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Las páginas de resumen tienen spoilers hasta el final del libro que analizan. Sin embargo, también tienen enlaces al resto de la Coppermind, que tiene spoilers completos. Para navegar de forma segura por las páginas que no son resúmenes, considere la posibilidad de utilizar la opción Máquina del Tiempo.

This page contains a chapter by chapter summary of Elantris. We hope this summary will make it easier to find specific areas of the book, as well as providing a quick plot refresher for anyone who doesn't want to take the time to reread the entire book.


The radiant, magically powerful city of Elantris and its inhabitants are described. It is revealed that Elantris fell from glory ten years previous.

Part 1: The Shadow of Elantris

Chapter 1

Plot Summary

Crown Prince Raoden of Arelon wakes up to find that he has been taken by the Shaod. His father, King Iadon, exiles him to Elantris with a small funeral offering of food and wine. Raoden meets a beggar and gives him a loaf of bread. He turns to walk away, only to hear the young beggar assaulted by five other Elantrians for the bread. He runs from the men, but finds his strength quickly fading and tosses the remainder of his basket to them. Raoden meets Galladon, a man from Duladel also taken by the Shaod. Galladon informs Raoden that his injuries will not heal because he is dead, and Raoden finds that indeed, he has no heartbeat. Raoden decides to trust Galladon and offers him a piece of dried meat hidden from the basket in exchange for his guidance in Elantris for 30 days.

Chapter 2

Plot Summary

Princess Sarene of Teod arrives in Arelon to find that she is now considered a widow to the presumed dead Raoden, despite the fact that they were only engaged and had never met. She discusses the relevant clause in the marriage contract with Ashe, her seon, who confirms that the contract is firm on this point. She asks a servant of King Iadon, Ketol, to take her to the prince's wake. At the wake, Sarene is not allowed to look in the casket (the excuse given is that the disease was disfiguring), and finds Iadon's absence from the funeral and the funeral's formality suspicious. She contemplates the loneliness of her life up to this point and the city of Kae. She discusses with Ashe the necessity of her marriage treaty and the alliance it brings to help ward off Fjorden invaders. She is taken to King Iadon, whom rudely dismisses her and hands her off to his wife, Queen Eshen, who proves to be a scatterbrained, frivolous woman. After settling in to her new rooms, she holds a conference with her father, King Eventeo, to inform him of the death of her husband. He offers to void the marriage contract for her; Sarene is tempted, but decides that it is best for Teod if she remains.

Chapter 3

Plot Summary

Hrathen, Fjordell gyorn, arrives by ship in Arelon to convert the people to Shu-Dereth. He has a three month deadline to finish the conversion, or else his god Jaddeth will destroy the Arelene people. He surveys Elantris and the surrounding areas with a military eye, judging it to be too poorly organized to be defensible. Hrathen's presence and appearance, with the imposing plate armor of a Derethi high priest, causes a stir as he walks to the Derethi chapel. En route, he is met by Fjon, Kae's Derethi head arteth. Hrathen is displeased with Fjon, and with the lack of order he encounters at the chapel, and orders all the Derethi priests to be gathered. Hrathen orders Fjon to return to Fjordell to be remediated in his religious faith, stating that Fjon has been corrupted by being in Arelon for too long.

Hrathen replaces Fjon as head arteth. Hrathen organizes his new office, and ruminates about a holy scroll written by Wyrn Wulfden the Fourth, containing his orders. Fjon confronts Hrathen, asking for another chance to serve in Kae, but when reading the scroll, realizes that he could not have carried out the orders held within, and takes his leave to return to Fjordell.

Hrathen meets with Fjon's former underlings and realizes how disordered and corrupted by Arelon the chapel's staff had become. He only encounters one arteth with the proper potential, Dilaf, who explained how while he was Arelene, he had learned to follow the Derethi faith. Dilaf states he went to Naen and gained a Derethi following, then returned to Kae when the chapel was built. Fjon raised Dilaf to arteth, though he didn't have the authority to do so. Hrathen is impressed with Dilaf's teaching ability, though he also feels caution at his ardor, and appoints him arteth and odiv, to both reward him and control him.

After Hrathen dismisses Dilaf by sending him to make sure that Fjon is boarding a ship for Fjordell, Hrathen rereads the scroll with his orders. The scroll states that all of the Arelene and Teo people who fail to convert to Shu-Derethi within three months will be slain, and that Jaddeth will end his slumber within his tomb of rock, and ascend to rule. Hrathen wishes for the more peaceful resolution of conversion over annihilation.

Chapter 4

Plot Summary

Raoden and Galladon watch the arrival of a new Elantrian, an older woman, who lingers for awhile in the courtyard, feeling pain and despair, before facing her fate. She then exits the courtyard to the left, getting robbed of her food offerings by Karata's gang, one of three predominant groups in Elantris, beside the gangs following Shaor and Aanden. Galladon explains to Raoden how physical pains eventually cause Elantrians to become catatonic from unending suffering since any received wounds don't heal.

Galladon also speaks of his unending hunger, which he has been able to persevere through during his months of living in the city, but which he thinks will eventually overwhelm him. Galladon educates Raoden on the geography and factions of Elantris, and different food sources that have been discovered. Raoden and Galladon traverse a great distance across the city to the market area to survey Shaor's domain, walking slowly and carefully to avoid any hurts, passing many hoed who act as constant reminders of the cost of carelessness. Raoden daydreams of his former life and friends and would-be wife, and speculates about the changes to Elantris since the Reod. Raoden and Galladon also tour the University and Palace areas, which are controlled by Karata and Aanden. Raoden spots a well that draws water from the underground Aredel River, which Galladon speculates was used for religious purposes, since wells were not required in Elantris due to the presence of plumbing. Raoden spies a seon wandering aimlessly, which is a common sight in Elantris since any seon bonded to an Elantrian loses its sanity, and he thinks about his own Ien. Raoden and Galladon take shelter from rain in Galladon's hidden lair, which to Raoden's delight contains a collection of books. Galladon reveals that he can draw Aons.

Chapter 5

Plot Summary

As Sarene is observing court, Hrathen makes an unexpected appearance. Sarene explains to Ashe that there are only 20 gyorns in the entire Fjordell empire. Hrathen confronts King Iadon, requesting that he convert to Shu-Dereth, but Iadon counters that he believes in Shu-Korath, and thus worships the same god, though Hrathen disputes this. Iadon dismisses Hrathen and his warnings, stating that the time of Fjordell dominance is long past.

After Hrathen departs, Sarene and Ashe discuss Iadon's ignorance of the current state of affairs and Fjorden's growing power. Sarene decides that Hrathen will be a more worthy recipient of her scorn than the Arelene nobility. She realizes the danger that the gyorn poses and worries that he will successfully convert the citizens of Kae, and frets about how that would affect the alliance with Teod.

Iadon notices Sarene's presence in his throne room and berates her for being there without permission, but Sarene deflects his anger by feigning simplemindedness along with a mock emotional outburst. She then encounters her uncle Kiin, who she has not seen since she was a child. Sarene and Kiin reminisce, and Kiin invites Sarene to his home to meet his family.

At Kiin's castle-like home, they are greeted by Kiin's wife Daora, their children Kaise and Daorn, and Daora's children Lukel and Adien, and Lukel's wife Jalla. Over dinner, they discuss the Reod, the fall of the Arelene government, and the changes to Elantris, and how the servants revolted against the Elantrians. Sarene talks of her seon, Ashe, and how Ashe had been passed down to her from her mother.

Chapter 6

Plot Summary

Hrathen and Dilaf discuss Iadon's rejection of Jaddeth, and Hrathen ponders the violent revolution in the Duladel Republic and wishes to avoid a similar outcome in Arelon. Hrathen inquires about someone who doesn't seem to fit in with the court, and Dilaf explains that is Sarene, from Teod, the homeland of Shu-Koreth, a competing sect that descended from the same parent religion that Shu-Dereth is derived from. Hrathen explains that Sarene could pose a problem, since she represents an alliance between Teod and Arelon that could interfere with the pending Fjordell invasion.

Hrathen and Dilaf visit the boundary wall of Elantris, then return to the Derethi chapel where Hrathen explains his strategy of using the fallen Elantrians as scapegoats by denouncing them as the evil Svrakiss, the souls of the dead who hate Jaddeth, and then unifying the Arelene in hatred of Elantris.

