Resumen:El Pozo de la Ascensión (libro)

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This page contains a chapter by chapter summary of The Well of Ascension. We hope this summary will make it easier to find specific areas of the book, as well as providing a quick plot refresher for anyone who doesn't want to take the time to reread the entire book. Each section will include epigraph quote, chapter summary and annotation summary.

The Well of Ascension

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Part One: Heir of the Survivor

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Chapter 1


I write these words in steel, for anything not set in metal cannot be trusted.

Plot Summary

Elend Venture and Hammond stare outwards from the tops of Luthadel's walls at the eve of their siege. Straff Venture and his fifty thousand estimated soldiers have Elend worrying the Assembly will surrender the city to avoid bloodshed. Breeze has disappeared too and Elend is unsure where Vin is.

Vin skulks through the streets to meet OreSeur. Having her suspicions of being followed deflated, she suggests returning to the wall, just before a hail of steel-pushed coins hurtle towards her.

Chapter 2


I have begun to wonder if I am the only sane man left. Can the others not see? They have been waiting so long for their hero to come - the one spoken of in Terris prophecies - that they quickly jump between conclusions, presuming that each story and legend applies to this one man.

Plot Summary

Vin is ambushed by a group of eight Allomancers, consisting of Thugs, a Coinshot, a Lurcher, a Smoker and a Mistborn. She battles and defeats them with minor assistance from the Watcher, though she has to use her last bead of atium. OreSeur is gravely injured with broken bones, but Vin doesn't allow him to take one of the bodies of the foes she has just slain.

Chapter 3


My brethren ignore the other facts. They cannot connect the other strange things that are happening. They are deaf to my objections and blind to my discoveries.

Plot Summary

Elend works on a proposal to the Luthadel Assembly, to prevent them from taking any actions that he feels are rash, before he can parlay with Straff Venture.

Vin watches him from the outside of his palace, while also keeping an eye out for threats. She senses Allomantic pulses that seem to be distant, but turn out to be caused by a figure made out of mist that is standing near her on the rooftop. The mist figure vanishes when Vin uses steel to push coins at it.

Vin joins Elend, and tells him of the Watcher, and the mist figure. Vin and Elend discuss the proposal to the Assembly.

Hammond arrives, and tells Elend and Vin that the Allomancers that Vin killed were sent by Ashweather Cett, the King of the Western Dominance.

Chapter 4


Perhaps they are right. Perhaps I am mad, or jealous, or simply daft. My name is Kwaan. Philosopher, scholar, traitor. I am the one who discovered Alendi, and I am the one who first proclaimed him to be the Hero of Ages. I am the one who started this all.

Plot Summary

Sazed examines the body of a deceased skaa in a village in the Eastern Dominance. Teur tells Sazed that he witnessed daytime mists, and that Jed was standing in some mist, and he began to jerk and twist as if being shaken by something strong, then collapsed and died. Sazed searches his medical coppermind for more information about possible causes of death, due to the suspicious circumstances, but accepts disease as the explanation.

Sazed performs HaDah funeral rites and buries Jed. He stays at the village to teach them to be self-sufficient.

Chapter 5


And I am the one who betrayed Alendi, for I now know that he must never be allowed to complete his quest.

Plot Summary

Vin walks through the streets of Luthadel, and reflects on the bustle of the market caused by the siege, on her childhood, and on whether she is a noblewoman. She walks alone heading for the livestock pens but soon is followed by members of the Church of the Survivor, who see Vin as the "Lady Heir", an important leader of their religion, and who ask for her protection and blessing. Vin is flustered by the attention, and rushes away to find solitude from them. She then purchases a wolfhound to be used as OreSeur's new body which she brings to him, though OreSeur protests not being given a human body to use. Vin receives a shipment of duralumin from Terion, a master Allomantic metallurgist.

Vin joins Elend in his study. Dockson is also there, having recently returned from a trip to Terris, but he leaves to attend other business. Vin and Elend discuss having OreSeur accompany Vin on her patrols in his new canine form, and about how Elend and Kelsier are different. Hammond shows up and Vin talks about the duralumin alloy that she received, and that she thinks it is important to discover the proper alloy of aluminum, so that she might gain an allomantic advantage in the future. She burns some duralumin, but isn't able to determine its Allomantic use, though she also doesn't suffer the side effects of an improper allomantic alloy either. Hammond invites Vin and Elend to spar, but only Vin accepts, while Elend elects to watch instead.

Chapter 6


I write this record now, pounding it into a metal slab, because I am afraid. Afraid for myself, yes - I admit to being human. If Alendi does return from the Well of Ascension, I am certain that my death will be one of his first objectives. He is not an evil man, but he is a ruthless one. That is, I think, a product of what he has been through.

Plot Summary

Vin duels with Hammond using staves, and agrees to only burn pewter. Elend watches, along with Clubs, and Spook, and Clubs coerces Elend to bet on Hammond to win, while Clubs and Spook each bet on Vin. As they watch the fight progress, they discuss the siege and rumors that are spreading about an atium cache in Luthadel. Vin uses her dexterity to triumph over Hammond.

Vin and Elend go to her rooms in the palace, and find OreSeur has finished his replication of the wolfhound. Vin takes her kandra out for a walk.

Chapter 7


I am also afraid, however, that all I have known - that my story - will be forgotten. I am afraid for the world that is to come. Afraid that my plans will fail.
Afraid of a doom worse, even, than the Deepness.

Plot Summary

Sazed teaches rural skaa various skills, including writing, farming, governing and medicine, at the behest of the Synod, the Terris governing body. He feels restless, and thinks there are more mysteries to solve even after the Lord Ruler's death.

Marsh appears at the village, having somehow traced Sazed's presence, and urges Sazed to accompany him to the Conventical of Seran, a stronghold of the Steel Ministry, so that they can search through its archives for valuable information while it is vacated. Marsh reiterates the tale that mists are coming during the day. Sazed agrees to his request to follow him.

Chapter 8


It all comes back to poor Alendi. I feel bad for him, and for all of the things he has been forced to endure. For what he has been forced to become.

Plot Summary

Vin patrols the city, and OreSeur demonstrates a fair propensity for keeping up with her. She spies the Watcher, and sets out to chase him. During the chase, she accidentally discovers the allomantic use for duralumin, since she burns it while burning another metal, tin. While she was temporarily disoriented due to sensory overload, OreSeur catches up to her, bringing her abandoned metal vial, and the Watcher approaches her to talk, asking why she fell down, and if she had really slain the Lord Ruler, and why she "plays their games", indicating Elend's keep. He tells her he is an insane enemy and departs, and Vin lets him leave without incident, to OreSeur's disgust. Vin asks OreSeur to carry metals for her, and he obliges, opening a cavity in his shoulder for a vial.

Chapter 9


But, let me begin at the beginning. I met Alendi first in Khlennium; he was a young lad then, and had not yet been warped by a decade spent leading armies.

Plot Summary

Sazed and Marsh journey to the Conventical of Seran. Marsh says that Sazed belongs in Luthadel helping Elend and Vin and the others, and that their work supercedes the task that Sazed has been performing in spreading knowledge to the rural areas and that Sazed should go to the capital city when they finish their work at the Conventical. Sazed states that he already sent help but Marsh counters that it is not enough, and Sazed silently agrees with this assessment.

Chapter 10


Alendi's height struck me the first time I saw him. Here was a man who towered over others, a man who - despite his youth and his humble clothing - demanded respect.

