Holly Winseed (Provisional Replica)

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Holly Winseed (Provisional Replica)
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Holly Winseed is a Provisional Replica, created by the government after her original murdered her husband, Jonathan. She is tasked with finding and killing her original, and is given four days to do it.[1][2]

Attributes and Abilities

Originally, Holly is an orange carver, using knives to carve intricate spiral designs into real oranges.[2] When she is created as a provisional replica, several skills were edited into her. Her editing is mainly combat training, including tactical thinking, firearms, hand to hand combat, and quick reflexes.[3] Her muscle memory is edited as well, making the feel and use of weapons feel familiar and comfortable to her.[2] She is also edited so that she has infrared vision, letting her see in the dark.[4] As a provisional replica, Holly has the exact same memories and thought process as her original, which allows her to figure out what her original will do.[5]


Holly woke up in a hospital as a provisional replica, and was asked several questions about her past by Doctor Hall. A man in the room attacked her to test her combat skills edits, and she’d fought him off easily. Holly was informed that her original killed her husband, and that as a PR it was her task to find her.[1] If she didn’t find and kill her PR within four days, her nanites would expire and she would die. Skyler showed her a virtual remake of the murder scene at her apartment, which horrified Holly. She could not fathom a situation where she would have killed Jonathan.[2] Holly was shocked at how strange and empty the world around her was without theming. Holly decided that maybe her Original was framed, and decided that she needed to speak with her.[6]

Holly went to Riverside Marketplace, where she and Jonathan first met. An ICON fire team was waiting there for her, and kidnapped her. When she awoke from being knocked unconscious, Holly fought her way free of her kidnappers using her edited-in combat skills. She got a warning in her vision telling her that her nanites would soon deplete, and went to a renewal station. She learned from Skyler that she has to check in every day, lest she die. Skyler then gave her clearance to see documents about ICON, as well as allowing her gun to harm checkouts.[7]

She then went to her old apartment, despite the danger of being attacked again. She found some of her and Jonathan’s old mementos, then did some research on ICON. Her research was interrupted when the ICON fire team broke into her apartment and attacked her. Holly fought well, badly injuring one of them, but got shot in the leg as she escaped out the window. During her subsequent call with Skyler, she learned more about the members of ICON who attacked her, and then went to a hotel. She went to the Jolly Racer Nightclub in an effort to find her original, and found four ICON members waiting for her there. They fought, but she was eventually zapped unconscious by security for roughhousing. When she awoke, she found that her original had left a message on a voice recorder for her.[8] Her original told her that she killed Jonathan, and that they needed to meet face to face.[9]

Holly was shocked and horrified at the news, and agonized once more about why she would’ve killed him.[9] Holly worked to think like her original, using dice to make random decisions. She made a list of ideas, deciding that her original would’ve picked a fake name and gotten a hotel room.[10] After going to the renewal station and giving Skyler a list of fake name ideas her original might’ve used, then goes to a hotel room. The hotel room was public property, so that Skyler could keep an eye on her. She researched more of Jonathan’s speeches on checkouts, and saw him meeting with an old checkout called Jane Doe.[11] Holly used the dice to decide that perhaps her original went camping, and went to the forest.[12] She was shocked at how fake the entire forest, seeing naked couples out in the open that thought they were alone. Holly didn’t find her original there, and decided that she should look somewhere else. Holly felt nauseated and realized that she could never truly go back to normal, even if she killed her original.[13] Skyler’s research yielded results, and he found a hotel room that Holly’s original had been staying at under one of the fake names Holly had given him. His men found a recorder in the room, but it was biolocked.[14] Holly came to Skyler’s office, and unlocked the recording. In the recording, her original apologized, which infuriated Holly, causing her to turn off the recording. Holly discovered that Skyler, like many government agents, was a PR. He also told her that they didn’t edit her personality at all, meaning that her violent urges were all her own. Holly finished the recording, her original telling her to leave a message at the marketplace.[15]

Holly went to the checkout slums, posing as a new checkout. She was being processed for entry when one of the ICON members pulled a gun on her. Holly defeated her assailant and knocked her out. She climbed up the building, Skyler using cleaning bots to knock out the lights in the slums. Holly went to the top floor, where she met Jane Doe at a desk, who she discovered to be Jill Preston, leader of ICON. Preston told her that ICON is falsely portrayed as a terrorist group by the government. Holly threatened violence against Preston to get her to talk, wherein Preston gave in. She told Holly that Jonathan had discovered a back door in people’s minds that the government could exploit, allowing them to hack into people’s memories. He supposedly encrypted the pass phrases, and after he’d been killed his passwords and secret info had been inherited by Holly, meaning she could open his biolocks. Holly then called Skyler to arrest Preston.[16]

On her last day of life, Holly used herself as bait in the art gallery where the party had taken place the night of Jonathan’s death. Her original arrived, and Holly and her original aimed guns at each other in a stalemate. Her original told Holly that Jonathan had checked out on his busniess trip, and the government had illegally made a PR to kill and replace him because of the valuable secrets he knew. Holly’s original revealed that she discovered that their Jonathan was a PR, and she killed him. Holly and her original eyed each other, still pointing their guns at each other.[17] One of the two fired, killing the other, but it is unknown who killed who. Whoever survived said in a recording that she had just wanted to live, and that she would see where she’d go from there.[18]


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