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Parientes Meridas Amaram (cousin)[1]
Oficio Military commander
Grupo Ejército de Amaram's
Nacionalidad de Alezkar
Mundo natal Roshar
Universo Cosmere
Presentado en Oathbringer

Brightlord Sheler is a commander in Meridas Amaram's army from Alethkar on Roshar.[2]

Appearance and Personality

He is a lighteyes of the fifth dahn.[1] He is very arrogant and self-righteous, even as a prisoner.[1]


In 1168, Sheler commanded a company fighting for Sadeas princedom in Meridas Amaram's army during a battle with Hallaw's forces.[3][2] A group of his soldiers became outnumbered while defending a hilltop and were suffering heavy casualties, but Sheler ordered them to stand their ground.[2][4] One of his squadleaders, Varth, sacrificed several messenger boys as a distraction, including Tien.[2] Sheler was presumably acting on orders from Amaram, who wanted Hallaw's forces to bunch up so that he could ride in with his cavalry and rout them; he placed his own glory above the lives of his men.[2][4]

You must contact my highprince and accept payment based on my rank!

—Sheler, demanding the right of ransom from Dieno[1]

Sheler later moved to the border to fight the Herdazians, and he learned their language over time. Using the invasion of his homeland by singers as an excuse, he robbed and murdered Herdazian civilians and abused their women. When he was taken captive by the Herdazian general Dieno enne Calah (aka The Mink), he demanded the "right of ransom", but Dieno told him that he had forfeited that right by committing war crimes. Instead, Sheler was given three options for punishment: beheading by the women that he abused, being tortured with a hammer and hung from a cliff with no protection from the highstorm, or wrestling "the hog". He chose to fight the hog, assuming it was a pig, and began to formulate plans to seek vengeance on the Herdazians for humiliating him. He was doused in a foul-smelling oil and left shackled on the beach as the Herdazians used a horn to summon the hog, which was actually a huge sea creature with enormous claws. Sheler saw the creature break the surface of the ocean while the Herdazians placed wagers on how long he would survive; his ultimate fate is unknown.[1]


  • Sheler's company uses a black glyphpair with shesh and lerel.[2]
  • Sheler states that he is cousin to the highlord, presumably referring to Meridas Amaram.[1]
  • The description of the hog is similar to that of large greatshells such as the yu-nerig.[1]


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