Plot Summary

Vin and Hammond guard Elend at an Assembly meeting. Elend gives a speech about the army sieging Luthadel, and proposes that negotiations with Straff be attempted before any further votes by the Assembly regarding the disposition of the city are taken. The Assembly accepted his proposal by meeting a two-thirds majority in favor.

Vin notices there is a Terriswoman in the audience, and tells Elend that she never met this woman before, which is unusual since Vin thinks all the other Terris visitors to the city seek out Vin to thank her for freeing them from the Lord Ruler's tyranny.

A messenger arrives, telling Elend and Vin that a second army is now outside Luthadel.

Chapter 11


Oddly, it was Alendi's simple ingenuousness that first led me to befriend him. I employed him as an assistant during his first months in the grand city.

Plot Summary

Elend, Clubs, Vin and OreSeur stand atop the city wall, scouting Cett's army. They notice a rider leaving the army and Vin realizes it is Breeze trying to reach sanctuary in Luthadel while being pursued by archers. Vin uses a duralumin steel-push to intercept the pursuers, buys time for Breeze to escape, then uses another duralumin steel-push to scatter her foes.

Breeze explains that he was one of Cett's advisors, and that he contrived to have Cett attack Luthadel to force a standoff between the two invading armies, and improve Elend's bargaining position.

Guards in the palace find two skeletons that were left behind by kandra, including a very fresh set of bones, and Vin realizes that a kandra is probably impersonating one of Elend's inner circle.

Part Two: Ghosts in the Mist


Chapter 12


It wasn't until years later that I became convinced that Alendi was the Hero of Ages. Hero of Ages: the one called Rabzeen in Khlennium, the Anamnesor.

Plot Summary

Sazed and Marsh arrive at the Conventical of Seran. They explore the building, and Sazed stores his observations in a coppermind. They find the remnants of a massacre.

Marsh asks Sazed for privacy and goes to the Inquisitor's quarters. Sazed explores elsewhere and finds a descending set of stairs that he follows. Sazed finds a chamber that was used to make new Inquisitors. Exploring further, he finds a steel plate with engravings in an old Terris dialect which he is able to decypher without difficulty as being written by a Terrisman named Kwaan, who had first proclaimed Alendi to be the Hero of Ages, before realizing that he had to stop Alendi from finishing his quest.

Marsh tells Sazed that he isn't able to find anything important left behind by the Inquisitors, but Sazed states that he needs to make a record of the engravings, and takes charcoal rubbings of them.

Notes: The engravings on the steel plate that Sazed found comprise the text of the epigrams at the start of each chapter.

Chapter 13


When I finally had the realization - finally connected all the signs of the Anticipation to Alendi - I was so excited. Yet, when I announced my discovery to the other Worldbringers, I was met with scorn.
Oh, how I wish that I had listened to them.

Plot Summary

Vin notices that the mists are coming earlier. OreSeur does not notice, nor think it strange, but will do so if Vin commands it: she does not. Vin then proceeds to question OreSeur about kandra society. OreSeur replies that the infiltrating kandra will be fulfilling his Contract. He scoffs at the idea of the kandra being a rogue, saying that no kandra is allowed to enter human society without a Contract. OreSeur states that kandra cannot be affected by mental Allomancy, nor can they use Allomancy. However, he refrains from commenting on why a kandra should be kept away from Inquisitors and the Lord Ruler. Vin tries to learn more about OreSeur personally, but he does not answer her questions, and she does not command him.

Vin burns bronze. She feels the same odd pulsing that she felt in Chapter 3. She decides to face her fear of the mist spirit. She finds the spirit on the third floor of an apartment block, with prime vantage point to overlook Vin and OreSeur's prior conversation. Vin yells at the mist spirit, but it merely steps forwards and dissipates. She feels cold grab her arm and a pain pierces Vin, running from her ear (presumably the one with the earring) to her mind, causing her to fall from the window. She flares tin and pewter to ease her fall. Vin begins to fear the mists.

Elend organises a meeting with the 'old crew'. The crew have come up with a solution to form an alliance with one of the two armies surrounding Luthadel. Elend does not like the idea, especially considering that he would be left with a guilty conscious. Instead he recommends sabotaging the food supplies, then set the two armies against each other, liking the three-way stalemate to politics. The crew decide to go ahead with Elend's 'foolhardy' plan.

A Terriswoman is ushered into the room, caught eavesdropping. She wishes to speak to Elend alone. She is a Keeper and Feruchemist.

Chapter 14


And yet, any who know me will realize that there was no chance I would give up so easily. Once I find something to investigate, I become dogged in my pursuit.

Plot Summary

The Terriswoman's name is Tindwyl, an acquaintance of Sazed. Her coppermind specialty is biographies - she has studied the lives of great men. She has come to (forcibly) tutor Elend in the arts of being regal. Vin immediately distrusts her.

Chapter 15

Plot Summary

I had determined that Alendi was the Hero of Ages, and I intended to prove it. I should have bowed before the will of the others; I shouldn't have insisted on traveling with Alendi to witness his journeys.
It was inevitable that Alendi himself would find out what I believed him to be.

Eight days after leaving the Conventical, Sazed finds himself alone. At the village of Urbene, Sazed finds the bodies of the skaa villagers. They had died from starvation and dehydration. Sazed finds a man still alive, though close to the brink of death. The man is too scared to go outside as there is mist appearing during the day. Some who tried to leave ended up dead from violent shakes (almost like an epileptic fit). Others survived, either untouched by the mists, or had a seizure, but were still alive. The man walks over to a corpse and starts eating it. Sazed uses a pewtermind to pick up the man and take him outside. Once outside the man runs away. Sazed retrieves his bag, pulling out a steelmind, using the stored speed to get to Luthadel faster.

Chapter 16


Yes, he was the one who fueled the rumors after that. I could never have done what he himself did, convincing and persuading the world that he was indeed the Hero. I don’t know if he himself believed it, but he made others think that he must be the one.


Vin pulls apart Alendi's logbook, looking for references to the mist spirit and the Deepness. She realises that the mist spirit watching her was the same one that followed Alendi around. However, Alendi's logbook gives little information regarding the creature, and the Deepness.

Elend stands atop the city's walls, looking down at the invading armies 'digging in'. He is met by Clubs on the wall, where they discuss Elend's ability to lead. Clubs was sent by Tindwyl to tell Elend to meet her.

Tindwyl tries to fix up Elend's appearance. She gives him a uniform, and despite his objections, cuts his hair so he looks like a military man and warrior. He is to wear nothing else but this uniform until the end of the war. He is also given a crown to wear, a symbol of authority. Captain Demoux arrives bearing news from Ham that a messenger has arrived from King Straff Venture.

Chapter 17


If only the Terris religion, and belief in the Anticipation, hadn't spread beyond our people.

Plot Summary

Vin starts taking notes on the logbook but she is interrupted by Elend, who says there is a messenger from Straff Venture. Vin, Elend and OreSeur go to meet the messenger, who turns out to be the Watcher, and he identifies himself as Zane and states that Straff would be willing to host a meeting in his own camp, to which Elend replies that he will think about it.

Vin and OreSeur go on patrol, and Vin tells OreSeur that she didn't reveal that she had been sparring with Zane to Elend so as not to worry him even though she did tell Elend that Zane was Mistborn. Vin senses Zane and goes to confront him, and they end up in a steel-pushing contest at Keep Hasting. Zane tells Vin that they as Mistborn belong in the mists, not with the nobles, then leaves.