Chapter 7

Plot Summary

Raoden, after some quick lessons from Galladon in AonDor, spends a day creating Aons that illuminate but have no magical effects. Raoden and Galladon discuss the connections between the Reod, the failure of AonDor and the changes to Elantris. Galladon reveals that he showed his library to Raoden so that they could together try to find out how to fix what befell the Elantrians.

It is Raoden's third day in Elantris. Raoden and Galladon go to the entry courtyard that connects Kae to Elantris to await new arrivals. They see Hrathen atop the boundary wall, and speculate about what his presence means. Raoden uses fear to guide a new Elantrian, a former jeweler named Mareshe, away from Shaor's gang into a building that was setup as a trap so that the gang could be eluded. Raoden explains to Mareshe about the circumstances of Elantrian life and asks him to become a shoe cobbler, since shoes can protect their unhealing feet from wear and tear.

Raoden adopts the alias of Spirit, which is the translation of the aon Rao. Mareshe recognizes Raoden but Raoden denies that Mareshe ever saw him previously.

Chapter 8

Plot Summary

Sarene decides to live in the palace instead of her uncle's house. She sets up an easel in the throne room and paints copies of the art hanging on the walls, which aggravates the king, but when she is asked to relocate, she only moves a short distance and continues, and her presence is tolerated as the king has more pressing matters. Sarene and Ashe discuss the king's business acumen and poor prospects of staying in power, as well as Sarene's lack of artistic ability. Lukel, who as a successful businessman has a standing invitation to the court, joins them and they watch the king adjucate a dispute over the ownership of a peasant, though slavery is illegal for the time being. Lukel explains how the nation has become more oppressive since Iadon took power, and that individual landholding rights were eliminated, and wealth redistributed to merchants who supported the king's rise to the throne.

Lukel also discusses the past rivalry between the Merchant's Guild and the Elantrians who had provided free food and services to the population. Sarene speculates that the Arelene population will revolt over this poor treatment since they still remember freedom from not too long before, unlike the Fjordell who have been living under harsh conditions for centuries. Lukel compares Sarene to Raoden, and reminisces about the former prince, who was kind and outspoken, and stood up to the king's harsh laws, creating friction between father and son. Lukel also discusses Kiin's undermining of the king's authority by refusing to accept a noble title, and the line of succession which is endangered due to Raoden's 'passing' though the king may try to have another child. Lukel states that Raoden's friends will stop their subvertive meetings since the prince is not there anymore to provide protection, and Sarene asks to be invited to their last gathering.

Lukel and Sarene then go to lunch at Kiin's house. Over the midday meal, they discuss various schools of art, Sarene's novice ability, and other topics. Kaise, Daorn, and Sarene take a visit to the boundary wall of Elantris, where they encounter a large crowd. Hrathen preaches about how the Elantrians have reverted to baser animal instincts, turning their backs on religion, and Sarene takes the opportunity to start a theological debate with the gyorn, using misleading arguments to break the priest's thrall over the crowd. Hrathen concedes to Sarene graciously and departs, though Dilaf glares at Sarene.

Sarene then discusses the Elantrians who loiter in the courtyard, who Kaise states are neglected and who she describes as dead. Sarene notes two Elantrians that don't seem to have given into despair like the others that they observe, and by the descriptions they are Raoden and Galladon, but she doesn't realize their identities.

Chapter 9

Plot Summary

Hrathen professes admiration for Sarene's rhetorical skills. Hrathen and Dilaf debate about converting Teod to Shu-Dereth once their work in Arelon is completed, with Dilaf predicting that Teod would be destroyed by Jaddeth due to their intransigence.

Hrathen and Dilaf go to a meeting at an inn to form an alliance with some Arelene aristocrats, mostly minor nobles but also including the powerful Duke Telrii, talking of recent conquests of the Fjordell Empire, and promising power in exchange for the nobles converting to Shu-Dereth. Hrathen explains that many Arelene believe that the Elantrians will return to power and that this belief undermines Iadon's and the nobles' authority. Hrathen speaks vaguely so that he can maintain plausible deniability in the event that one of the nobles accuses Hrathen of insurgence against the government. Waren muses that it will be a lengthy process to establish Shu-Dereth in Arelon, but Hrathen counters that the Jesker Mysteries were banished from the Duladel Republic in a very short time span and that the Elantrians fell from power suddenly as well, and that Shu-Korath has been in great decline and is now followed in only two nations, Arelon and Teod.

Chapter 10

Plot Summary

Galladon creates a distraction in the Elantris courtyard, enabling Raoden to recruit three new Elantrian arrivals into his faction, Maare, a former housewife, Riil, a former handyman, and Saolin, who served as a soldier in Lord Eondel's legion. Raoden asks Maare and Riil to build a roof for their headquarters, a former Korathi chapel. Raoden tells Galladon of his plans to build a sense of purpose for the Elantrians to improve their quality of life.

Raoden and Galladon visit Aanden's base, and Raoden recognizes the gang leader as a former sculptor named Taan.

Galladon deduces Raoden's true identity from careless comments, but pledges to not reveal it. Galladon reveals that he was an apple orchard farmer before he was transformed by the Shaod.

Raoden inquires why they don't see any children, and Galladon replies that Elantris is too harsh of a place for them to survive long.

Raoden encounters Ien, who reflexively reacts to Raoden's raised hand by approaching him, but the seon shows no other signs of recognizing its former master.

Chapter 11

Plot Summary

Kiin hosts a gathering for Raoden's allies, and five of the most powerful nobles of Arelon show up, including Eondel, Baron Shuden, Duke Roial, Count Ahan, and Baron Edan, though many others declined to attend. Kiin tells Sarene about each of the nobles histories and motivations for opposing the king and the wealth based system of nobility.

Over dinner, the nobles begin their formal meeting, and Sarene joins the gathering after an introduction by Kiin. The nobles display apprehension at Sarene's presence as an outsider, though she assures them of her competence and confidence and that her presence will be a benefit through her ties to two thrones.

Sarene learns of a traditional ritual called the Widow's Trial, which is performed by newly widowed Arelene ladies, and involves charitable work.

The nobles discuss various options for continuing their opposition to the king despite being weakened by Raoden's absence, including recruiting a plurality of the nobility, using military force, and at Sarene's suggestion, which is ultimately accepted, freeing their farmworkers to improve their morale and productivity and undermine Iadon's decrees.

After the main gathering ends, Roial and Kiin discuss how impressed they are with Sarene and how she can take Raoden's place as a unifying force for their cabal. Sarene raises the uncomfortable notion that Iadon had Raoden killed and covered it up, and the others agree that this avenue is worth discreetly investigating. Sarene says that she will use her seon to look for evidence of Raoden either still being alive but imprisoned or having died under suspicious circumstances. Sarene is currently using Ashe to explore Elantris, since she wants to investigate Hrathen, who has shown curiosity in Elantris, and who Sarene believes is very dangerous and was involved in the collapse of the Duladel Republic.

Chapter 12

Plot Summary

Hrathen daydreams about languages, the Derethi religious hierarchy, and his abilities as a preacher as he delivers a sermon to a large crowd. Dilaf spontaneously follows with his own more emotional sermon, which while a violation of Hrathen's orders, was successful and thus welcomed by Hrathen.

After the sermon, Telrii approaches Hrathen and accepts an unspecified proposal. Hrathen disciplines Dilaf for disobedience, but also praises the arteth.

In the privacy of his office, Hrathen reveals that he has a seon locked away and hidden and uses it to communicate with Wyrn, who has his own seon, regarding a plot involving Telrii.

Chapter 13

Plot Summary

Raoden and Galladon are searching through Galladon's books, and Raoden finds one that is written entirely in Aons, which seems to make it significant since it appears to be about AonDor, so he plans to try to translate it using a dictionary and his rudimentary knowledge of aons.

Mareshe is building a roof using a fabricated clay-like material. Loren, a new arrival, is clearing space for a small farm. Another Elantrian, Kahar, walks up to the chapel to join the group since he hears rumors that Raoden's followers aren't hungry and are pain-free, and is accepted and sets to cleaning the ever-present slime from the walls and floors using gathered rain water.

Raoden has been in Elantris for about 10 days and is feeling the burden of leadership and concealing his pain for the sake of his followers.

Saolin raises an alarm as Karata along with about a dozen of her gang members, all armed, show up at their base. Karata orders Raoden's building destroyed and his followers severely beaten, but Raoden stays her hand by offering to get her into the Palace in Kae. After Karata leaves, Raoden explains his rationale to Galladon.

