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Summary:Arena Blanca Volumen 3

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Las páginas de resumen tienen spoilers hasta el final del libro que analizan. Sin embargo, también tienen enlaces al resto de la Coppermind, que tiene spoilers completos. Para navegar de forma segura por las páginas que no son resúmenes, considere la posibilidad de utilizar la opción Máquina del Tiempo.

This page contains a chapter by chapter summary of the third volume of White Sand. We hope this summary will make it easier to find specific areas of the graphic novel, as well as providing a quick plot refresher for anyone who doesn't want to take the time to reread the entire volume.

Chapter 1: Delegate to Accumulate


Senior Trackt Ais goes to visit Lady Judge Heelis at the Hall of Judgement to give a report about Kenton and his leadership of the Diem. On her way there, she reminisces about her previous visit when the investigation into Sharezan had reached a critical stage. Ais tells Heelis that it is a pity that she is required to hate Kenton because she has started to like him. She reports that under Kenton's leadership, the Diem is changing, to the point that Khriss, a noblewoman from Darkside, was accepted as a member of the Diem. She tells Heelis about her internal moral conflict about protecting the unholy sand master and Heelis responds that she judges the law, not morality. Ais tells Heelis that one of Sharezan's dens was raided the day before and that they've heard that one of his main allies is looking to defect. She tells Heelis that her best man, Tain, is leading the investigation in her absence.

Tain arrives at the scene of Rennold Pharl's death. The trackt standing guard at the scene tells him that he was known as The Tonk and that he worked for Sharezan. Tain plants a letter of warning with the body and shows it to the other trackt, who says they should show it to Ais.

Ais arrives at the Diem and relieves Venkohl from his post watching Kenton. Kenton is sitting at his desk, reading up on the other Taishin and how their positions work, using the reference books his father kept in his library. A while later, Kenton tells Ais how the Lord Admiral's position works and that he is bewildered by it.

Khriss, Acron, and Cynder arrive at the Diem with N'Teese, and Elorin shows them to their rooms. The group discuss Baon's betrayal, and Cynder says that any of them could also be a spy. Acron laughs at this, calling it preposterous. Khriss gives Cynder Gevin's pistol and asks him to be her guard in Baon's absence. Khriss asks N'Teese to arrange a meeting with Nilto, and she runs off to find him. Tain arrives at the Diem and gives the note he "found" to Ais. Kenton comes to get Khriss so he can start teaching her how to be a sand master. On their way, they are interrupted several times by sand masters with questions for Kenton. Khriss suggests that he get an assistant to deal with the everyday running of the Diem. Kenton asks Elorin if he would do the job, and Elorin agrees. Kenton tries teaching Khriss how to master sand; Khriss tries but is unable to do it. She tells him that she isn't disappointed since all she really wanted to know is how to test for the ability. Kenton shows Khriss the dueling pit where he and Drile will fight each other. Drile comes to taunt him, but Kenton brushes him off.

Kenton goes to visit Vey, and Aarik, Khriss, and the two professors go with him. Grelin makes them wait for a long time, and Kenton, frustrated, stands up and declares loudly that he expects Vey to continue paying tribute to the Diem for the same reason as always. Upon hearing this, Vey invites him in for a private chat. Vey calls Kenton's bluff, and Kenton is forced to admit that he does not know the secret. Afterwards, the group goes to a restaurant and is discussing Vey when Aarik notices that assassins have surrounded them.

Chapter 2: These Lost Causes


Kenton and Ais fight the assassins, Ais with her zinkall and Kenton using his sand to throw tables. Aarik calmly sits through the battle, eating his food, until a "waiter" walks in front of him and raises his zinkall towards Kenton. Aarik grabs the man by his firing arm and hauls him over the table. The fight is winding down when one of the assassins runs over to Khriss, grabs her, and raises his zinkall to her head, threatening to kill her if anyone moves. Suddenly, Acron appears and shoots the man in the chest with a pistol. Khriss asks him why he has the pistol since she gave it to Cynder and not him. He is in a state of shock and mumbles an excuse. Aarik and Khriss go over to him to help him calm down. Ais remarks that she is surprised that assassins would attack on that day in violation of the rules written in the KerKor.

N'Teese arrives, saying that the Lord Beggar, Nilto, is ready to see her, and the two of them go to meet with him. Acron abruptly breaks off from Aarik and Kenton and runs after Khriss. Khriss asks Nilto to find Baon for her. Nilto tells N'Teese to tell "Khriss", using her nickname instead of her full name, Khrissala, that he is very busy but if he hears anything he will let her know.