Vin wonders if she can get Zane to turn against Straff.

Chapter 18


If only the Deepness hadn't come when it did, providing a threat that drove men to desperation both in action and belief.

Plot Summary

Zane watches Elend secretly, and listens to a voice inside his head saying to kill him, though he is Zane's half-brother. He ignores the voice and returns to his camp after retrieving a message from a spy he employs in Elend's palace.

Zane reports to Straff that he is gaining Vin's trust but isn't sure if she has a stash of atium. A serving girl tries to poison Straff with tea, but fails and she is ordered killed. Straff drinks the tea but after dismissing Zane, has one of his mistresses provide a general poison antidote.

Chapter 19


If only I had passed over Alendi when looking for an assistant, all those years ago.

Plot Summary

Sazed gets rid of an empty steel metalmind that he used to travel quickly, and estimates he has one week of normal walking to reach Luthadel, but he encounters an army of koloss. As he spies on them, he doesn't see a patrol that detects him, and they take him captive. Sazed is taken to the leader of the koloss, Jastes Lekal, who orders Sazed to become his steward. Sazed declines, stating he has urgent business in Luthadel. Jastes allows Sazed to leave, and says to tell Elend that he will ally his army with Elend and that he will help fight off the other two armies, and coexist peacefully in the capital city.

Chapter 20


It wasn't until a few years later that I began to notice the signs. I knew the prophecies - I am a Terris Worldbringer, after all. And yet, not all of us are religious men; some, such as myself, are more interested in other topics. However, during my time with Alendi, I could not help but become more interested in the Anticipation. He seemed to fit the signs so well.

Plot Summary

Elend, Dockson, Hammond, Clubs and Breeze discuss Elend's plan to parlay with Straff in his military camp as Vin, Tindwyl and OreSeur observe. Elend states his plan is to play Straff and Cett against each other.

Dockson states the Assembly wishes to discuss an issue with Elend regarding counterfeit coins, but Elend says he has more important matters to attend to.

Vin thinks about the impostor, and uses bronze to eliminate Breeze as a suspect, since he is soothing Elend's emotions.

Tindwyl lectures Elend on various mannerisms that he needs to change to rule his kingdom properly.

Lord Cett's daughter arrives in Luthadel seeking asylum, and asking for Breeze.

Chapter 21


He was born of a humble family, yet married the daughter of a king.

Plot Summary

Allrianne Cett arrives in the palace, and hugs Breeze, to the surprise of Elend and Hammond. Elend offers her hospitality, and she leaves to wash up.

Vin appears, and Dockson proposes that Allrianne be taken hostage or at least be used as a bargaining chip with Lord Cett.

Chapter 22


He could trade words with the finest of philosophers, and had an impressive memory. Nearly as good, even, as my own. Yet, he was not argumentative.

Plot Summary

Vin sits in night mists, fretting over her losing control over changing circumstances. She prepares a trick to check if Hammond is an imposter, by having OreSeur startle him while he is on his patrol route while she uses bronze to see if he burns pewter, which he does. Vin tells Hammond that she is out of atium and asks for tips on fighting a mistborn, and he tells her of two possible methods to win, by either surprising the enemy or setting an unavoidable trap.

OreSeur confirms that Vin's methods will help eliminate suspects in her search for the impostor. Vin tells OreSeur that she resents that he was the only one who knew about Kelsier's suicidal plans and that he kept those plans secret because he was following his contract. Vin gets OreSeur to open up about his feelings at being feared that he will break his contract to kill and impersonate his masters, and that Vin had similar feelings when she was in thieving crews. Vin tells OreSeur that he can overcome his mistrust because their crew is trustworthy but OreSeur disagrees because he thinks that no one can trust kandra due to their nature and abilities, even with the contract.

Their discussion is interrupted by the sound of footsteps, and Vin and OreSeur find that Sazed has returned to Luthadel.

Chapter 23


The Terris rejected him, but he came to lead them.

Plot Summary

Sazed tells Elend, Vin, Hammond, Breeze, Dockson, Clubs and Spook about the twenty thousand koloss in Jastes' army. They discuss contingency plans to deal with alternate possibilities when the third invading army shows up at Luthadel. Sazed also states there is something wrong with the mists, and that they may present a great, though undefined danger, and that they are killing people. Sazed reveals that he will be staying in Luthadel to find out more information about this problem.

Sazed goes to his guest quarters, and encounters Tindwyl. They discuss Elend, and Sazed's ignoring his orders to teach to return to Luthadel. Sazed stands his ground, and reminds Tindwyl that he was right about disobeying the Synod to help defeat the Lord Ruler.

They share a personal moment and Tindwyl departs.

Chapter 24


He commanded kings, and though he sought no empire, he became greater than all who had come before.

Plot Summary

Vin stands watch from her guard post outside Elend's balcony. She burns bronze and detects the mist spirit, as well as a distant source of allomantic power, and reads a page from the logbook that describes a similar mysterious source of allomancy in the Terris mountains.

Zane looks for Vin at Keep Hasting, but she is not there so he searches further and finds her at Keep Venture. He watches her unseen, but she is able to discover him somehow.

Zane asks Vin why she doesn't do anything that she wants to now that she has the power, and she replies that she is mature enough to not abuse her abilities. Zane asks what Vin would do if there were no repercussions and she replies that she would kill the enemy armies' leaders. Zane tells her that they are both tools, but that they could be freed if they help each other, and leaves.

Chapter 25


He fathered no children, yet all of the land became his progeny.

Plot Summary

Vin is invited by Tindwyl to go shopping for a dress to wear for her meeting with Straff Venture, and they are accompanied by Allrianne, Spook and OreSeur. Tindwyl confronts Vin about her relationship with Elend and her refusal of his marriage proposal. Tindwyl encourages Vin to speak briefly to a crowd of members of the Church of the Survivor who gather outside the dress shop.

Vin hears warning drums and rushes to the city wall to help fight off Straff's invading army. Elend's soldiers are ill-prepared, but the attack is a feint to test the city's defenses and is called off quickly.

Chapter 26


He was forced into war by a misunderstanding - and always claimed he was no warrior -

Plot Summary

Vin and Elend meet with Straff Venture in his military camp to parlay. Elend offers an alliance to Straff to fight off Cett's army before allowing Straff to take Luthadel so that Elend can become heir again, but Straff refuses, until Elend tries to bluff and offer up the supposed atium cache. Straff asks to speak with Elend alone, and everyone else clears out of the dinner tent.

Chapter 27


He was no simple soldier. He was a force of leadership - a man that fate itself seemed to support.

Plot Summary

Straff and Elend parlay, Elend stating that Straff can't win without his help, but Straff states that he already has a treaty with Cett, and that he would only agree to Elend's demands if Elend accompanies Straff to the city walls and surrenders the city. Elend refuses, and Straff calls for his soldiers to kill Elend. Elend warns Straff that he would not survive if Elend is killed, but Straff counters that he has his own mistborn for protection. As Vin listens to the exchange from outside the tent, Zane appears.

After letting Elend and Vin leave, Straff ponders why he did that, and on how powerful Vin is, and on the intelligence gathered by his kandra spy. Straff changes his plans and orders Zane to kill Vin. Zane agrees, but says he will need allomancers to assist him. Straff agrees to send his half-skaa misting children to help.