Raoden and Karata sneak out of Elantris, using the well to descend into the Aredel River, which they float downstream into Kae. They gain access to Iadon's castle using a hidden passage, and after sneaking through the king's bed chamber, Karata leads them to a guard's room to leave a note and necklace for her daughter Opais. When leaving, they encounter Karata's husband who is a guard in the palace and who fails to recognize either of them in their transformed states, but Raoden uses a non-working Aon Sheo to bluff him into not attacking, and they escape the palace without further incident. Karata reveals that she knows Raoden's true identity, and agrees to fulfill her bargain to not harm Raoden or his followers. In turn, Raoden asks that Karata help him improve the quality of life in Elantris and reveals that he is planning to plant a corn crop with the seed corn that is part of the food offerings so that the Elantrians can become self-sufficient. They return to Elantris through the front gates openly without problems, since the guards do not want to get in trouble for negligence in allowing them to escape into Kae.

Raoden asks Karata to keep his identity secret and not to reveal the route they took out of Elantris, to avoid countermeasures from Iadon. Karata decides to confide in Raoden, and reveals that she is taking care of the Elantrian children in secret, and that all her followers are parents who have left children behind. The children cope with their situation surprisingly well. Karata pledges her loyalty to Raoden and wants to help realize his dream of a better Elantris.

Raoden returns to the chapel, giving a sword he took from the palace guard to Saolin, and telling Galladon of their new alliance with Karata's gang.

Chapter 14

Plot Summary

Sarene joins Queen Eshen's embroidery group to keep up with the latest court intrigues. Sarene talks about Teod court activities including fencing and offers to teach this sport to the women of the group, even though fencing is considered to be beneath nobles.

Ashe reports information to Sarene that was gathered in a scouting expedition to Elantris, and to the palace dungeons.

Sarene accompanies Shuden to a lavish party at Duke Telrii's residence. Sarene's noble rank allows them access to an exclusive gathering attended by King Iadon, which also includes high ranking Arelene along with Hrathen. Shuden talks of the history of Shu-Keseg, the parent religion of Shu-Korath and Shu-Dereth, and of how the original intended concept of Unity became complicated over the passage of time. Shuden expresses concern about Hrathen and Lord Walen, and this concern is echoed by Lord Roial. Sarene tells the king about fencing at the queen's request, and Iadon acquiesces to their desire to exercise. A messenger delivers bad news to the king. Sarene tries to eavesdrop but is outed by Hrathen, as payback for her earlier interference with his preaching. Sarene meets as many people as possible to become acquainted with the political and social scenes to avoid being disadvantaged by Hrathen in this regard.

Upon return to the palace, Sarene learns about an intrusion in the kings chambers earlier in the evening.

Chapter 15

Plot Summary

Hrathen strolls along the Elantrian wall and ponders about Elantris and feels pity for the Elantrians even as he plans to exploit them to unite the Arelene and convert them with as little bloodshed as possible. Hrathen wishes to avoid a repeat of the revolution in the Duladel Republic, which weighs heavily upon his conscience.

Hrathen meets with Telrii who is having second thoughts about his alliance with Fjorden, since he has heard rumors that Hrathen was connected with the disaster in the Duladel Republic. Hrathen counters by saying that the Fjorden could easily conquer Arelon if necessary, but that a peaceful conversion is preferable, and pledges to put Telrii on the throne, and Telrii's doubts are overcome. Telrii warns that Sarene could cause problems, but Hrathen dismisses those concerns, and thinks to himself that she should consider Hrathen an ally instead of an opponent.

Hrathen finds out about the Elantrians who had entered the city, and bribes a guard captain to secretly bring the next Elantrian intruder to his office instead of Elantris.

Chapter 16

Plot Summary

Raoden reflects upon his relationship with Ien, and observes to Galladon that his seon's Aon is damaged and incomplete. Galladon and Raoden discuss what they miss most in their former lives, Galladon's home and Raoden's correspondence with Sarene respectively. Raoden talks of his engagement to Sarene, and this discussion leads to the revelation to Galladon of Fjorden's invasion of his home Duladel Republic six months earlier. Galladon mourns over the loss of his Jesker religion, and belittles the Jeskeri Mysteries as a mockery of his faith.

Raoden returns to the chapel and is amazed at how beautiful it is with all the grime removed by Kahar. Raoden asks Kahar to clean the streets and offers more Elantrians to assist him. Kahar forgets his hunger due to the distraction that keeping busy provides. Raoden and Galladon discuss the growing ranks of their group and plan how to feed them and keep them occupied.

Many of Karata's followers, led by Dashe, leave the chapel to attack Aanden's group due to reports that Aanden's followers are planning to attack the Elantrian children under Karata's protection. Raoden accompanies the assault squad and manages to convince both groups to stand down by confronting Aanden and showing him the beautiful sculptures beneath the dirt and grime and reminding him that he was once a great sculptor. Raoden also speaks of the Elantrian's "freedom" from base physical needs like food, clothing and shelter, liberating them to focus on higher callings like art. Aanden, whose real name is Taan, agrees and joins Raoden's group.

Chapter 17

Plot Summary

Sarene begins to teach fencing to Queen Eshen's embroidery group. Sarene duels with the elderly Lord Eondel who is very skilled but allows Sarene to win as a gracious gesture. The attractive Lord Shuden performs a ChayShan exercise which impresses the group though he claims to only be an amateur.

Sarene goes to a Korathi chapel to learn from Father Omin about what a Widow's Trial entails. They talk about the Elantrians and about how Hrathen may be intentionally preaching hatred of them for some reason. Sarene learns of her inheritance of Raoden's estate.

Ashe tells Sarene of Hrathen's frequent patrols of the Elantrian city wall, and Sarene ponders how to thwart the gyorn's unknown intentions. Sarene contacts her father Eventeo and they discuss how grim affairs are becoming in both Teod and Arelon, but Sarene refuses to return to Teod so that she can serve a useful purpose. Eventeo states that if Arelon falls that he would surrender to the Fjorden rather than be conquered. Eventeo reveals that Iadon's merchant ships are being sunk at the behest of the Wyrn, reducing his net worth and threatening his grip on the throne. Sarene realizes this would make it easier to replace the king, and reluctantly decides to take his side in opposition to Hrathen. After their conversation, Sarene feels anxious and has a hard time falling asleep, and is awake to hear some odd noises coming from the walls around her chambers.

Chapter 18

Plot Summary

Hrathen is interrogating Diren, an Elantrian, in his office. Dilaf is shocked by this, but Hrathen explains that he needs to know his enemy. Hrathen asks Dilaf to prepare their nightly sermon, then dismisses him to talk further with Diren, who speaks of hunger and gangs. Hrathen then has the guard captain escort Diren back to Elantris.

Dilaf preaches zealously at the chapel that evening, speaking out against Elantris at first, then segueing into a speech against Shu-Koreth, as ordered by Hrathen. Then Dilaf reveals that he took custody of Diren and tortured him, and drives the crowd into a murderous frenzy against the Elantrian, but Hrathen interjects and manages to redirect the mob away from executing Diren, since that would turn Iadon against him, instead preaching that they stop following Korathi heresies.

After the sermon, Hrathen has Diren brought to the chapel gardens, and privately has him burned alive to put him out of his misery. Hrathen berates Dilaf for his overzealousness and overreaching of his authority. Hrathen concludes that Dilaf is a liability and must be dealt with.

Hrathen contacts Forton, a subject of Hrovell, who has performed various services for the gyorn in the past, and asks that he create a special elixir and deliver it to him in Arelon as quickly as possible.

Chapter 19

Plot Summary

Raoden dreams of being brought to Elantris when he was a child to have healing done on his badly infected broken leg, and of his wounds and pain vanishing, but wakes up to increasing agony from three weeks of accumulated bruises and cuts. Raoden feels his pain in waves rather than a steady constant pain.

Shaor's band launches a surprise attack, but they are rebuffed, though Saolin takes a stab wound, which he claims is a badge of honor.

Raoden visits the Hall of the Fallen, a rudimentary hospice, where his group has been gathering as many hoed as they could find, to care for them as best as they could.

Taan loses interest in politics and spends his time studying all the examples of art in the chapel area.

Raoden studies a tome that contains advanced case studies in AonDor that mostly describe unintended effects. Galladon explains to Raoden that Dor is an unseen force and a central concept in the Jesker religion. Raoden infers that Dor is still partially working, allowing Elantrians to live without consuming food by providing energy to them, and that if they fix AonDor, it will fix Elantris and the Elantrians. He also deduces a link between the Arelenes, the land of Arelon, and Dor, due to geographic restrictions on the function of AonDor.

