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Fallecido Unknown
Poderes Possession of the living, Bolting
Especie Poltergeist (formerly human)
Residencia New York City
Nacionalidad United States of America
Mundo Tierra (Dreamer)
Aparece en Dreamer

Longshot is a poltergeist, the spirit of a dead woman who must possess the bodies of living people. She is part of a group of gamer poltergeists, including Dreamer, that play games like "capture the flag" and "cops and robbers," using living bodies like "lives" in a video game.[1]

Appearance & Personality

In her unembodied form, Longshot is completely invisible to the living. To other poltergeists she appears as a glowing field seeping over surfaces. When in possession of a living body, she looks and sounds like the person she is possessing, including their accent and some of their mannerisms. In this state she can be recognized by other poltergeists as one of their kind due to a bright yellow-colored glow visible around her form.[1]

Longshot is somewhat gentler and more aware of the damage that they cause than her friends. She wants to ban guns from their games.[1]

Bodies Possessed by Longshot

  • A young woman with a smooth, feminine voice

Attributes and Abilities

As a poltergeist, Longshot must possess the body of a living person in order to maintain consciousness. When possessing a body, she gains full control over the person and can even access certain skills for a limited time. If the body she is possessing is killed, she is forcefully ejected and becomes a mindless, primal unembodied spirit, desperate for warmth until she finds and takes over a new body. She can also Bolt from one body to another if she makes physical contact with the new body.[1]


At some point, Longshot was a living woman. She died at an unknown point and under unknown circumstances and became a poltergeist.

Longshot met fellow poltergeists Dreamer, Phi, Icer, Rabies, and TheGannon, who all love to play games. As a group, they got together often to play games by possessing the living and using their bodies disposably, as if they were players inhabiting the persona of a video game character.

Look. We won't be able to use Manhattan for months.

—Longshot to Phi, referencing the multiple dead bodies and damage they caused

During one such game, Longshot was playing cops and robbers in Manhattan against Phi, on a team with the other four poltergeists in their group. Longshot was assigned to be the target in their game, meaning that she had to stay put on top of a building, protected from Phi by the other players on her team. If Phi could get past the other players and "kill" her, he would win the game. Despite being stuck in one place, Longshot wanted to be helpful to her teammates, so she kept a phone and relayed intel and instructions between the others. At some point during the game, she had an argument with TheGannon, who was assigned to guard her, and he left.

After Dreamer's initial skirmish with Phi, she let the other players know that Phi was armed and helped Icer and Dreamer pinpoint Phi's location. She was concerned that Dreamer would let his personal issues with Phi get in the way of his judgment. When Phi reached her and was about to attack her, Dreamer managed to tackle Phi off the rooftop, saving her and winning them the game. She rejoiced with her teammates at the end of the game, remarking on the devastation that they caused and suggesting that they ban guns. Since people were coming to investigate what happened, she suggested that they leave and meet up in New Jersey.[1]


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