Elend and Vin discuss their successful bluff against Straff as they return to Luthadel. Elend receives a note from the Assembly stating that they held a vote of no-confidence, and that Elend is no longer king.

Part Three: King


Chapter 28


He left ruin in his wake, but it was forgotten. He created kingdoms, and then destroyed them as he made the world anew.

Plot Summary

Tindwyl berates Elend for writing the legal code that allows the Assembly to depose the king. Dockson states that Elend should maneuver around the Assembly's vote to retain his throne, and Clubs and Tindwyl urge Elend to use martial law to retain control, but Elend declines to do so. Elend reviews the laws to find a way to regain his throne. Tindwyl advises Elend to not be distracted by Vin.

Chapter 29


There were other proofs to connect Alendi to the Hero of Ages. Smaller things, things that only one trained in the lore of the Anticipation would have noticed. The birthmark on his arm. The way his hair turned gray when he was barely twenty and five years of age. The way he spoke, the way he treated people, the way he ruled.
He simply seemed to fit.


Vin and OreSeur are at Keep Hasting, and discuss Vin's insomnia and Zane's poor character. OreSeur states he does not want to change bodies too often. Vin has a flash of insight about the Deepness.

Chapter 30


But, I must continue with the sparsest of detail. Space is limited. The other Worldbringers must have thought themselves humble when they came to me, admitting that they had been wrong. Even then, I was beginning to doubt my original declaration.
But, I was prideful.

Plot Summary

Sazed transcribes the rubbings that he took at the Conventical of Seran. He realizes that he could spend years studying and analyzing this document.

Vin uses Sazed's window to enter the palace. She reads the transcription and asks what the Deepness is. Sazed replies that there are various theories about the nature of the Deepness, but no concrete explanation. Vin postulates that the mists are the deepness, and that permanent daytime mists could lead to famine due to lack of sunlight. She tells Sazed that she saw the same creature that was following the Hero of Ages. She also speculates that the Hero of Ages may need to return to deal with the mists, though Sazed disagrees with her conclusion. Sazed speaks of how his participation in the rebellion endangered the Keepers, and how he continues to defy the Synod. Sazed talks of Tindwyl's life as a Terris breeder, and that she has over twenty children, which all carry the feruchemy genetics to continue their line, without the Ministry's knowledge.

Chapter 31


In the end, my pride may have doomed us all.

Plot Summary

Philen waits for an Assembly meeting to begin. Elend appears just as the meeting is starting, accompanied by Vin, Breeze, Hammond, Clubs, Spook, Dockson, OreSeur, Tindwyl and Sazed. Elend nominates Lord Ferson Penrod to be the Assembly Chancellor to preside over the meetings in the absence of a king, and the motion passes. Elend addresses the Assembly about his meeting with Straff, stating that Kelsier's legacy in the person of Vin will keep him from attacking the city and incurring her wrath. Elend also states that he is disappointed about being deposed but isn't going to argue to be reinstated. Elend then brings up the issue of nominating a new king. Penrod and Elend receive nominations, as well as Lord Cett, who turns out to be among the onlookers.

Chapter 32


I had never received much attention from my brethen; they thought that my work and my interests were unsuitable to a Worldbringer. They couldn't see how my work, studying nature instead of religion, benefited the people of the fourteen lands.

Plot Summary

Lord Cett addresses the Assembly on why he believes he should be voted into office as king. He argues that his army along with Elend's can hold off the other invaders and that he would rule well and make sure that all the Assembly members were rewarded for supporting him. Cett is allowed to enter the city and take occupancy of one of the abandoned keeps, accompanied by one thousand of his soldiers for protection, and the meeting is adjourned.

Cett's son, Gneorndin Cett, approaches Elend to invite him to parlay, and Elend agrees to do so in one week's time.

Chapter 33


As the one who found Alendi, however, I became someone important. Foremost among the Worldbringers.

Plot Summary

Vin silently wonders if she is the true Hero of Ages, and expresses frustration over the vagueness of the Terris prophecies to OreSeur.

OreSeur inadvertently reveals that the kandra have a religion, surprising Vin who believes that the Lord Ruler destroyed all independent religions during his reign. OreSeur speaks of kandra prophecies that state that humans will kill themselves off since they are of Ruin, while kandra are of Preservation. OreSeur also speaks of a bond between the kandra and the koloss.

Elend investigates a case of mass illness which reveals that one of the city wells that provides drinking water is poisoned, and Elend has Hammond provide soldiers to assist the ill.

Vin and OreSeur go to the palace library to investigate the possibility that Dockson has been replaced by an impostor kandra. She asks Dockson to recall and comment on a random conversation that they had almost two years ago to test his memory and personality for changes. Dockson says that his opinion of the nobility has changed to a more moderate position, and Vin feels confident that his answer proves he isn't the impostor, and that she sees how guilt has changed his formerly more care-free personality.

Vin tells OreSeur that she thinks Dockson is genuine, but OreSeur counters that a kandra could be capable of this degree of impersonation since they are experts at it.

Vin sees a suspicious figure in the palace courtyard, who turns out to be Captain Demoux, and follows him briefly, thinking that she has found the impostor, but deciding to plan before making any accusations.

Chapter 34


There was a place for me, in the lore of the Anticipation - I thought myself the Announcer, the prophet foretold to discover the Hero of Ages. Renouncing Alendi then would have been to renounce my new position, my acceptance, by the others.
And so I did not.

Plot Summary

Elend, Hammond, Sazed, Tindwyl and a former obligator named Noorden are perusing books to plan a strategy for dealing with the Assembly and keeping Cett from being appointed king. Elend states that it is inevitable that Cett will be appointed king and that he should have allied with Cett earlier since it seems that is the popular opinion, but Sazed says that Elend should focus on his own opinion and not the public's.

Vin enters the library and mentions the poisoned well, but Elend responds that he is already aware of it. Vin starts feeling insecure about Elend and hears Reen's voice telling her to leave Elend before he does the same to her.

Vin hears a noise outside, and goes to investigate, finding Zane. They go to the roof of the keep.

Zane attacks Vin, and she realizes that he is burning atium.

Zane stops the attack, and asks if Vin really has no atium, and she replies that she used her last bead against Cett's assassins. Zane says that Straff wants him to kill her but that he would rather take her away with him, and that he is Elend's half brother. Zane also mentions that the koloss are a day outside of Luthadel, then leaves.

Chapter 35


But I do so now. Let it be known that I, Kwaan, Worldbringer of Terris, am a fraud.

Plot Summary

Vin tries on her new custom-fitted mistborn gown. Tindwyl states that Elend must try to stand on his own without assistance.

Vin and Elend go to meet Cett in Keep Hasting. Over dinner, Elend and Cett discuss Breeze and Allrianne's departure from Cett's camp, and Elend's empty threats to harm Cett's daughter. Cett outlines his plans for Luthadel if he takes the throne. Cett also offers food for the atium cache but Elend states it hasn't been found after a diligent search. Vin wonders why Cett doesn't conceal his allomancers. Cett lets Elend leave since he isn't a valuable hostage.

Chapter 36


Alendi was never the Hero of Ages. At best, I have amplified his virtues, creating a Hero where there was none. At worst, I fear that all we believe may have been corrupted.

Plot Summary

Sazed offers comfort to a newly arrived group of refugees who are being housed in an arms warehouse. Tindwyl asks Sazed to show her the rubbing that he made at the Conventical of Seran.