Chapter 20

Plot Summary

Sarene informs Ahan, Roial, Eondel, Shuden and Edan that they need to keep Iadon financially afloat, so that he isn't replaced by someone who is more amenable to a Derethi invasion. They discuss various options including an export arrangement with Teod. Sarene asks the nobles about how their planting is progressing, and they all reply that they are complying reluctantly. This is referring to an earlier plan to allow their serfs full control and pay over a portion of crop planting. Sarene also reveals her plan for her Widow's Trial is to bring food to the Elantrians, and requests the nobles all go with her, to help sway public opinion about the Elantrians, but only Shuden agrees to accompany her, though Roial offers support conditional on her getting Iadon's permission.

Sarene goes to Iadon's study, which irritates him, and reveals her simpleminded act was a deception, which enrages him, and he threatens alternatingly to execute or exile her. Sarene counters that she knows about his shipping losses and the threat to his hold on the throne, but offers a lucrative trade agreement between Teod and Arelon in exchange for permission to enter Elantris to perform her Widow's Trial, which Iadon accepts.

Sarene returns to her rooms which have not been cleaned, and sends for Meala, a maid, to find out what happened. Meala explains that the maid who was assigned to Sarene's room ran away, and was the fourth maid that year to depart abruptly.

Sarene wakes up very late due to noise from the walls, and makes a note that this is the fourth time she has observed this, twice on MaeDal and twice on OpeDal, and all instances taking place at eleven o'clock at night. She speculates that there must be a hidden passage inside the walls leading to the King's chambers, and that Iadon is using the passage for some unknown purpose.

Chapter 21

Plot Summary

Hrathen offers to promote Thered to head arteth, but he declines the offer, and Hrathen suspects that Dilaf has something to do with this.

Hrathen feels unease around Dilaf, and thinks about the fact that he frequently goes to the walls of Elantris to avoid him. Hrathen decides to try to relocate Dilaf to avoid his odiv's interfering with his plans, and asks Dilaf to hand-deliver a letter to Wyrn, which Dilaf agrees to do. Dilaf states that he would need to take all his odivs on this important mission, which would cause great complications for Hrathen's plans, so Hrathen changes his mind and tells Dilaf to use someone else as the messenger.

Hrathen encounters some beggars in the streets and asks why they are a rare sight and they say that they have to hide in the other outlying cities around Elantris due to the king's decree.

Hrathen encounters Omin while at the Elantris wall, and Omin confronts Hrathen about the fact he doesn't practice what he preaches regarding his hatred of the Elantrians. Omin lectures Hrathen about truth vs. belief. Omin also praises Hrathen's logic and determination but questions his faith, and leaves Hrathen to his thoughts and doubts.

Chapter 22

Plot Summary

Raoden grows concerned about an escalating amount of attacks launched by Shaor's gang and decides to confront the gang leader, with Galladon accompanying him. Galladon deduces that Shaor's base is located inside a bank, which has the ideal security and defensibility. They are surprised to learn that Shaor is a young girl, and are forced to flee when Shaor orders her followers to attack them, before they could parlay with her.

Raoden notes that Shaor's followers, who is really the daughter of Duke Telrii, seem to worship her as a god.

Raoden and Galladon return to their base, now called New Elantris, which is somewhat fortified with makeshift barriers and sentries. Raoden is surprised at how the marble easily crumbles at a touch, and speculates that the absence of Dor could be causing everything to decay, comparing the city to an empty shell that has been shed by a rivercrawler that has outgrown it.

Mareshe reports that visitors from Kae have entered Elantris and Raoden goes to investigate.

Sarene and a number of Kae's nobles enter Elantris, bringing a wagon of food to distribute to the hungry. Raoden fears that the food will interfere with Raoden's plans to make the Elantrians self-sufficient, and also possibly provoke a feeding frenzy by Shaor's undisciplined followers which could lead to extreme countermeasures on Iadon's part.

Sarene demands to speak to Aanden, Karata, and Shaor. Raoden plans to parlay with Sarene.

Chapter 23

Plot Summary

Sarene, accompanied by Eondel, Shuden and a squad of city guards, are led by Raoden, who names himself as Spirit, to meet with who she thinks are the tyrants of Elantris. Karata and Mareshe, posing as Aanden, state they have an alliance and have killed Shaor, and now control Elantris. Sarene parlays with them to be allowed to distribute food to the Elantrians without interference from them, and they give a list of demands, including cloth, grains, oil and raw building materials, and both parties agree to each other's demands.

Raoden tells Galladon that they should keep their budding society a secret so that new fears of an Elantrian threat don't arise in Kae. Raoden decides to keep an eye on Sarene, since he suspects that she has other motives, besides charity, for entering Elantris.

Sarene discusses how brutal Elantris is, based on information from Ashe, though they see little sign of uncivilized behavior during the parlay or afterwards. Sarene and the nobles unload food from wagons, assisted by Spirit. A crowd of Elantrians approaches, but does not take any food until Spirit demonstrates that it is safe for them to do so. Sarene intuits that Spirit is really one of the leaders and is curious why he conceals this fact.

Sarene tells Ashe about her suspicions regarding Spirit, and tells her seon to spy on him, since their intelligence may be out of date, and to also inquire about the alleged treaty between Aanden and Karata. Sarene ponders the discrepancies between what Ashe witnessed and what she saw, and about whether Spirit's apparent concern for the welfare of the Elantrians was genuine, and why he seemed concerned with Sarene's opinion of him. Sarene also grows preoccupied with thoughts of Spirit and almost grows to like him.

Chapter 24

Plot Summary

Hrathen watches from atop the city wall along with a large crowd who are expecting violence as Sarene distributes food to the Elantrians. The viewers grow bored and disperse as the Elantrians placidly accept the food offerings. Hrathen departs as well, and encounters Telrii on his way back to his chapel. Telrii berates Hrathen for not stopping Sarene, and bemoans that Iadon has obtained new trade contracts in Teod, but Hrathen counters that Sarene's efforts won't amount to much, and that Telrii will be able to bring more wealth to Arelon through a trade treaty with the East if he is on the throne, and Telrii is mollified. Hrathen feels confident that Sarene's efforts to foil his plans are focused in the wrong direction. Telrii claims that he won't be a pawn of the Fjordell Empire.

Back at his chapel, Hrathen overhears comments by Dilaf that cause him to suspect that Dilaf is older than he appears, and more seasoned than he lets on. He grows increasingly concerned over how much influence Dilaf actually has currently. He also ponders his faltering faith as Omin had, and questions his true purpose in Kae above and beyond his obedience to Wyrn.

Chapter 25

Plot Summary

Sarene and Raoden distribute food offerings, along with other nobles. Raoden regrets that he has to keep his identity secret from his noble friends, but enjoys spending time with his wife.

After the nobles leave, Raoden and his crew gather the non-food offerings that had been given part of the agreement with Sarene, though the princess fulfilled the intent of the requests but undermined the spirit by giving items that were unwieldy or unpleasant to adapt to their intended uses.

Raoden's apprehensions about the food offerings are coming true, and many are abandoning New Elantris to loiter by the city gates.

Saolin gets severely wounded on his arm, and tells Raoden that Shaor's gang is now better armed and acting more strategically and less bestially than previously. Raoden says they must focus on keeping Shaor's followers away from Sarene and the nobles to avoid a losing battle, and that they must discover what Sarene's hidden motives are.

Raoden practices aons several hours a day, and is gaining great skill, and pushing his constant agony to the back of his mind while he practices.

Galladon raises their crops alone now, since his helpers departed New Elantris.

Galladon and Raoden discuss Raoden's increasing knowledge about Aons, and Raoden realizes from a case study that he read about alludes to a malformed Aon spell that caused symptoms similar to a post-Reod Elantrian transformation, and theorizes that this means that their transformations are in suspended animation but being blocked from being completed.

Raoden interrogates Galladon about his suspicious amount of knowledge regarding Elantris, and Galladon reveals that he actually grew up in Elantris, and that his father was an Elantrian. Galladon returned to the Duladel Republic to become a farmer when he was old enough since he felt out of place in Elantris, only returning after his own transformation.