Ais tells Kenton that she has to leave to meet with a former associate of Sharezan's who wants to defect, and Kenton tags along. On their way, they make a stop at Ais's house, where Kenton waits outside while Ais is inside. When they are inside the meeting place, Ais hears someone with a limp climbing the stairs, incorrectly assumes it to be Nilto, and correctly realizes it is a trap. She and Kenton jump out the window to safety as the building explodes behind them.

N'Teese brings Khriss a message from Nilto, saying that he is leaving town and won't be able to look for Baon. Khriss chases down Nilto to the docks of Kezare, accompanied by Acron and N'Teese. Upon seeing him, she calls out to him with the name "Gevin". Nilto begrudgingly admits that he is indeed prince Gevin. Khriss tells him that he gave himself away when he called her "Khriss" instead of "Khrissalla". Gevin explains that he is hiding from Skathan's assassins and is no longer interested in returning to Darkside. Acron pushes past Khriss and raises his pistol to point at Gevin, saying that he is completing his mission of killing Gevin. Suddenly, a crate of fruit falls onto Acron, and Baon reveals himself. During the ensuing conversation, Acron, still lying on the ground, raises his gun again and fires, grazing Baon on the ground and knocking him over. Khriss and Gevin run away through the maze of shipping crates, each of them going in a different direction. Acron chases after Khriss, who climbs up to the control station of the dock's crane and uses it to knock Acron off of the pier and into the water. Baon explains that while he was indeed an agent of Skathan, he was also hired to protect Khriss, and his two missions were not incompatible. He says that after his mission from the Dynasty to investigate the threat of the sand masters was complete, he no longer had reason to disguise his mission, and when Khriss fired him, he continued to watch her from the shadows waiting for one the professors, whichever it was, to make their move so he could protect her.

Back at the Diem, Khriss tells Kenton what happened with Gevin, and Baon explains his situation. Aarik arrives bearing the news that the Lord General, Raagent, and the Lord Merchant, Vey, are both missing and with the Taishin vote only four days away, if they are not found quickly, the Diem will be doomed.

Chapter 3: Waves and Ripples


Kenton and his party go to visit the Lord Farmer, Gennel. Kenton uses his sand to try and scare Gennel into telling him where Vey went. Kenton realizes he is being mean and lets Gennel's servant free. He then tries to ask nicely, but Gennel is too scared of Vey to answer him. Khriss tracks down Gevin and gives him an hour to find out and tell her where Vey is hiding. A little over an hour later, Khriss has her answer and tells Kenton that Vey went to Lraezare.

The group goes to the port, and Kenton tries asking Dockmaster NaiMeer for a ship to Lraezare. NaiMeer refuses saying that his uncle, Vey, told him to make sure Kenton doesn't follow him. Delius and his son, who is his steward, arrive and, to NaiMeer's chagrin, commandeer a ship to Lraezare. Delius then innocently asks Kenton if he would like to come along on the trip, and he takes him up on the offer.

Kenton decides to try overmastering while they are safe on the ship in an attempt to increase his power. Kenton masters his sand for more than fifteen minutes and then collapses to the deck. Khriss panics, thinking he died, but within a few minutes, he regains consciousness and weakly tells her that he is alright. Sometime later, Kenton and Delius discuss Delius's situation as Lord Admiral. Delius tells Kenton how he used to belong to the Guild until Vey betrayed him, and he quit the Guild in disgust and joined the Helm. He then relates how he became very successful while he was a member of the Helm, so much so that the Shipowners' Circle punished him for his success by making him into the Lord Admiral. Kenton speaks with Ais about how maybe the assassins are being led by someone who isn't Kerztian and perhaps that is why they violated the rules of the KerKor. Kenton then takes a rest to try to recover more quickly from his overmastering.

Kenton awakes after they have arrived in Lraezare, and Aarik and the others have gone to town and found where Vey is hiding: at the house of Lokkall, the head of the Shipowners' Circle. The group arrives at Lokkall's house, and he denies knowing where Vey is. Kenton, frustrated, announces loudly that if Vey won't speak with him, he will turn over his father's ledger to the Lady Judge. Vey appears from a room upstairs and asks Kenton to come speak with him privately, and Kenton tells Ais to come with him to act as a witness. Kenton guesses that Vey owes the 700,000 lak to the Diem and not vice versa. Vey tells Kenton the story of Hennin and how the debt started. Kenton forgives the debt without any strings attached and merely asks for a 200,000 lak loan to pay off the Diem's other debts. Afterwards, Vey agrees to vote for the Diem.