Breeze uses his allomancy to soothe everyone - the refugees, Sazed and Tindwyl. He feels justified that he is using his powers wisely. Breeze reflects that Sazed and Tindwyl don't hate each other, and in fact they feel the opposite. Elend and Hammond arrive, and Breeze soothes Elend and Hammond as well. Breeze returns to the palace and shares a bottle of wine with Clubs. Breeze states that being a Soother changes his perspective on relationships. They reminisce about Kelsier and how they have stayed to help Elend out of a sense of responsibility. Allrianne shows up to keep Breeze company.

Vin observes Allrianne using allomancy to riot Breeze's emotions. Vin tells OreSeur that Clubs isn't a kandra since he is using a coppercloud to protect himself from manipulation. Vin goes to follow Demoux to confront him, but learns that he has been acting covertly since he is a member of the Church of the Survivor. Demoux preaches that Vin will help restore the world to a strange paradise and for the skaa to urge their assembly representatives to vote to restore Elend as king.

After his speech, Vin confronts Demoux, but promises to keep his secret from everyone in the crew except Elend. Demoux talks about his faith in Kelsier and about rumors of an ash-free sky and a yellow sun. Vin doubts her earlier conviction that Demoux is a kandra.

Chapter 37


And so, I come to the focus of my argument. I apologize. Even forcing my words into steel, sitting and scratching in this frozen cave, I am prone to ramble.

Plot Summary

Sazed and Tindwyl study a fragment of a biography of King Wednegon, who battled the Lord Ruler early in his reign. The king blamed the Deepness for causing his army to run out of food. Sazed tells Tindwyl that he thinks the Deepness is a change in the mists. Tindwyl debates Sazed's theories about the dangers of the mists and berates him for not standing up for himself with the Synod. Tindwyl states that she is leaving to give advice to Elend's armies but also expresses her desire for Sazed and he asks her not to go, and she stays.

Elend and Hammond patrol the city wall and discuss Elend's desire to remain king so that he can protect the people of Luthadel. Elend has an insight on how he can get enough votes to not be deposed by the Assembly.

Chapter 38


This is the problem. Though I believed in Alendi at first, I later became suspicious. It seemed that he fit the signs, true. But, well, how can I explain this? Could it be that he fit them too well?.

Plot Summary

Vin and Elend attend the Assembly Hall for the election for king. Elend reveals that he has a surprise, but doesn't tell Vin what it is, though she intuits correctly that Elend has joined the Church of the Survivor to try to sway the skaa representatives to vote for him and cause a deadlock which would leave him in power. Vin notices some people acting suspiciously.

Elend announces his devotion to the Survivor and appeals for the votes of the Assembly. He notices that Vin is alert, and a man suddenly attacks Elend but he holds off the attacker by instinct. Vin arrives to help Elend fight off a half dozen allomancers who are trying to kill him and Cett. Vin's ability to fight is constricted by her reluctance to allow bystanders in the crowd to be harmed by flying coins, and she is severely injured though she manages to kill all the enemies with assistance from OreSeur. She sees that Elend is horrified by how brutally she kills the last foe, but falls unconscious as her pewter drains out.

Elend states how he didn't know how disturbing seeing Vin fight could be. Elend and Hammond agree that the assassins were sent by Straff. Elend is informed by a messenger that the Assembly reconvened at Penrod's mansion to vote. Elend travels to the mansion along with Hammond.

In the first round of voting, Penrod receives fifteen votes, Elend seven votes and Cett two votes. Lord Habren asks for permission to change his vote, and Elend reveals that it is allowed as long as the results haven't been announced. Habren changes his vote to Penrod, so it can count for something, as does Lord Hue, and Penrod is elected king with a two thirds majority. Elend concedes.

Part Four: Knives


Chapter 39


I know your argument. We speak of the Anticipation, of things foretold, of promises made by our greatest prophets of old. Of course the Hero of Ages will fit the prophecies. He will fit them perfectly. That's the idea.

Plot Summary

Straff berates Zane for failing to kill Cett and Elend and for costing the lives of six of his illegitimate allomancer children. Straff is also distraught that Vin survived, and that Zane is a madman.

Straff meets with King Penrod and gives him assurances in exchange for Penrod turning over control of the city. Straff also offers to let Penrod rule in Luthadel in exchange for the missing atium stores. Straff is hesitant to move into the city since he fears that Vin will go after him.

As they return to the camp, Zane reveals that he poisoned Straff. Amaranta administers a healing potion in time and Straff decides that Zane must die.

Chapter 40


And yet ... something about all this seemed so convenient. It felt almost as if we constructed a hero to fit our prophecies, rather than allowing one to arise naturally. This was the worry I had, the thing that should have given me pause when my brethren came to me, finally willing to believe.

Plot Summary

Vin wakes up in a hospital bed, and Elend is there. He tells her that Penrod is now king, and flinches unconsciously when Vin touches him, thinking of when she killed the assassins. Vin hears Reen's voice saying that everyone will abandon her. Elend tells Vin that OreSeur lived and is consuming a new host body.

Elend leaves and Vin goes back to sleep. When she awakes, Zane is in the room. He tells her that the assassins were from Cett, and that Penrod made a deal with Straff. Zane gives Vin a nugget of atium and leaves, after telling her to stay safe.

OreSeur visits Vin, with a new dog host body. OreSeur states he didn't break the Contract by attacking a human, since his actions didn't cause death. OreSeur reluctantly tells Vin some non-confidential information about kandra, such as that they are not immortal, that they did not exist before the Lord Ruler's Ascension, that the Lord Ruler created them, and built in a means to control them. Vin experimentally uses a duralumin brass push on OreSeur and succeeds. OreSeur gets upset that he revealed too much and Vin promises not to soothe OreSeur again. OreSeur says that Vin should not have been able to do that, and that she is like the powerful Allomancers of old.

Chapter 41


After that, I began to see other problems.

Plot Summary

Sazed and Tindwyl debate about the metal plate at the Conventical of Seran and Alendi's logbook. They are confused as to why Kwaan opposed Alendi taking the power from the Well of Ascension to defeat the dangerous Deepness. Sazed reads the rubbings and Tindwyl says something is wrong though she isn't sure what. They discuss this and ponder why Kwaan sent Rashek to kill or hinder Alendi, since it doesn't make sense based on what they know. They realize that when Luthadel is conquered, many people will be killed, and that further study is needed to determine what Alendi's motives were.

Elend deliberates on his failures to protect Luthadel. He visits Sazed and Tindwyl to get advice, and they spend some time debating about why Elend lost his throne. Sazed and Tindwyl both applaud Elend for sticking to his convictions, and Elend leaves.

Chapter 42


Some of you may know of my fabled memory. It is true; I need not a Feruchemist's metalmind to memorize a sheet of words in an instant.

Plot Summary

Elend works on keeping the city residents from freezing, and on discovering who poisoned the city water supply. A skaa named Larn tells Elend that he saw an Inquisitor in Luthadel. Felt reports his findings on how a spy may be poisoning the city's food and water. Hammond shows up, and Elend tells him that Cett is staying in Luthadel to continue to oppose Straff.

Elend and Hammond use a passwall that Hammond has been using for years to discretely exit Luthadel. Elend proceeds on his own, finding a koloss patrol to lead him to Jastes. Elend and Jastes argue and Jastes threatens to take Elend hostage until Elend reveals that he has been deposed. Elend asks Jastes to take the koloss away before they attack Luthadel in a frenzy, but Jastes says that he is in control of them. Elend stabs Jastes, then uses him as a hostage to escape the human camp. Elend attacks a small koloss and kills it and takes its sword and its pouches, which turn out to contain currency.