Raoden has a flash of insight, and goes to the Hall of the Fallen, realizing intuitively that one of the Hoed was an Elantrian before the Reod. The Hoed asks to be taken out of Elantris, and Raoden along with a few others brings him to a special shrine-like building that the Hoed was able to direct them to, that has sludge-free walls, a lot of books, and a mural of an Elantrian diving into a lake. The Hoed directs Raoden, Galladon and Karata to another passage, which lead to a path out to the mountainside, and up to a pool. The Hoed is placed into the pool and dissolves, shocking Raoden and the others.

Raoden asks to be given the same treatment when he becomes Hoed.

Chapter 26

Plot Summary

After a trip to Elantris, Ashe reports to Sarene that Spirit is the new ruler in Elantris, but the fact that Spirit is deceiving Sarene doesn't surprise or upset her very much. She determines to remain aloof with Spirit, despite his trustworthiness and empathy for his fellow Elantrians.

Sarene and her circle of nobles watch the former embroidery group go through their fencing exercises while they discuss recent developments in Kae, including Iadon's improving financial circumstances, Edan's fleeing from Arelon toward Duladel, and Lukel's completion of a lucrative business deal. Sarene scolds the women of the court for not being as brave as Torena, who was the only one to accompany her to Elantris, and hopes this changes in the future.

Sarene realizes that she is repeating her same habits from Teod, where she was respected but did not have many friends or romantic prospects.

Kiin shows up and expresses worry over Sarene's trips to Elantris, but declines to comment when she tries to spin the conversation to the rift between her father and him. Kiin does say that he thinks Iadon is very paranoid and probably has secret passages in his castle.

Daora believes that Sarene harbors romantic feelings for Shuden, which Sarene denies.

Chapter 27

Plot Summary

Hrathen learns that his plan to dethrone Iadon by ruining him financially will not work. He also sees that Dilaf is seizing control of the Derethi chapel, leaving Hrathen with little power and threatening his plans to convert Arelon peacefully. Hrathen's other plot to demonize the Elantrians is being effectively neutralized by Sarene. Additionally, Hrathen is similarly plagued by his own loss of faith in his religion. The strains of these failures weigh heavily upon Hrathen, and he collapses to the floor, laying there in pain in his heavy armor, praying for hours.

Hrathen's supplications are interrupted by a priest who delivers the package that was requested from the apothecary Forton. Hrathen was planning to poison Dilaf with the contents of the vials within, but changes his mind and ingests the poison himself.

Part 2: The Call of Elantris

Chapter 28

Plot Summary

Raoden, Galladon and Karata restrict knowledge of the pool and the AonDor library to themselves. Raoden studies a lot and learns a great amount about AonDor, but is unable to make it start working again.

Saolin tells Raoden that they need to gamble and set a trap to wipe out all of Shaor's followers since they are losing a war of attrition, and Raoden tells him to do so.

Spirit meets Sarene for the daily food distribution, and warns her to be wary. As he feared, Shaor's gang attacks, though they are fought off by Eondel and the city guards. Sarene accuses Spirit of withholding food from these Elantrians, and Spirit pleads guilty. Sarene departs angrily, accompanied by the nobles. Raoden finds Saolin badly wounded, in a catatonic state, and mourns the loss of his friend for a long time.

The city gates reopen.

Chapter 29

Plot Summary

Sarene and Ashe return by carriage to the palace. Sarene is greatly upset that Spirit has deceived her and withheld food from the Elantrians, and that the incident will cause the prejudices against Elantris to be reinforced. Her fears manifest as she sees a band of Iadon's guards heading for the city wall, presumably to annihilate the residents of Elantris. Sarene rushes to the palace and blackmails Iadon into canceling the attack.

Sarene returns to the city wall to ensure that her orders were carried out. She surveys the courtyard and realizes the truth about Elantrians, that they can survive terrible wounds but suffer in great pain, and that they don't really need food to live. She also sees someone who she assumes is Spirit, upset and cradling the body of his friend, and realizes that he is a good person, and possibly just a tyrant due to his circumstances, and regrets that she will probably never see him again.

Sarene goes to Kiin's house to seek refuge from her stress. She discusses the attack by the Elantrians and her browbeating of Iadon.

Shuden arrives at the house, bearing news of a newly transformed Elantrian.

Chapter 30

Plot Summary

Hrathen is prepared for entry to Elantris as a newly transformed Elantrian by Korathi priests who perform a ritual cleansing. Hrathen's entry to Elantris is delayed by the presence of a squad of Iadon's guards, but eventually he is sent past the gates.

Discarding his food offering, he kneels in the entry courtyard and loudly beseeches Jaddeth in prayer.

Chapter 31

Plot Summary

Raoden brings Saolin to the suicide pool to put him out of his misery after three days of suffering.

The Elantrians trickle back to Raoden's chapel when they realize that there will be no more deliveries of food by Sarene. There is a respite in the attacks from Shaor's band due to the food still left behind in the courtyard, and this time is used to plant food and fortify the defenses.

Raoden and Galladon discuss Hrathen's unlikely transformation and presence, and watch as he easily defends himself from three of Shaor's followers who try to steal his food offering.

Raoden and Galladon decide to take a risk and infiltrate Shaor's territory to try to bribe her followers to abandon her by delivering their own offering of uncooked grain. After a few hours, one of her followers shows up at the chapel with some of the grain, and Raoden welcomes him and offers him the means to cook his own food since the uncooked grain is barely edible.

Chapter 32

Plot Summary

Sarene is attending an Eclipse-viewing ball at Roial's house that was arranged at her behest. Roial scolds Sarene for being withdrawn for several days after the incident in Elantris, and tells her that she cannot shirk her leadership duties for their cabal just because circumstances are trying. Sarene says that their problems are dealt with but Roial counters that Dilaf may become an issue.

Sarene accompanies Roial, but declines to tell him the reason that she requested the party, though she does tell Ashe to keep an eye on Iadon and report if the king leaves.

Sarene watches Shuden and Torena enjoy each others' company, and contemplates her own relationship history.

Sarene and Roial mingle and chat about relationships and trade caravans with each other and guests.

Ashe reports that Iadon leaves the party and Sarene follows, using Ashe to stay on the king's trail. Sarene follows the king who eventually enters the sewers. Ashe tries to dissuade Sarene from following further but she persists. Sarene explains the reason for the party was to investigate what happens on MaeDal consistently, thinking that there was some connection to Raoden's disappearance.

Sarene encounters Iadon, along with several other worshippers, in the middle of murdering a young woman as part of a Jeskeri Mysteries sacrifice ritual to beseech the spirits to destroy Sarene. Before she can try to escape, Eondel appears along with some guards, to keep her from being harmed. Dilaf also appears there but doesn't take part in the fighting.

Ashe reveals that he had summoned assistance before they left the party. This incident puts Telrii in a good position to take the throne since Iadon was imprisoned, but Sarene decides to try to keep that from happening.

Chapter 33

Plot Summary

Hrathen watches the eclipse, growing weak from hunger and thirst after three days of prayer. He contemplates the nature worship of Jesker as he watches the moon vanish, and decides to accept the fact that his worship of Jaddeth is ordained to be of a logical rather than emotional nature. He eats his food offering to keep up his strength since he doesn't know how long he will need to stay in Elantris.

Chapter 34

Plot Summary

Shaor's followers join Raoden's crew and bring Shaor's wig as a token of submission. They prove to be good, docile, mindless workers.

Raoden insists that Galladon and Karata learn about AonDor to take over for his studies in case he succumbs and becomes hoed. Raoden explains another incremental discovery that he has made, that the slime around the city was a special kind of mold that was attracted to the glowing stones of Elantris, and subsequently died and rotted when the Dor-fueled illumination failed. They talk about how seons work, though Raoden is unable to discover any new information about them.

Dashe informs Raoden that Hrathen's transformation is reversed.

Chapter 35

Plot Summary

Sarene and Eventeo discuss the political implications of Iadon's dethroning and suicide. Sarene eats lunch and taunts her father who is dieting. Eventeo says that Telrii will likely take the throne, but Sarene counters that he would be a terrible king, and that all efforts are being made to make Roial the next king. Eventeo tells Sarene that Seinalan, the Korathi patriarch, is heading for Arelon for some unknown purpose.

Sarene learns that the city guard has joined forces with Telrii. Shuden suggests their best plan of action is to have Sarene marry Roial to combine their wealth, which would be sufficient to promote Roial's claim to the throne over Telrii's. Sarene and Roial accede to this plan, and discuss the consequences and contingencies of putting it in motion. Sarene and Roial learn that Hrathen has been cured of his condition and departed Elantris to return to Kae.

