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Shasta Smedry
Alcatraz1 Interior Art 4.jpg
House Smedry
Cónyuge Attica
Hijos Alcatraz
Capacidades Bibliotecario, Talento Smedry
Mundo natal Tierra (Alcatraz)
Presentado en Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians

Shasta Smedry (aka Ms. Fletcher[1]) is a Librarian. She married Attica Smedry, gaining his Talent for losing things, and is Alcatraz's mother.

Appearance and Personality

Shasta has a tendency to wear simple, plain clothes. She has long blond hair, which she wears in a bun. Like many Librarians, she wears a pair of horn-rimmed glasses.[2]

While working undercover as Ms. Fletcher, Alcatraz's caseworker, she acted quite unpleasantly toward him, often criticizing Alcatraz.[2] However, she is shown to care about her son when Alcatraz uses his Truthfinder's Lens on her,[3] and during the events of Siege of Mokia, they have a discussion like two equals.[4] While interacting with other Librarians, she is curt and businesslike. She is serious most of the time, but on occasion displays a very sarcastic sense of humor.

Shasta appears to be ashamed that she doesn't have full control over her Smedry Talent.[1] However, she typically keeps an unflappable demeanor and is able to brush off most criticisms.

Attributes and Abilities

Shasta has the Smedry Talent of losing things by virtue of her marriage to Attica,[5] although she isn't able to control it very well. Nevertheless, she manages to use her Talent to great effect at least once.

Shasta also demonstrates considerable skill at sleight of hand on multiple occasions.[6][7][8] She is very intelligent and excellent at turning situations to her advantage, thinking on her feet, and commanding authority.


Shasta married Attica Smedry, despite the objections of Attica's father Leavenworth, who believed she was only manipulating Attica to get his Talent. Together, Attica and Shasta researched the origins of Smedry Talents and the Sands of Rashid. Shasta gave birth to Alcatraz in Nalhalla and shortly after, she and Attica separated.[9]

After Alcatraz's birth, Shasta left with him for the Hushlands and acted as his caseworker, Ms. Fletcher, keeping her true identity secret from him. On his thirteenth birthday, she arrived to steal the Sands of Rashid, which had arrived for him earlier that day.[10][6] A few months later, she found out through an unknown means that Attica had gone to the Library of Alexandria. Shasta notified Leavenworth and pursued Attica to the Library herself, claiming his Translator's Lenses.[11]

Shasta brought the Lenses to Nalhalla, where she plotted to steal a book from the Nalhallan Royal Archives (Not a Library!) using Transporter's Glass.[12] The Lenses were taken by Alcatraz, but she managed to retain possession of the book, which she later burned.[4] She was captured by the Mokians during the Siege of Mokia,[13] and stayed there willingly until she left with Alcatraz, Leavenworth, Kaz, and Draulin for the Highbrary.[14] There, she was knocked out by Attica.


Her first name is likely a reference to Mount Shasta in California. The name Fletcher is likely a reference to Fletcher Mountain in the Rocky Mountains.


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