Meanwhile Lokkall tells Delius that the council had "need" of his ship, and it has set sail without them. Delius responds that he'll simply commandeer another ship as is his right as Lord Admiral. Lokkall says that the Circle has unanimously decided to remove him from his position as Taisha of the Helm. Delius immediately asks his son for the "documents" and signs them, transferring ownership of a fleet of ships, twelve of which are docked in Lraezare, from his son to himself. He then tells his son to order the fleet to blockade the port of Kezare for the next month. The Circle goes into a panic upon hearing this, and when Delius offers to rescind his orders if they vote Lokkall to be the Lord Admiral, they agree. Delius tells Lokkall that he will hold all of ships on his behalf, and if he votes for the Diem, he will return them to him and vote a new Lord Admiral in his place. The group then boards Delius's fastest ship and sails back to Kezare to find the missing Raagent before it's too late.

Chapter 4: The Cruel Potentials


The ship is boarded by Kerztian assassins who immediately start attacking the crew. The assassins lock Baon and Ais below deck, keeping them out of the fight, and then turn to Kenton, who is still recovering from his overmastery and cannot access his powers. The rest of the group, Khriss, Aarik, Vey, Cynder, Delius, and his son, watch from behind barrels as a defenseless Kenton tries to fight eight assassins with just his fists. Khriss tries to join the fight, but Delius holds her back. She appeals to Aarik who, after an internal conflict, runs into the fight. He tackles one of the assassins from behind, grabs his spear, and within seconds, dispatches the rest of the assassins. A change comes over Aarik, and he stalks away coldly. Ais insists on taking the bodies back with them, and Delius, not wanting to start a fight, reluctantly agrees. Moments later, Aarik returns, formally apologizes to Khriss, and walks away to his cabin. As Baon and Ais load the bodies onto the assassins' boat, they discuss the change that came over Aarik. The next morning, Kenton wakes up and finds that his sand has returned to him and that he can now control five ribbons, not just three.

They arrive in Kezare, and Khriss suggests that they ask Ais to help them find the missing Taisha. Leaving Cynder, Delius, and his son behind, the group goes to the Tower where they are greeted by a worried Gremt. Gremt says that they don't know where Raagent is and they didn't want to get the trackts involved. They go to Raagent's room, where Ais finds spots of blood on the floor and sees that his bed is missing its sheet. Ais infers that Raagent is still in the Tower, and Gremt leads them down into the Tower's wine cellar. When they get there they find Raagent lying dead with his eyelids cut off. Upon closer inspection, Ais finds traces of Kamo on his lips and infers that it was used to make the Lord General die from fright. Ais realizes that Raagent was the one coming to meet with her in the building that was blown, not Nilto, and the limping sound they heard was because he broke his leg in the incident with the sandling.[1] From this, she realizes that the person who killed Raagent must have been Sharezan. Afterwards, reluctantly, Kenton asks Aarik to take his father's place so he can vote for the Diem. Aarik, resigned to his fate, says yes.

Chapter 5: The Impossible Choice


On the trip back to the Diem from the Tower, Kenton discusses his regret for ruining Aarik's life. Baon theorizes that Raagent was killed to sabotage the Diem's chances at winning the vote of the Taishin.

Meanwhile at the Hall of Judgement, Ais gives Heelis a report on Raagent's death. On her way out, Tain intercepts her, saying that they found Sharezan and inviting her to join him on the raid. He hands her a zinkall, and they go off together. When they arrive at the alleged hideout of Sharezan, Ais sees people in the shadows and realizes something is off. Tain takes this as his cue, raises his zinkall to Ais's head, and reveals that he is Sharezan. Ais expresses her shock and says that she had suspected Nilto. Ais tries to shoot Tain with her zinkall, but it puffs and fails; Tain had given her a defective one. Tain tells her that he had Lokmlen plant a firetrap in the orphanage she grew up in, and he is going to go to her house to kill her family, but she won't have time to save them both. He then instructs his men to hold her for one minute and then let her go. Tain runs off and his men start the countdown. As soon as they release her, she desperately searches for and finds a trackt on the street and, between gasps, tells him to go secure the orphanage. Then, out of breath, she stumbles to her house. When she nears the house, she hears a loud banging sound coming from inside and in a panic, afraid of what she will find, runs upstairs. When she gets inside, she sees Tain, holding a sword, being thrown through a wall by Kenton. Kenton tells her that Mellis and Melloni are safe, and that this "assassin" was about to kill them. Kenton then explains that he came to ask her something about Raagent, and when he saw an armed man entering the house, he immediately assumed he was an assassin coming to kill him and reflexively lashed out with his sand. When Ais tells him that this attacker was really Sharezan, Kenton moves to kill him, but Ais stops him, saying that Sharezan must face proper justice. Ais weeps with her family and thanks Kenton.