Chapter 36

Plot Summary

Hrathen wakes on the fifth day of his arrival in Elantris, and is very weakened, but the symptoms of his fake transformation have disappeared, and he demands and gains admittance back to Kae from the Elantris city guard captain.

Hrathen returns to his chapel, preaching that Jaddeth healed him. Dilaf apologizes for doubting Hrathen though there is still tension between them. Hrathen finds that someone rifled through his belongings, though they apparently didn't discover his seon.

Hrathen summons Dothgen, a Rathbore Monastery trained assassin, for a secret purpose.

Chapter 37

Plot Summary

Raoden suffers an overwhelming wave of pain, and sensed a presence in the back of his mind that was trying to find an outlet for a vast amount of pressure buildup. He loses consciousness briefly, and wakes to find Galladon and Karata. Raoden explains how the pain affects him in waves instead of being constant. Karata tells Raoden that he was glowing while unconscious and Raoden thinks that the Dor was trying to use him as a channel. They discuss the possibility that Hrathen's healing was a fraud.

Chapter 38

Plot Summary

Sarene, Lukel and Shuden attend a sermon that Hrathen is giving to a huge crowd on the day of Iadon's funeral. They discuss the possibility of trickery regarding Hrathen's transformation and healing.

Sarene leads an honor guard to welcome Seinalan to Arelon.

Sarene and the nobles discuss Sienalan's appointment as head of their church as a counter to the raising of Wulfden to the head of the Fjordell religion.

Roial speaks at Iadon's funeral, held in the throne room. Seinalan also speaks, revealing an agreement with Iadon's seal decreeing that all noble titles are to be frozen, and that nobility will henceforth be based on inheritance and not on wealth.

The funeral proceeds following Teo burial rites. Sarene watches the burial, contemplating the important part Iadon will take in history books going forward.

Sarene prepares for her marriage to Roial by praying alone in the Korathi chapel. She proceeds to the throne room for her wedding ceremony to be married to Roial, with Omin officiating despite the presence of their church leader.

Her wedding is disrupted as upon removal of her bridal veil it is discovered that she has undergone the Shaod.

Chapter 39

Plot Summary

Hrathen watches as Sarene's wedding is canceled due to her transformation. He now has a five day window of opportunity before Sarene's temporary transformation wears off, since Roial's wedding won't be official due to Sarene's "death" and Telrii will be first in line for the throne because of this.

Chapter 40

Plot Summary

Raoden and Galladon ponder why the city guards vanished from the Elantrian city wall. They try to find a way to get onto the wall to place scouts there, but decide to put off that plan due to a new arrival in Elantris, and go to the courtyard as a welcoming committee. The new arrival is Sarene, who isn't happy to speak to Raoden after his deception. Raoden convinces her to give him a second chance and offers his hand which she hesitantly accepts.

Chapter 41

Plot Summary

Spirit escorts Sarene to New Elantris, which has been transformed into a village with clean streets and pleasant seeming Elantrians, in a complete contrast with her perception of the rest of the city. Sarene is given a new wardrobe and accompanies Spirit, and finds herself appraising Spirit as well.

Spirit and Sarene tour the city. Sarene apologizes for providing him useless items as part of their bargain, and Spirit replies that he is a tyrant but means well, though she disputes that he is a tyrant based on her new perspective on New Elantris.

Sarene meets Taan, the sculptor also known as Aanden, and sees the Hall of the Fallen. She sees mindless seons floating around and is suddenly struck with concern for Ashe, who she hasn't seen since her transformation.

Sarene asks who Spirit was, and he replies that he is the second son of the Lord of Ien Plantation.

Spirit starts glowing and cries out in agony, then passes out in her arms, and she feels a great pressure coming from within him. Spirit awakes very shortly thereafter, however, and explains that AonDor is trying to use him as a conduit, though she is skeptical. Spirit erases her doubts by drawing Aons, then teaches her about AonDor.

Sarene spends a sleepless night, recalling her embarrassment and failures of the previous day.

Ashe locates Sarene, saying that he has been searching for her for two days, and that he is unaffected by her transformation. Sarene tells Ashe how Spirit has changed New Elantris for the better, and Ashe advises Sarene of events in Kae. Sarene communicates with Eventeo through Ashe, and tells him not to do anything drastic to endanger the relationship between Teod and Arelon, though Telrii might make that a moot point if he takes power and allies with the Fjordell Empire.

Chapter 42

Plot Summary

Hrathen regains control over the Derethi chapel, using newfound confidence to assert his authority over Dilaf. Dilaf still asserts his hatred for Elantris, despite Hrathen's insistence that the Elantrians don't serve any more purpose in their plans. Hrathen feels confident that Arelon will be taken without a bloody revolution and turns his thoughts to Teod.

Chapter 43

Plot Summary

Raoden and Galladon explore a tower that gives access to the top of the Elantrian wall. Galladon comments on how much time Raoden spends with Sarene, and Raoden explains that she is his wife, though he hasn't shared that fact with her yet. They locate the missing city guards at Telrii's mansion and puzzle about their presence there.

Spirit and Galladon go to press Sarene, who is studying in the library, for information about events in Kae. Sarene seems unchanged from when she arrived in Elantris, and states her aches don't persist like they do in other Elantrians. Sarene isn't able to draw Aons, so she spends time reading about political theory instead. Sarene shows a book, written by Seor, to Spirit containing an original version of the poem Wyrn the King which debunks the current Derethi teaching that Jaddeth predates Shu-Keseg. The poem shows that Jaddeth was really a minor god who cared for the rocks beneath the earth.

Spirit presses for information on current events, and Sarene complies, starting with Iadon's suicide, startling Spirit.

Chapter 44

Plot Summary

Sarene explains the circumstances around Iadon's death, including details of his involvement in the Jeskeri Mysteries. She also talks of how Telrii is in line to seize the Arelene throne with Derethi assistance. She then goes into extreme detail on the political situation, though some of the information is already understood by Spirit.

Spirit presses Sarene on how she had legal standing to marry Roial when that would violate her marriage contract with Raoden, and she counters that it was a political arrangement that dissolved with Iadon's death, and that marrying Roial would provide better for Arelon's future. Spirit is dismayed by this statement. Spirit wishes they were able to contact the outside, and Sarene reveals Ashe, and sends him to the outside to spy and report if Telrii assumes the throne. Ashe returns and advises them that Telrii is now King.

Chapter 45

Plot Summary

Hrathen finds the location where Raoden and Galladon ventured onto the Elantris wall, but decides to keep this information to himself. He silently congratulates himself for his political maneuverings which will lead to a peaceful conquest of Arelon. He also worries about Sarene's fate, scanning the streets of Elantris for a sight of her, but doesn't see any Elantrians anywhere.

Eventeo's seon finds Hrathen and opens a communication channel so they can parlay. Eventeo offers to convert to Shu-Dereth if Jaddeth heals Sarene of her transformation as he healed Hrathen, and Hrathen says he will do what he can.

Chapter 46

Plot Summary

Spirit is surprised to feel melancholy at the news of his father's death, but consoles himself with Sarene's presence and the study of AonDor.

Galladon tells Spirit and Sarene that Hrathen is still on top of the Elantrian wall, praying loudly.

Sarene observes that Spirit has been drawing the same Aon multiple times, and he says it helps him analyze the situation with AonDor, and she comments that perhaps there is something wrong with the land, since the base Aon resembles Arelon, a fact that Spirit was unaware of. Galladon gets a map, and they verify that the base aon represents the land down to the exact proportions.

As Spirit ponders this revelation, Sarene's appearance reverts to her usual self. Raoden deduces that the transformation was a fraud somehow perpetrated by Hrathen. Sarene reluctantly leaves Elantris at Spirit's behest, as he states she can assist them better from Kae.

Chapter 47

Plot Summary

Sarene returns to Kae and encounters Hrathen, who claims credit for healing her and gloats that she gave Teod and Eventeo to the Derethi, but she doubts that.

Sarene returns to Kiin's manor, and they have dinner and discuss whether and how they can continue to oppose the Derethi despite Telrii taking the throne. Sarene moves into Kiin's house. Sarene verifies that Eventeo vowed to convert to Derethi and vows to herself to protect Arelon from the same fate.

Chapter 48

Plot Summary

Hrathen is frustrated to have to wait for an audience with King Telrii but is eventually summoned to the newly redecorated throne room. Telrii discards any promises previously made to convert to Shu-Dereth, and reveals that he will convert as long as he is raised to the rank of gyorn, so that he doesn't have to suffer because of low rank. Telrii states that he has already sent a messenger with these demands to Wyrn, and dismisses Hrathen.

