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Padres Raboniel
Fallecido Vev 1175[1]
Capacidades Fusionado (fannahn-im)
Especie Cantor
Mundo Roshar
Universo Cosmere
Aparece en The Stormlight Archive

That was another theory of mine that was disproven. Long ago. That a mother and daughter, working together, might help one another retain their sanity.


Essu is an insane Fused on Roshar.[1] She is Raboniel's daughter.[2]

Appearance and Personality

Essu is tall, with a long face and red-orange hair worn in a top knot. During the singer invasion of Urithiru, she wears a femalen body. Her skin is marbled white and red, and has a pattern similar to that of her mother's.[3][2]

Essu suffers from severe cognitive impairment, as her mind has been broken by the unending cycle of death and rebirth that the Fused experienced during the Desolations. Her head flops from side to side, and she often stares off glassy-eyed or giggles to herself;[3] she is one of the most unhinged Fused that Navani has encountered.[2] She does not have any physical impairments, but she has a tendency to drool; she has an attendant who dabs it away for her.[1] Essu often follows and even mimics her mother, Raboniel.[1] She is capable of speaking and sometimes asks for her mother, but she does not recognize her.[2] She somehow knows a tune usually sung by humans in taverns, and is able to hum it.[4]

Attributes and Abilities

Although Essu is insane, she retains the inherent powers of a Fused. She is able to possess a new singer body during the True Desolation, and she cannot be killed by normal means.[1] Navani believes that Essu is the same brand of Fused as Raboniel, a fannahn-im.[3]


At some point during the Heraldic Epochs when Fused were regularly killed and reborn, Essu went insane. Her mother, Raboniel, had hoped that a mother and daughter serving together would preserve their sanity, but was proven incorrect.[2] After the Last Desolation, she was trapped on Braize for millenia with the rest of the Fused, and finally returned to Roshar during the True Desolation. A singer family "donated" a body for her to use.[1]

On Roshar, Essu was in the care of her mother and joined her when she led the singer invasion of Urithiru. After Raboniel captured Navani and put her to work researching Lights, Essu was often in the room. She did not pose a danger to Navani, who was mostly confused by her presence.[3][5] Raboniel later revealed to Navani that Essu was her daughter.[2]

Essu suffered minor injuries when Raboniel caused an explosion by attempting to mix Voidlight and Anti-Voidlight using a raysium dagger. Essu did not seem to notice the explosion. Raboniel immediately constructed another dagger and used Anti-Voidlight to permanently kill Essu; her death was quick, but painful. As Raboniel wept over Essu's corpse, Navani realized that one of Raboniel's primary motivations for her research was to discover a way to free her daughter from the endless cycle of rebirth.[1][6] Raboniel confirmed that Essu was permanently gone, having consulted with the souls on Braize.[1][7]

After her death, Essu's body was burned and the ashes were returned to the family of the singer that she inhabited.[1]


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