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Capacidades Épico
Mundo natal Tierra (Reckoners)
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You could’ve been by my side. I would’ve made a throne for you. It would’ve been grand. A spectacle of art. But now, there’s just empty space beside my solitary chair.

—Lifeforce [1]

Lovestruck is an Epic, and is responsible for killing Dan. Her real name is Vera.

Appearance and Personality

Vera wears a short pink skirt and a low-cut white shirt, and has beautiful golden hair. After years of incarceration however, she becomes skinny and guant, and her hair becomes matted.[2][1]

Attributes and Abilities


Lovestruck has at least two powers, both flight and blood flow manipulation. When she blows a kiss at someone, it causes their blood to flow backwards. This overload’s her target’s heart and kills them. Her weakness is unknown.[2]



Don’t you think I’m worth more than silver?

—Vera to Lifeforce[3]

Languish, Lifeforce, and Vera were all good friends before Calamity. Lifeforce and Vera began dating, and they were a close couple. When Lifeforce proposed, he gave her a silver ring, as his retail job didn’t earn him enough money to afford something nicer. Vera rejected the ring, and broke up with Lifeforce. Soon after, both of them became Epics.

Boston and Lux

After becoming an Epic, Vera adopted the name Lovestruck and went to Boston, where she killed Dan, Jax’s brother. She killed dozens of other people, and the police tried to stop her with little success.[2] Sometime after that Lifeforce found her, then locked her up in Lux’s tunnel systems.[1]

He made her a prison out of gold-tinted glass. He filled her prison with gold, part of his cruel revenge. He tortured her, but using his healing powers to make sure she never actually died. He kept her starving, leaving heaps of food just outside of her prison but only allowing her to eat once a month. During her years of incarceration she grew skinny and guant, and slipped partially into madness. Lifeforce visited her occasionally, taunting her.[1]

During the Reckoners’ assault on the palace, Languish frees Vera. Jax recognized her as Lovestruck and didn’t want to free her, but Languish and Paige convinced him to let her go. Lifeforce arrived soon after, and Vera ran, fleeing down a tunnel. When Lifeforce died, Vera likely died from her previously healed wounds, but it is not known for certain.[4]


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