Chapter 49

Plot Summary

Raoden and Galladon discuss AonDor, and Galladon comments that perhaps the land has changed, causing Raoden to intuit that the chasm caused the Reod, rather than the other way around as speculated. Raoden draws a modified Ehe Aon, and it works, causing a fireball to incinerate part of the library. They realize that AonDor is still somewhat inhibited, however, since their aons don't produce as powerful effects as the books describe or affect people at all, and they still have not completed their transformations to pre-Reod Elantrians. They speculate that the first working Aon Ehe drained a long-untapped energy reserve.

Raoden does find a practical aon, Shao, that allows him to create an illusion around him of a healthy human, to make it possible for them to leave Elantris.

Chapter 50

Plot Summary

Sarene gets a report from Ashe that King Telrii is delaying his conversion to Derethi for unknown reasons. Sarene also hears rumors about a law to force conversion of all Arelenes on the pain of incarceration.

Sarene and her ladies group continue their fencing sessions at Roial's gardens. Their exercise is interrupted by the arrival of two exiled Dulas, a noble named Kaloo and his servant. Kaloo flatters Sarene, and tells of his circumstances to Roial. Sarene believes that Kaloo is an impostor and tries to shatter his ruse by dueling him at fencing, but doesn't learn anything to back her suspicions.

Chapter 51

Plot Summary

Hrathen strolls through the Arelon Market, where many goods remained unsold, and many market stalls empty of customers, threatening financial ruin for the Eastern merchants that went to great cost to bring their products.

Hrathen learns that Wyrn declined Telrii's request to be raised to gyorn, but would not act out in anger at the presumption. Telrii still is delaying conversion, and the nobles are laying low waiting to follow the example of the king.

Hrathen sees an arteth in one of the merchant stalls and investigates, and encounters Dilaf, who taunts Hrathen with his failures regarding Telrii, and says that his victory is sweet in the face of the gyorn's failure, but gives no further explanation and leaves.

Chapter 52

Plot Summary

Galladon stitches the cut that Raoden got from fencing with Sarene, as they reside in rooms provided by Roial. Kaloo tries to reveal his Spirit identity to Sarene, but is unable to do so privately. Kaloo in his Dula role is able to join noble circles but wants to infiltrate his former cabal as well, where all the important decisions are really made.

Roial sells some lamp mounts on behalf of Kaloo and sets up a bank account for his funds, and allows Kaloo and Dendo to stay as long as they wish. Kaloo demurs to speak of his escape from Duladel, and whispers of rebelling against the king to protect Arelon from suffering the fate as Duladel. Roial invites Kaloo to meet at Kiin's house.

Raoden smears some brown makeup on a cloth and tells Galladon that it is for an unhoped-for contingency.

Chapter 53

Plot Summary

Kaloo attends a meeting of Sarene's noble circle, at Kiin's house, to her chagrin. They discuss various options for dealing with Telrii, including foreign aid from Teod and rebels in Duladel. Kaloo suggests turning the nobles and people against the king rather than assassinating him.

Sarene realizes that Kaloo is Spirit and confronts him in private, where he admits this guise but asks her to maintain it. Spirit tells Sarene that her information about Aons helped him get AonDor to work again partially, though his transformation is still incomplete. Spirit compliments Sarene on her work in the meetings and tells her there is something more he needs to share at a later time.

The meeting resumes, and Roial speaks of assassins that he has hired from Fjorden to kill the king. Ahan, who left briefly claiming an upset stomach, returns with Telrii and some guards. Ahan states that he has finally gotten the better of Roial. Telrii has Roial killed for treason, and orders the assassins found and killed, and the rest of the nobles killed as well. Spirit drops one of his illusion disguises, and now appears as Raoden, causing the guards to hesitate. Telrii is confused by Raoden's sudden reappearance, and flees along with his guards.

Raoden tries to heal Roial's wounds but fails, and the duke passes away. The nobles welcome Raoden back.

Chapter 54

Plot Summary

Hrathen receives reports that Roial has been executed for treason without a trial, and rumors that Raoden has returned, though he believes that Sarene is using a look-alike to try to play for the throne.

Hrathen goes to confront Telrii but is made to wait. Hrathen then witnesses as Eondel's guards launch an attack on the throne room, and Eondel slays Telrii in revenge for Roial before succumbing to his own wounds.

Part 3: The Spirit of Elantris

Chapter 55

Plot Summary

Watching the aftermath from the top of Kiin's house, Raoden confides to Sarene that since he's still alive, then according to the terms of their contract their marriage is void, after she's exclaimed over her own shortcomings for not putting together his disappearance in the first place.

Raoden assures her that he has no intention of avoiding their marriage, and suggests they make it formal. Left to his own thoughts for a moment his concerns show in sending Galladon back to New Elantris earlier, to teach the people AonDor. He admits there won't be much time, but it's better than nothing.

Drawing Aon Nae they study the palace grounds together through the magnifying scope that particular Aon creates. Raoden is horrified to see the corpse of Eondel lying next to Telrii.

Chapter 56

Plot Summary

Now on the roof with Raoden and Sarene, Ashe explains in the company of Kiin, Lukel, and Shuden of Eondel's foolish charge into the palace to avenge the death of Roial. Raoden is the first to call it foolish with Sarene agreeing, though only because she sees a leader's perspective, not a man's that would surely be mourning the loss of both Roial and Eondel.

Watching the funeral pyre, they notice fifty or so Elantris City Guards detach from the group and gallop towards Kiin's house. As the riders approach Kiin suggests barricading the entrance. Raoden orders him not to do so but he only acquiesces because he respects Raoden, showing that he doesn't take orders.

However, that proves unnecessary as the soldiers announce they have heard a rumour that the former prince has returned to the city and they are in desperate need of a king. Relieved at the reason Raoden orders out messengers to every noble in the city; within the hour his coronation will commence, concern over Hrathen's plots expediting the event.

Addressing a large crowd of nobles not much later in the palace throne room, Raoden only manages to begin his speech before he's interrupted by a feeling of someone manipulating the Dor. Someone he suspected is a Derethi priest but stunned reactions from the crowd bring his attention to what had been altered.

Though they see his Elantrian appearance the crowd is more dumbfounded than shocked. After so long of expecting the worst the nobility can't bring itself to feel appalled. Before he can think, Sarene comes to his defense, reminding the people that Raoden is still the man who cared about them before his exile, despite what he's become.

A few random cheers excite the rest of the audience into an upbeat support for Raoden's kingship. Dilaf, the Derethi priest that had used the Dor to remove Raoden's mask, stalks angrily out of the throne room in the wake of the reaction he'd not expected from his manipulating.

Sarene explains to Raoden that the people of Arelon are ready to accept a man because he will lead them well. But even so he admits it might not have turned out the same had she not intervened. Questioning who Dilaf is, Raoden first lays suspicion on the Derethi priest about being the one who manipulated his Aon. Asking to borrow Ashe he sends the seon into New Elantris to warn Galladon to be prepared.

Chapter 57

Plot Summary

Hrathen observes the entire series of events in the throne room, contemplating his feelings toward Sarene and why he hates this imposter that looks like Raoden.

Seeing Dilaf leave, Hrathen follows, noting that his plans have been ruined again by "Sarene's plot" and admits that Dilaf was right; if Hrathen had concentrated more on Elantris, the people would have been too disgusted to grant the Raoden imposter kingship.

He's suspicious when Dilaf turns not towards the chapel but towards the centre of the city. Leading him to the market district Hrathen has time to pause before witnessing, with horror, the monks of Dakhor bursting out of the merchants tents in their twisted warrior forms.

Chapter 58

Plot Summary

Raoden awakens to strange sounds in Roial's mansion. Immediately upon investigating the disturbance he meets with the Dakhor monks. One of them is Dilaf, who disables Raoden in his attempt to arm himself.

At the walls of Elantris, Sarene orders Hoid to deliver a box of supplies to Galladon and Karata, revealing to no-one but herself their contents: swords and bows. As she rides back in her coach the invasion catches up to her. Escaping from her coach she is saved from a Dakhor monk by Kiin and Lukel. Safely back at the mansion, Kiin reveals, after Sarene notices Aon Reo engraved on his axe, his true past as the pirate Dreok "Crushthroat," correcting it to "Crushedthroat" in his characteristic raspy voice, and again correcting Sarene that it was Eventeo stole the throne from Dreok.