Chapter 43


The others call me mad. As I have said, that may be true.

Plot Summary

OreSeur tells Vin about Elend's trip to the koloss army. Zane shows up, stating that Demoux is betraying Elend at Cett's behest. Zane suggests that they get revenge on Cett for this, and force his army to withdraw. OreSeur warns Vin to not go, but she ignores the kandra and retrieves the atium bead that he was holding.

Wellen is on night guard duty at Keep Hasting and watches as Vin and Zane arrive and kill many guards using coins.

Vin and Zane work together to kill a squad of regular soldiers, then a large group of hazekillers. They reach Cett and Gneorndin.

Vin shoves Cett's son to the floor, then Cett, to try to see if either is Mistborn, but neither is. Cett says his last allomancers died months ago. Zane arrives but Vin asks him to have mercy on Cett and Gneorndin, and he says that Vin is still controlled and he leaves.

Chapter 44


But must not even a madman rely on his own mind, his own experience, rather than that of others?

Plot Summary

Breeze watches as Cett's army withdraws, and Clubs speculates that Straff can withdraw and let the koloss attack and weaken Luthadel to make his own invasion easier.

Elend, Hammond and Spook speculate why Vin attacked Cett's keep. Hammond says that Vin is keeping secrets and working with another mistborn. OreSeur leads Elend to Vin, who is hiding in an abandoned building which turns out to be Camon's former lair. Vin speaks of the soldiers she killed the previous night, and of how she got her earring. She says that she has to leave Luthadel and go north to Terris. She gives the bead of atium to OreSeur to hold, after having regurgitated it to avoid being poisoned.

Chapter 45


I know what I have memorized. I know what is now repeated by the other Worldbringers.

Plot Summary

Tindwyl tells Sazed that the hero of ages won't be Terris, and Sazed agrees. Tindwyl and Sazed debate the purpose of religion.

Tindwyl discovers several copies of transcriptions with the corners mysteriously ripped off, and the same sentence contained in the destroyed text.

Vin shows up to talk to Sazed, and Tindwyl gives them privacy. Vin asks for advice about love, and about whether she should be with Elend or someone more like her. Vin leaves and Elend appears to ask for similar advice of Sazed. Sazed thinks they were meant for each other and that he must make sure they are not in Luthadel when it is conquered.

Chapter 46


The two are not the same.

Plot Summary

Breeze gets a secret request in writing to meet Sazed. Breeze goes to the meeting which is also attended by Clubs, Hammond and Dockson. They discuss the possibility of Straff withdrawing and the koloss attacking. Sazed wants to stay and defend the city but send away Elend and Vin, along with Spook and Tindwyl.

Vin goes to the secret chamber within Kredik Shaw where the Lord Ruler spent time. She isn't sure why she went there, however, and leaves.

Zane is awoken by a special alarm and kills a would-be assassin. He goes to confront Straff, who attempts to bribe Zane with inheritance and atium. Zane counters by saying that Straff should withdraw and allow Luthadel to be attacked by the koloss, and that Vin was going to leave with Zane. Zane departs, fetching a never-worn mistborn cloak and some vials of metals and beads of atium. He reflects on the spike in his chest.

Chapter 47


Alendi believes as they do.

Plot Summary

Vin broods about her perceived failures and listens to a distant thumping which she realizes is the Well of Ascension being restored to power. OreSeur tells Vin that he doesn't like Terrismen since they are difficult to imitate, but has done so since they are always around powerful people. Vin notices the mists behaving oddly, staying indoors without vanishing for a long period of time. Zane appears and tries to get Vin to leave Luthadel with him. She almost does, but realizes that she values Elend's trust in her, and declines. Zane is angered and attacks Vin. Vin issues a command to OreSeur to give her the atium he was holding for her but he ignores her, and instead obeys Zane who is revealed to be his real master. Zane calls the kandra TenSoon. Vin realizes that TenSoon is the spy. As Zane and Vin fight, TenSoon cries out about how Vin knows about kandra, giving aid to Vin by reminding her of his weakness. She burns duralumin and brass, and is able to use soothing to control TenSoon. She takes the bead of atium from TenSoon though it only had a few seconds worth of atium, and it runs out quickly, as Zane intended. However, she uses Zane's dependance on atium to somehow feint him into revealing where she was going to attack, and diverts her dagger to where Zane didn't anticipate it, stabbing him in the neck and killing him.

Zane lies dying, realizing that Vin somehow tricked him despite his burning atium. He thinks that Vin was special because the "voice of God" in his head never told him to kill her. "God" tells him that of course he didn't want Zane to kill Vin, and that he was never insane.

Vin watches as Zane perishes, then tells TenSoon to take his body, since the wolfhound body is critically injured, but TenSoon declines, stating he can patch together this body and another wolfhound body that Vin provided. TenSoon says that his contract is void since Zane is dead and that he must return to the kandra homeland, and asks forgiveness from Vin for his betrayals. TenSoon says that he has betrayed his people by revealing how allomancers could control kandra, and says good bye. Vin goes to Elend.

Chapter 48


He is a good man—despite it all, he is a good man. A sacrificing man. In truth, all of his actions—all of the deaths, destructions and pains he has caused—have hurt him deeply. All of these things were, in truth, a kind of sacrifice for him.

Plot Summary

Elend considers his options for dealing with Jastes' koloss army. Vin appears, injured from her fight, and tells Elend that she killed his brother Zane, which shocks him. Elend summons Sazed to provide medical care for Vin. Vin speaks of Elend's and Kelsier's capacity for trust and proposes to Elend and he accepts. Sazed performs a brief Larsta ceremony and declares them married.

Sazed mentions the Well of Ascension as a solution to their problems and advises Elend to accompany Vin to the Well to the north in the Terris mountains on the Derytatith peak. Sazed also advocates letting Straff take Luthadel to increase the odds of a peaceful transition while Elend rebels from outside the city. Sazed also thinks that the Synod would assist Elend militarily if he asked. Elend and Vin plan to leave the next day, along with Tindwyl and Spook.

Sazed watches Elend and Vin leave, thinking to himself about how he lied about the Well of Ascension to save their lives by tricking them into leaving before Luthadel falls, and wonders about how history will judge his interventionist tendencies.

Part Five: Snow and Ash


Chapter 49


He is accustomed to giving up his own will before the greater good, as he sees it.

Plot Summary

Elend prepares to depart for the Well of Ascension, while Tindwyl berates him for abandoning his people. Tindwyl questions Elend's and Vin's belief in the supernatural properties of the Well of Ascension. Elend grows angry and orders Tindwyl to leave, though he agrees to deliver a package to the Synod in Tathingdwen. Spook arrives, as does Allrianne, and she convinces them to allow her to join their company, stating that Breeze ordered her to leave the city. They leave the city through the Tin Gate, stating to the guards that they are going for help and will return. A group of archers tries to intercept them outside the city but Vin fights them off. Allrianne then parts ways with them.

Breeze, Demoux, Sazed, Hammond and Clubs watch from atop the city wall as Elend's party evades Straff's army. Sazed tells Breeze that Tindwyl decided to stay, but he doesn't know why. Clubs derides the Church of the Survivor and says that he doesn't like Demoux preaching to his soldiers. Clubs also states that Sazed's beliefs are situational and inconsistent, a point that Sazed does not contend. Hammond observes there is a large amount of smoke coming from the koloss camp.

