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¡Esta página o sección contiene spoilers!
Esta información destripa elementos de la trama.

This notice should be used on pages that contain information gained from a recently released book. See Coppermind:Spoilers for details on how long it should be left up. It adds the page into Category: Articles with spoilers. To indicate which book(s) the article has spoilers for, add the book codes from Template:B as parameters. For example, to indicate that a page contains spoilers for Dawnshard and for Rhythm of War, use {{spoilers|sa3.5|sa4}}. Doing so will also add the page to categories the track spoilers for individual books.

To add a note that a page needs to be updated for something other than a specific book, use the text parameter; this may be used in combination with a list of books. To add a note that will only be seen when someone edits the page, use the notes parameter.

Note: {{spoilers|book=book code}} is still valid, but will be suppressed unless you specify 2=, 3=, etc. for subsequent books.

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