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Este artículo ya   estaba completo y revisado, ahora necesita volver a revisarse.

This template is used to indicate when an article was previously {{complete}} and was reviewed by a Keeper. It will add articles to Category: Previously reviewed articles.

To use this template, add {{demoted|book code}} to a page, where book code is one of the codes from Template:B. If you do not use a book code, the template will log an error at /no book. When added to a page, this template should be placed immediately on a new line below {{partial}} (or {{stub}}, if that is the proper quality tag). It should be left on the page once it is ready to be reviewed again and should be removed when a Keeper reviews the page.

If the article was previously exemplary, you should also pass exemplary=yes (i.e., so the full template looks like {{demoted|book code|exemplary=yes}}), which will also add the article to Category: Previously exemplary articles.

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