Straff, feeling ill, receives a messenger who brings news of riders escaping from the city. Straff collapses to the ground, dizzy, and tells the guard Grent to summon Amaranta. She arrives and begins preparing an antidote but Straff realizes that something is wrong, and burns tin to increase his level of alertness. Straff realizes that Amaranta was sleeping with Zane, and she says that Zane had never poisoned him, but that rather his illness was due to withdrawal from a drug she was addicting him to. Angered, Straff strangles Amaranta and prepares a haphazard antidote by mixing various herbs into boiling water, drinks it and falls unconscious.

Chapter 50


I have no doubt that if Alendi reaches the Well of Ascension, he will take the power and then—in the name of the presumed greater good—give it up.

Plot Summary

Allrianne arrives at her father's army escorted by bandits that she used Rioting and the promise of a reward to manipulate into helping her. She confronts her father and argues that he should turn his army back to Luthadel instead of proceeding to their home dominance to improve their chances of survival.

Elend, Vin, and Spook break camp, confident that they have eluded Straff's scouts, though Spook does state that there is something following them, and Vin responds that it is the mysterious mist spirit.

Straff wakes up after being unconscious for almost three days. He issues orders to move their army back to their home dominance to give time for Zane's machinations to proceed.

Sazed fills metalminds in preparation for a koloss attack on Luthadel, and learns from Clubs that Straff's army has withdrawn. They discuss the dire circumstances of having to defend the city while being outnumbered by Jastes' army. Sazed tells Clubs of a religion of artists that he might be interested in, and presents him with a symbol of the Dadradah faith. Clubs says that Tindwyl is looking for Sazed so he leaves to meet with her. Sazed finds Dockson and Tindwyl discussing the deployment of their soldiers under command of Lord Penrod and city nobles. Sazed realizes that Dockson may be planning a rebellion and advises that it is not a good time, and Dockson concurs. Sazed and Tindwyl argue over why they remained in the city while having Elend and Vin leave, then they embrace each other briefly before an alarm sounds.

Chapter 51


And so, I have made one final gamble.

Plot Summary

Vin sees the mist spirit in her tent, hovering over Elend, and tries to stab it with her dagger and makes contact with something, but the spirit vanishes. Elend wakes up from the disturbance, but Vin tells him that she is just feeling anxious. Spook says that they are being followed by five men. Spook laments that he feels useless with only one allomantic ability, but decides to utilize it as much as possible even when it doesn't seem to be needed at the time.

Clubs reports to Breeze and Sazed that the koloss are fighting a massive brawl, increasing their rage levels to the point where they attack the city. Clubs issues orders to deploy soldiers and archers to defensive positions.

Straff receives word of the koloss attack, and orders his army which is still near Luthadel to march back toward the city.

Sazed watches from the city wall as the koloss attack progresses, and the koloss move to surround the city while the defenses respond.

Vin invades the camp of the men that are following her party, and finds they are led by Jastes, who decided to abandon the koloss to follow Elend's group to safety. Jastes says that the supply carts with the currency burned down and the koloss became too unruly for him to control them any longer. Elend grows angry that Jastes left the koloss outside Luthadel without any leaders or control and executes his old friend. Spook reveals that Sazed tricked Elend and Vin into leaving the city so they would survive the coming attack. Vin realizes the Well of Ascension is in Luthadel, and they decide to return to try to aid any survivors of the attack.

Chapter 52


My pleas, my teachings, my objections, and even my treasons were all ineffectual. Alendi has other counselors now, ones who will tell him what he wants to hear.

Plot Summary

Breeze consumes great quantities of brass as he soothes the defending human soldiers who await the koloss attack at the Zinc Gate. Breeze tells Clubs that he has tried to soothe the koloss but was unable. Clubs says that he never lost a battle in twenty years of fighting, but that he always had the koloss on his side in the past.

Vin races along toward Luthadel on a pewter drag, fearing that she will be too late to save her friends.

Breeze and Clubs wonder how a bunch of thieves ended up leading a doomed army as the koloss break down the Zinc Gate and enter the city.

Sazed learns of the breach at the Zinc Gate but feels that the defenses will hold there, and requests that a new noble be sent to his location since he thinks that the defenses here are unreliable. The leader, Captain Bedes, asks Sazed for advice and Sazed responds for him to act like he is in charge. Sazed sees a group of skaa and tells them to return to their homes but they refuse, saying they are there to see the koloss be defeated by Vin. He informs them that Vin was gone, but the skaa remain, stating that they will watch Sazed, who they call the Holy First Witness. The koloss break through the gate, and Sazed stays to fight, tapping his pewtermind and slays a giant koloss with one punch, and leads the soldiers into battle.

Vin, running low on pewter, reaches a village hours outside of Luthadel. She gathers up horseshoes to create an impromptu Mistborn spikeway and resumes her trek after telling the villagers to flee to Terris due to the siege on Luthadel.

Chapter 53


I have a young nephew, one Rashek. He hates all of Khlennium with the passion of an envious youth. He hates Alendi even more acutely—though the two have never met—for Rashek feels betrayed that one of our oppressors should have been chosen as the Hero of Ages.

Plot Summary

Straff and his army are just outside Luthadel, and Straff tells General Janarle that they will let the koloss fight for a few hours and tire themselves out before they invade the city to drive the koloss out.

Sazed fights at the Steel Gate, and manages to clear the koloss out of the area sufficiently to reclose the gate and use his ironmind to gain weight to keep the gate closed. This only gives a temporary reprieve as Sazed's ironmind runs out and the koloss break through again, and Sazed learns that Tin Gate, where Tindwyl was in charge, has fallen.

Koloss break through Zinc Gate and Clubs orders Breeze and the soldiers there to retreat into the city. Breeze watches as a koloss cuts down Clubs, and he flees to hide in a nearby building.

The koloss invade Keep Venture and slay Dockson as he tries to retreat.

Straff ignores Janarle's entreaties to attack the city, hoping the koloss damage it greatly so that he can remake it in his own design.

Allrianne implores her father to send his army to fight off the koloss, but he refuses, saying that he will submit to Straff instead, and that all the good men died in Luthadel.

Sazed manages to fight for hours against the mighty but unskilled koloss until his pewtermind runs out and prepares to be killed, but is spared as Vin arrives. The skaa start chanting as Vin uses allomancy on the gate to smash all the nearby koloss. Sazed convinces the skaa to flee the area.

Breeze despairs over his cowardice as Hammond and Sazed locate him and decide to lead the remnants of their army to Keep Hasting to find refuge.

Chapter 54


Alendi will need guides through the Terris Mountains. I have charged Rashek with making certain that he and his trusted friends are chosen as those guides.

Plot Summary

Vin battles against the koloss but realizes that she won't be able to defeat all of them by herself.

Sazed stands outside Keep Hasting, yelling to get Lord Penrod's attention, eventually succeeding. However, Penrod refuses to flee or allow refugees to shelter inside the keep.

Vin runs out of pewter and almost falls unconscious, as the koloss rage and Luthadel burns. As a last resort, she uses a duralumin push on some nearby koloss and is able to control them telepathically and realizes this is the weakness the Lord Ruler built into them.

