Fiesta en Babilar

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El título de este artículo no es canon y ha sido creado por un fan ya que todavía no se ha establecido un término oficial.
Fiesta en Babilar
Ciudad Babilar
Mundo Tierra (Reckoners)

It felt like a riot. A rhythmic, and well-catered, riot.

The party in Babilar occurs during the Reckoners' campaign against the Epic Regalia in Babilar.[2] It gives the Reckoners an opportunity to speak to the citizens of the city and underlines the stark difference in culture and attitude between the residents of Newcago and those of Babilar.[1]


The party is held at night on an expansive rooftop that is situated higher than those of the surrounding buildings.[2][1] Edso provides the music for the crowd, playing it loudly enough as to make talking difficult. Most of the people there are in their late teens, and they spend their time dancing or eating. Many of them are in luminescent clothing that has been sprayed with spray paint, adding to the overall impression of frenetic movement.[1] The dance floor is surrounded by tables piled high with juice and glowing fruit that has recently been harvested from Dawnslight's plants, and there is a makeshift bar constructed out of a pile of wooden boxes.[1][3]


Epics might come. Could take you today, could take you tomorrow. But so might a heart attack. No reason not to party today, while you can.

David Charleston, Mizzy, and Exel went to the party to speak to people and try to glean some information from them. Mizzy met up with a group of friends, including Infinity, Marco, Lulu and Calaka. When she introduced David to the group, they immediately pegged him as an outsider and offered to spray paint his clothes so he would fit in with the rest of them. David felt overwhelmed and defensive, rejecting their offer and barely able to believe the derogatory way they spoke of the Reckoners. He ended up dancing with Lulu for a time, but when Lulu moved on to dance with another boy, David noticed Newton by the food tables.[1] He began to approach her, but Mizzy stopped him and convinced him to return to the dance floor. They discussed the Epic as she ordered a drink and observed the room. In the meantime, Exel had also set up at the bar chatting up a group of women.[3]

David left the party for a while to find a place to think.[3] Newton, having noticed the Reckoners earlier, followed David but lost him when he heard her footsteps and decided to hide. He began following her instead, which led him to overhear her conversation with Obliteration and then to reunite with Megan Tarash.[4]

The Reckoners obtained information from the party regarding Regalia bringing different scientists to town and also ascertained that Mizzy and Exel hadn't blown their covers during their involvement in the aftermath of Obliteration's explosions a few days before.[3]

Known Attendees


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