The next day Ais goes to Heelis to resign her position, but Heelis asks her to keep her job for at least one more day, and Ais agrees. All of the Taishin and a large crowd gather in the Diem to watch the fight between Kenton and Drile. Elorin gives each of them a drink from different ceremonial bowls, and the fight begins. Kenton is quickly overpowered by Drile and ends up on the ground, with Drile standing over him and taunting him.

Chapter 6: Time, Like Sand ...


Kenton remembers the day he entered the Diem when his father tried to stop him, saying he was too weak. He remembers how he never gave up and gets back on his feet, fighting back. He realizes that his strong point is his ability and skill to maximise the potential of one ribbon. Instead of splitting his focus among many ribbons, Kentons uses his one ribbon to disrupt ribbon after ribbon, frustrating Drile. In a move of seeming desperation, Drile attempts to do what Praxton did in the Kerla, and create an explosion of sand to overpower Kenton. Kenton tries warning him that it is too dangerous and he shouldn't do it, and indeed, abruptly, Drile collapses in a circle of black sand. Kenton spares Drile's life, and he is carried away on a stretcher, extremely dehydrated.

With the fight won, Kenton turns to the watching Lady Judge and requests that the Taishin hold their vote immediately in the Diem. Heelis agrees and begins taking the votes. Aarik, Vey, Gennel, Rite, The Lord Mason's representative, and Lokkall all vote in favor of the Diem leaving one vote, Heelis's, remaining. Heelis says that since she is biased in favor of the Diem, she is giving her vote to Senior Trackt Ais, and she will decide the Diem's fate. Ais, thinking of how Kenton just saved her family, goes against her Kerztian religious principles and votes in favor of the Diem. Khriss hugs Kenton in celebration, but then Dirin comes to get Kenton, saying that Drile wants to speak with him.

Drile congratulates Kenton on securing his position as Lord Mastrell and the Diem's future as a whole. Drile says that he felt weak during their fight - the same weakness he felt during the battle in the Kerla. Together, they theorize that someone must have sabotaged their fight in order for the weaker leader, Kenton, to become Lord Mastrell, hoping that it would lead to a weaker Diem. They realize that someone must have poisoned the water they drank at the Kerla, and that it must have been Elorin, who gave Drile his water before their fight. Kenton goes to confront Elorin about the matter. Elorin admits that he poisoned the bowl with KaDo, a Kerztian spice that accelerates dehydration. He says that the Sand Lord appeared to him and he realized that the Ker'Reen faith is true. He says that the A'Kar told him to remain in the Diem so he could orchestrate its downfall from within. He shoots a terken arrow from his zinkall at Kenton but misses, and Kenton sends a ribbon of sand through his heart, killing him.

Two weeks later, Kenton is preparing to say goodbye to Khriss, Baon, and Cynder, who are boarding a ship back to Darkside. They are also taking several large barrels of charged sand with them to experiment with as well as Dirin, presumably as a test subject since no one else on Darkside can master sand. Kenton promises to visit sometime to see what Darkside is like and to bring Dirin back.

Ais is on the roof of her house, praying, and Mellis joins her. She tells him that she has to go on a journey to the deep sand to get answers, and Mellis insists that they go together.

Kenton and Drile lead the Diem together in a new direction, bringing families to live in the Diem, serving the people of Lossand with their powers, and turning the Diem into a profitable business.

Fyld reports to Heelis that after the Diem's reinstatement, the A'Kar's support has crumbled, and Heelis remarks that the A'Kar is resolute and will likely come back to power before too long.

On the ship to Darkside, Hoid is playing a song, while Baon tries and to his surprise, succeeds, to master sand.


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