarch the crown is supposed to pass to his eldest child, although this doesn’t always happen, instead a different child may assume the throne if the eldest one isn’t in Teod.[8] The current Crown Prince of Teod is called Teorn.[6]


Teod's martial strength exists mainly in the form of its navy, which dominates the northern sea, protecting Teod's borders from other nations, mainly the Fjordell Empire. This navy also played a large role in the Battle of Teoras, defending Teod from Fjordell invaders. The country has little to no ground forces, this makes it very hard for Teod to invade another nation.[9][10]

The Teo, or at least the ones who are pure Aonic, can become Elantrians.[11] This Transformation grants them a whole host of abilities and enhancements. The Elantrians are supernaturally strong and fast, and are extremely quick of mind. Their main advantage however, is the use of AonDor. Even though the Elantrians aren’t an official part of the Teo military, they are allies of Teod and will come to their aid when needed.[9]

Foreign Policy and International Relationships


The Teo have great relations with the Arelenes, this is mainly because of their similarities. The Arelene and Teo peoples are both Korathi, meaning that they both worship Domi.[12] They are also both ethnically Aonic, further connecting them together.[13]

After the Arelene revolution happened relations between Teod and Arelon decreased, with king Eventeo never bothering to forge stronger ties to the new Arelene government. With the Fjordell Empire putting pressure on Teod and Arelon, kings Eventeo and Iadon eventually attempted to strengthen their alliance again, marrying their children Raoden and Sarene.[2]

After the Fjordell invasion of Teod and the restoration of Elantris a number of Elantrians went to Teoras, saving the city from Fjordell invaders.[9] This, along with the aforementioned marriage pact, probably increased Teod’s relations with Arelon.


The Teo have antagonistic relations with the Fjordell.[14] The Fjordell are the archenemies and historical rivals of the Teo.[15] Teod is also the homeland of Shu-Korath, while Fjorden is a Derethi nation, further fueling their rivalry.[14] Despite this rivalry the Fjordell still have an ambassador in Teod.[13]

Ten years after the Reod the Fjordell began closing their borders to Teo merchants, it got to the point that several Teo ambassadors disappeared.[3] Eventually they invaded Teod, sailing their navy straight to Teoras.[9] The invasion was rebuffed when Elantris was restored and an army of Elantrians, the allies of the Teo, arrived at Teoras.[9] The invasion significantly worsened the relations between the Teo and the Fjordell.



The Teo people are ethnically Aonic. Unlike the other Aonic peoples most of the Teo are pure Aonic. Due to their Aonic blood most of the Teo are tall and have blonde hair.[13]

Marriage and Relationships

The Teo men prefer women who are less smart then they are, although it isn’t like they want stupid wives. Rather a lot of the men are simply not comfortable around women who are their intellectual superior. The women often downplay their intelligence until they are married. Nearly all Teo women are at least engaged by the age of eighteen, so much so that an unmarried twenty-five year old women is considered an old maid and mocked.[3]

The Teo, as Korathi, follow the marriage rituals of Shu-Korath. The Teo also expect that both partners are present when they get married, although political marriage contracts sometimes have clauses that consider the marriage valid even when a member of the engaged couple dies shortly before the wedding.[2]


Teod’s state religion is called Shu-Korath.[12] The Korathi worship a merciful and benevolent god called Domi. The central tenet of this faith is the unifying power of love. [16]


The Teo love their sports, although men and women often do different things. The Teo women often spar together using a Syre, a type of sword, although they are strict in calling it fencing instead of fighting as even the most understanding of Teo men gets a bit uncomfortable when he thinks of women ‘fighting.’[3]

A lot of people also play Leky stick, a Svordish game. The game makes use of points, and has at least one goal.[2]

Language and Script

The Teo speak a language called Aonic, this language was originally based on the Aons, although it has drifted away from them. The Aons were also the base for a logographic alphabet used in Arelon and Teod until the development of a phonetic alphabet, which they still use.[13]

Teod also has a number of academies, one of which is owned by their king, Eventeo. The lecturers at some of these academies are very skilled at saying nothing with a lot of words.[2]


Tras la muerte del anterior gobernante, Eventeo se hizo con el trono en contra de la legítima línea sucesoria, lo que habría llevado a su hermano Kiin a ascender.[8][17]

Con el auge del Imperio Fjordell presionando a Teod y Arelon, los reyes Eventeo e Iadon intentaron fortalecer su alianza casando a sus hijos Raoden y Sarene. El acuerdo acabó fracasando después de que Raoden sucumbiera al Reod, y algunas artimañas de Hrathen llevaran a Eventeo a convertirse al Shu-Dereth.


  • En la primera edición publicada de Elantris, el término "teoíso" se utilizaba para describir las cosas originarias de la nación de Teod. Esto se cambió en la edición del décimo aniversario de Elantris, de modo que "teo" se utiliza ahora como gentilicio y forma adjetival de la nación.


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