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Habilidades Linguistics
Grupos Aspectos
Mundo Tierra (Legión)
Aparece en Legión

Oh, your accent is horrible Mr. Steve! I’m so embarrassed.


Kalyani is one of Stephen Leeds' aspects.[1]

She is a linguist who was created after Steve flips through a book on Hebrew.[1] She acts as Stephen’s interpreter during his visit to Jerusalem. Stephen isn’t very good with languages, and Kalyani has to feed him words one at a time. She occasionally slips up, acting as if she is talking to a person rather than Stephen.[2]

Appearance and Personality

She is a round faced Indian woman in her late twenties. Her skin is a deep tan, and she has a red dot on her forehead. She wears clothing of intricate make, red and gold colored. She sometimes wears a sari.[1]

She is kind and patient and likes to give hugs. She also may make Indian curries for the other aspects, or encourage them to try them, as J.C. mentions her making one for them (which he assumes is Chinese food, since it has rice in it).[3]


Is it often going to be like this around you, Mr. Steve? Because I am not very well cut out for this.

—Kalyani to Stephen[4]

Steve created Kalyani after reading through a book on Hebrew syntax, grammar, and vocabulary on the plane to Jerusalem. She came up to first class with him and talked with him. With Kalyani’s assistance, Steve spoke with a flight attendant in Hebrew, helping prove to Monica that he his aspects really are real and give him knowledge.[1] Upon arriving in Jersaulem, Kaylani often wandered a bit, listening in on conversations in Hebrew. She helped Stephen ask questions of a police officer.[2]

When Stephen was captured by members of the Abu Sayyaf, Kalyani and the others presented themselves as being bound with tight ropes. When the men brought in Razon and began beating him, Kalyani felt great sympathy for him and cried. When Monica escaped and a gunfight ensued, Kalyani took cover and cowered for the duration of the fight. At the end of the fight, she worriedly pointed out that one of the men on the ground was not actually dead. This allowed Stephen to see the grenade in the man’s hand and get far enough away to avoid being killed by the blast.[4]

Kalyani took a less active role in Stephen’s later jobs, but stayed close. After asking Stephen multiple times if he can make her husband Rahul an aspect too, saying that he is a good photographer, he appeared at the mansion where they live.[3] Kalyani befriended one of Stephen’s aspects, Ngozi, helping her grow more comfortable being outside despite her germophobia.[5] In Stephen’s other jobs, Kalyani often took calls from several other aspects and relayed them to Stephen while he was busy.[6]


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