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Locator Tashikk.png
Etnia Tashikki (Makabaki)
Gobernado por Prince of Tashikk
Mundo Roshar
Universo Cosmere
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Tashikk is a princedom on Roshar that is a major ally to Azir.[1] The people of Tashikk are called the Tashikki.[2]


Tashikk is derived from the prominent Tashikki diety Tashi, the local name for the Herald Ishar.[3]


Tashikk is located in southwestern Roshar, in the southernmost part of the geographical region of Makabak. It lies on the northern shore of the eastern Aimian Sea and borders Liafor to the West, Yezier and Azir to the North, and Emul to South-East, the latter on a river.[4]

Tashikk appears to be rather flat, with wide, grass-covered fields. Local fauna and flora includes axehinds, a species of deer-like, herbivorous crustaceans that live in herds; drop-deads, tall, spindly trees so called for their ability to lie flat on the ground when a highstorm comes; and a species of moss that grows between ground and loose rocks, sticking the two together to protect itself.[5] Cremlings are noted as particularly unusual in Tashikk compared to the ones found further North and East.[6]

Tashikk has only one known major city, Yeddaw, likely its capital.[4] South of Yeddaw is also the town of Ifaba.[7]


The Heraldic Epochs (c.-5825 - c.-3333)

Map of the Silver Kingdoms

During the Heraldic Epochs, Tashikk was part of the Silver Kingdom of Makabakam.[8] As one of the Silver Kingdoms, it was settled by Ashynite emigrants who arrived on Roshar in Shinovar circa -5825 on the Vorin calendar,[9][10] before eventually expanding outward and conquering the rest of Roshar.

It is not known what year during the Heraldic Epochs the area that would come to be Tashikk began to be inhabited by humans.

Due to the Desolations, they were constantly returned back to primitive technological levels, often to the point to making use of stone tools. Though they advanced each time with the help of the Heralds whenever they returned, often helping them to enter into the bronze age, often receiving this assistance from Kalak and his Willshapers.[11][12][13][14]

It's uncertain when they split off from Makabakam.

Era of Solitude (c.-3333 - 1173)

At some point during the Era of Solitude they joined the Azish Empire as a member state.[15]

Circa 1074, Yeddaw was created with Azish Imperial Shardblades, and eventually became a prominent city in Tashikk.[2]

Shortly before the True Desolation began, in late 1173 the Herald Nale was travelling across Tashikk with Szeth and several other Skybreakers, tracking down and killing new Surgebinders in a misguided attempt to prevent a new Desolation.

The True Desolation

Nale's attempts to stop the Desolation ended with the arrival of the Everstorm in Yeddaw in Jeses 1174, which led to Nale depart the country, leaving Szeth behind. He would later come back and take him to the Purelake.[16]

Dalinar used the Tashikki relay stations to warn the world about the Everstorm.[17] He later contacted the prince of Tashikk to get him to join his coalition, but the prince refused to commit, waiting for the decision of Azir.[1] When the Azish decided to ally with Urithiru, Tashikk did as well, and they sent the Tashikki ambassador in Azimir to the tower-city as their representative.[18]

Taravangian later used Tashikk to spread the information about the Eila Stele and break up the alliance.[19][20] While Azir did leave the coalition in the aftermath, whether Tashikk did as well is unknown, as several other member states, such as Yezier and Emul, remained.[15]


Ties to Azir

Though ruled by an unnamed prince, Tashikk is part of the Azish Empire, a union of states led by the king of Azir, the Prime Aqasix.[1] Historically, it's considered to be the state closest to the Azish throne, alongside Yezier.[15] Among others, this gives Tashikk access to the Imperial Shardblades, which they can rent out from Azir for their own purposes.[2] The Tashikki maintain an ambassador in Azimir for diplomatic purposes, with the current one being the prince's brother.[21]


The Tashikki fleet possesses numerous ships, including troop carriers and scouts.[20] In times of peace, their duty is to patrol the grand waterway, though which body of water this refers to is unclear. Additionally, the fleet is closely tied to Azir. The ships are partially staffed by battalions of Azish troops, and in times of war, the Prime can use them for their own purposes.[19]

The Azish military presence in Tashikk is not limited to its ships. The credentials of achievement, issued to soldiers by Azish viziers, are valid in the country, and many Azish soldiers find employment there both as guards and in combat duty.[22]

Information trading

Even beyond the Azish Empire, Tashikk is Roshar's greatest spanreed hub, and the reeds connected to it are used even as far East as Alethkar.[23][24] More than simply a relay station, Tashikk provides spanreed services to the entire world, distributing them and providing connections.[25] They are also well-known for their ability to acquire information from all over, and sharing it for outrageous prices.[18] Rumours and gossip traveling the world often start in Tashikk.[19][15]

Foreign Policy and International Relationships


They have a good relationship with Alm, and Alm people are allowed to enter the nation without much trouble.[6]


They are a member of the Coalition of Monarchs with Alethkar.[18] They also grant their spanreed services to Alethkar, which makes effective use of these services.[25][23][24]


They are under the control of the Azish Empire, and are thus subservient to Azir.[Falta cita]



The people of Tashikk are ethnically Makabaki, with dark brown skin. They are known to be polite and reserved, even compared to their northern neighbors.[2] Much like the Azish, the Tashikki are highly formal, and their society is highly bureaucratized. Alongside spheres, information is considered a valid currency among them.[22]

Both men and women typically wear shiquas, complex, one-sheet wraps covering their entire body, including the face.[6][26] The exceptions to that include guards, who need clothing that's easier to move in, and diplomats, who will sometimes use more common, international styles when abroad, presumably to fit in.[2][18]


The Tashikki shiqua is religiously-motivated -- it is worn to protect the wearer from the eyes of Nun Raylisi, an evil entity that represents Odium in their religion.[27][22]

Opposing Nun Raylisi is the god Tashi (the local name for Ishar),[3] also known as God of Gods and Binder of the World.[28] He is assisted by the Nine, a group of entities who "bound the world" together with him[26] (presumably the other Heralds). It is believed that Tashi protects the Tashikki in their home nation, and so they usually forego the face covering there, but keep it on when abroad.[22]

In Yeddaw, the last of the ten types of pancakes made during the Weeping is dedicated to him, though unlike the others, it is metaphorical, thought about rather than physically made.[29]

Notable citizens


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