Vin arrives with her controlled koloss at Keep Hasting and orders Lord Penrod to send out soldiers to protect citizens and locate koloss for her, and he obeys. Sazed updates her on the status of their crew and Hammond gives her some pewter before she heads to Keep Venture.

Sazed locates Tindwyl's body after hours of searching, and mourns but is unable to choose a religious rite to perform for her since he doesn't believe in any of the religions that he has studied.

Chapter 55


Rashek is to try and lead Alendi in the wrong direction, to discourage him, or otherwise foil his quest. Alendi doesn't know that he has been deceived, that we've all been deceived, and he will not listen to me now.

Plot Summary

Straff wakes up the morning after the koloss attack, and General Janarle reports that the fighting in the city seems to be over. However, they notice that there are koloss lining up outside the city wall, as well as human soldiers, taking Straff off guard. The koloss and humans charge Straff's army, and Straff suddenly notices Vin hurtling through the air toward him.

Vin strikes down both Straff and his horse as she lands from her duralumin steelpush, and begins attacking the officers of the army.

Allrianne urges her father to help Vin's army against Straff's but he refuses, until she forces his hand by charging alone toward the battle.

Sazed watches the battle from a safe distance, and mentally reviews the prophecies about the Hero of Ages. He watches as Cett's army joins the battle against Straff's, and afterward, as Vin forces Penrod, Cett and Janarle to accept Elend as Emperor. She leaves Sazed in charge and leaves to rest after her ordeal.

Part Six: Words in Steel


Chapter 56


If Rashek fails to lead Alendi astray, then I have instructed the lad to kill Alendi.

Plot Summary

As Elend and Spook travel to Luthadel, Elend encounters the mist spirit. It points north and apparently tries to mentally push Elend, but then vanishes when Spook shows up. They encounter a group of Terris refugees, who were fleeing from Tathingdwen toward Luthadel because a group of Steel Inquisitors appeared there and attacked the Synod, killing them. Elend and Spook decide to accompany the Terrismen on their journey, and Elend states that he believes that Vin has prevailed somehow in Luthadel.

Chapter 57


It is a distant hope. Alendi has survived assassins, wars, and catastrophes. And yet, I hope that in the frozen mountains of Terris, he may finally be exposed. I hope for a miracle.

Plot Summary

Sazed listens in as Penrod, Cett and Janarle impatiently debate on their future courses of action, while they await Elend's arrival and Vin's return to consciousness.

Elend and Spook arrive at Luthadel and join a group of refugees entering the city.

Sazed reviews the journal that he wrote along with Tindwyl, and reminisces. He reads their notes on the Hero of Ages, and has a premonition that something doesn't seem right. He notices the phrase "Holy First Witness" and realizes this is what the skaa called him, but never made the connection before. Vin appears and tells Sazed that the Well of Ascension is in Luthadel and that she feels it pulling on her. She also speaks of how she pulled on the mists to defeat the Lord Ruler. Sazed counters that the Well was in the Terris Mountains but Vin says that the Lord Ruler changed the world's geography. They are interrupted by shouts that the King has returned.

Elend, Hammond and Spook walk through a crowd in the Luthadel streets and meet with Vin, who informs Elend that he is now Emperor, and he sheds his previous misgivings about governing.

Sazed notices a ripped piece of paper with his handwriting that says "Alendi must not reach the Well of Ascension for he must not be allowed to take the power for himself" and wonders why Kwaan thought this since it seems to contradict what he knows of Kwaan's opinion.

Vin leads Elend, Hammond and Spook towards Kredik Shaw, where she believes the Well of Ascension is located. Elend observes that the mists seem to be pulling away from Vin. Vin thinks the Well is pulsing more strongly now that its power has reached its maximum capacity. They enter the keep, and Vin finds a secret allomantic door, using a duralumin pull to open it.

Sazed reads Kwaan's notes and observations that he was incorrect in proclaiming Alendi as the Hero of Ages. Sazed is confused by an apparent contradiction that he can't pinpoint. The mist spirit appears suddenly, startling Sazed, and points toward the center of the city. Sazed deduces that it may not be a good thing for Vin to find the Well, and starts heading toward Kredik Shaw as people start screaming in terror outside.

Vin, Elend, Hammond and Spook find a storage cache of food and a map of the Final Empire etched in metal with Statlin City circled. They continue their search for the Well.

Sazed finds the body of a skaa who died painfully as he follows the mist spirit which is urging him toward Kredik Shaw. The spirit denies killing the skaa. Sazed enters the keep as the spirit stays outside in the mists. Sazed encounters Marsh, who says that Sazed should not have come there and that he wishes he knew why he had to kill Sazed. Marsh then allomantically pushes on Sazed's arm bracers, causing him to slam into the wall.

Chapter 58


Alendi must not reach the Well of Ascension....

Plot Summary

Vin, Elend, Hammond and Spook find a second, larger cavern, with a lot of smoke, and they go towards a light.

Sazed gets severely injured by Marsh, suffering a broken rib and broken arm as he is pushed around. Marsh picks up a pouch that Sazed dropped, and uses a steelpush on the metal rings within to cause them to get embedded in Sazed's flesh. Sazed taps into these metalminds to heal and improve his senses, and confronts Marsh.

Elend follows Vin toward the source of the light, which turns out to be a glowing white pool. Vin says it is the Well of Ascension, and worries that she won't use the power properly if she takes it, but Elend reassures her. Elend finds a small bit of metal embedded in a disk of clay.

Sazed and Marsh fight, and Sazed manages to injure Marsh, but his metalminds run out and Marsh gains the upper hand. Marsh tries to finish off Sazed but he is attacked from behind by someone who cracks a dueling cane into his skull.

Vin and Elend arrive at the Well, and the mist spirit shows up and stabs Elend in the gut, mortally wounding him.

Marsh falls unconscious from Hammond's attack. Sazed and Hammond continue downstairs to find Vin.

As Elend lies dying, Vin walks into the glowing pool.

Sazed arrives but is too late to stop Vin.

Vin absorbs the power of the Well, removing her earring due to a flare of pain, and feeling like she is on fire from the power that she is taking in. A Voice tells her that she knows what she must do. She sees across the world and the Voice says the Deepness is the killing mists and that it has returned now, and that if she tries to stop the Deepness along that the world will be ruined. She lets the power go, and hears a voice that proclaims "I am FREE!"

Chapter 59


...for he must not be allowed to release the thing that is imprisoned there.

Plot Summary

Vin holds Elend as he clings to life, and despairs, as the Well is drained and the thing is gone. The mist spirit urges Vin to pick up the metal bead then leads her back to Elend, and she realizes that she must feed the metal to Elend. She gives him one of her metal vials to wash the bead down with, and watches in shock as Elend burns pewter and returns to full health.


Plot Summary

Sazed arrives at the Conventical of Seran, and compares his rubbing to the metal plate and sees that the two don't match. The metal plate states that "Alendi must not reach the Well of Ascension for he must not be allowed to release the thing that is imprisoned there". Sazed reads the final section on the plate, which references prophecies that are altered by a malevolent force to cause Alendi to release the power of the Well, leading to disaster, and Kwaan's contingency plan of Rashek killing Alendi to prevent this from happening. Sazed loses all faith upon reading these words.

Vin and Elend stand on the Luthadel city wall. Vin tells Elend that she made a disastrous mistake by freeing the creature that was trapped in the Well and that this may be worse than anything the Lord Ruler has ever done. Elend reassures her that they will survive nonetheless.

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