Hrathen confronts Dilaf about the massacre, angry that Dilaf's agenda is the annihilation of an entire nation he was set on teaching of Jaddeth and converting them. Dilaf asserts his authority as a gragdet - the leaders of the monasteries - and Hrathen recalls his own brief initiation into the Dakhor monastery.

Chapter 59

Plot Summary

Raoden awakens as a hostage but the blow to his head has left him dizzy and he is unable to heal as an Elantrian. Noticing Dilaf has besieged Kiin's house he tries to shout.

Sarene is distraught to see Raoden captive but accepts the inevitable fate she's convinced awaits him. She will not trade the lives of anyone in Kiin's household for what she surmises Dilaf will demand of in exchange for Raoden, even if she offered herself up.

She realizes it's too late, because as she steps out onto the balcony the Dakhor monks ambush her and Kiin, taking them captive. Dilaf demands Hrathen's seon to communicate with Eventeo and inform him of the terms of surrender. Though Dilaf has no intention of admitting it, he just wants to murder the king and spread chaos throughout. Hrathen is conflicted and openly revolted with Dilaf's campaign.

Almost as an afterthought, Dilaf impales Raoden on his sword and leaves him muttering a Hoed mantra, "Failed, my love". Dilaf orders that the Elantrians be rounded up and burned.

Chapter 60

Plot Summary

Watching Hrathen and his companions leave the mansion, Galladon quickly creeps up to Raoden's body, finding him Hoed. Karata urges him on but Galladon has a promise he made with Raoden to fulfill. After which he insinuates on giving himself the same release to which Karata silently accepts the same fate.

Lukel watches his uncle, Kiin, fight off three Dakhor monks at once before being subdued. They, and the rest of the captives, are herded off to Elantris.

The Dakhor monks with Dilaf and Hrathen teleport to Teod, using one of the monks as the fuel to power the transportation. Leaping to a nearby rooftop, Dilaf watches a fleet of ships pulling into Teod's bay, exclaiming they will wait. In the meantime, Dilaf reveals the origin of his hatred of Elantris to Hrathen, that a failed healing had left his wife in agony until she took her own life.

Noticing Shuden presumably preparing to fight his way free, Lukel steels himself to provide back up.

While venturing up the mountain Galladon considers the hope Raoden instilled within him, the hope he still clings on to, while Raoden himself floats behind the void of his own consciousness, avoiding the pain of his physical form. Reaching the pool, Galladon and Karata lay Raoden down for a moment of rest before they wade into the pool.

Nearing the built pyres in Elantris, Adien saunters away from the crowd. A Derethi soldier orders him back into line before slashing his sword across Adien's chest when he doesn't obey. No blood, Adien continues walking to the shock of the soldier, and lays upon the pyre, his secret finally revealed.

Dilaf reveals he was the one who convinced Hrathen to leave the Dakhor monastery a moment before making his move. Approaching Eventeo, Hrathen's thoughts rebel against what Dilaf has started and he overhears Dilaf whispering to Sarene that she is a disease for allowing the Arelenes to forget their hatred of Elantrians, and muses about killing her in front of her father instead.

Raoden's mind is assaulted by the vision of Aon Rao. Trying to suppress it another image forms, that of Elantris and the outer cities, and both images superimpose perfectly. His surprise awakens him as he struggles to regain control of his body, surprising Galladon and Karata with a sudden scream. Dropping him, Raoden staggers into the pool.

Chapter 61

One square, four circles. Aon Rao. The Spirit of Elantris.

—On the form of Aon Rao
Plot Summary

To Eventeo's horror, Dilaf begins cutting Sarene's throat. Hrathen, finally deciding to act, hits Dilaf. Regaining balance, Dilaf jabs the knife at Hrathen's chest, the blade sliding off his armor. Armor that was supposedly for show. Hrathen is satisfied in telling Dilaf nothing he does is for show shortly before smashing his steel forearm into Dilaf's face. Warning Eventeo of Fjordell's coming invasion, Hrathen shoves Sarene down an alleyway and blocks it with his own body.

The pool beckons for Raoden to give himself up. He rejects it. Bursting from its embrace to a surprised Galladon and Karata they all race down the mountain back to Kae. Shuden finally retaliates and Lukel joins the fray but they are ultimately overwhelmed.

Hrathen holds his own against the Dakhor monks admirably. Just barely. There is a commotion beyond the monks as Eventeo's honor guard joins the battle. Sarene indicates an open door they both duck into. They find a cellar to hide in while the Dakhor monks follow and leave again. Emerging from the cellar, Hrathen removes his armor, calling it a burden of his calling he no longer deserves. Sarene questions why he did it and Hrathen simply says Dilaf is evil and a massacre does not serve Jaddeth.

At the foot of the mountain Raoden picks up a stick and draws a long line out behind him. Meanwhile, Galladon and Karata protect Raoden from Fjordell guards. In their efforts Galladon is lanced in the body and Karata beheaded, but Raoden finishes the line. Light explodes from the ground, and the power of the Dor washes away his pain. The city complex of Elantris and its outer cities is one big Aon that needed the chasm line to complete it. Raoden walks from the light anew, ordering the Fjordell soldiers to leave Arelon. All around Elantris the effects are felt and Elantrians emerge from the pyres unharmed. Raoden arrives, destroying one Dakhor monk and demanding that the other leave.

Chapter 62

Plot Summary

Hrathen makes plans to smuggle Sarene out of Teod on a merchant's ship under the impression that Dilaf will follow her and spare Teod, unlike Duladel; Hrathen exposes himself to the guilt of his own past atrocities before he is murdered by Fjon. Trying to revive Hrathen, Sarene is interrupted by a group of Dakhor monks and Dilaf, drawn by the commotion of the surrounding crowd.

As Raoden finishes healing Lukel, Ashe comes to inform Raoden that Teod is under attack, and that Sarene is there. Hurrying up Elantris' wall Ashe shows Raoden which direction Teod is in. He begins to draw Aon Tia, the transportation Aon. But is reluctantly dissuaded by Galladon's warning of its dangers that, without knowing the exact distance, Aon Tia could kill the user. Fortunately, Adien appears - of sound mind now - and quotes the exact distance in steps to Teod. Using Adien's stride as his measurement, Raoden modifies Aon Tia and teleports himself to Teod.

Moments later a spray of light collides with one of the Dakhor monks. Raoden disables Dilaf and grabs a hold of Sarene, transporting them fifty feet away from the monks, forgetting that Aons grow weaker away from Elantris. Attempting to escape, Raoden and Sarene flee down the docks until they spot King Eventeo, but little too late as they are unable to outrun the abnormally fast monks. Raoden readies himself to attack but Dilaf is content on allowing backup to arrive.

With a small army of monks, Dilaf begins his offense believing Raoden will be unable to draw his Aons fast enough to combat all of the monks at once. Suddenly, a group of Elantrians led by Galladon teleport onto the docks and launch a barrage of power against the monks.

Knowing he has few options remaining, Dilaf scrambles down an alleyway, away from the battle, to hunt down King Eventeo, the leverage he knows will draw Sarene to him. Sarene notices and urges Raoden to pursue. Dilaf ambushes, disarms, and wounds Raoden. Forgotten, Sarene surprises Dilaf, attacking him with a sword she found. However, she is unable to keep up with the monk's superior physical abilities, and she suffers a wound to the shoulder. As both lay defeated, Hrathen surprises all by appearing. He blocks Dilaf's attack with a Dakhor magic enhanced arm, then uses the same arm to choke Dilaf to death before Hrathen succumbs to his wounds.

Galladon arrives to report that the Teo armada is holding out against the Fjordell.

Chapter 63

Plot Summary

Sarene is insistent on not letting Raoden out of her sight until they are married. At the ceremony, Raoden's mind wanders during Father Omin's extensive speech. He worries that the Wyrn may have found a way to access the Dor, and the Fjorn may have their own version of AonDor. He considers that there are various ways to access the Dor, as he considers Shuden's ChayShan used to defeat a Dahkor Monk single-handedly and with his eyes closed.

The ceremony closes with Sarene hinting she's looking forward to the wedding night. Cheeky.


Plot Summary

A week has passed since the wedding between Sarene and Raoden. During this time, the throne of Arelon has been restored to its former place in Elantris and serfdom has been abolished throughout the nation.

Sarene and Raoden gather with Shuden, Galladon, and Lukel's families for Hrathen's funeral. The gyorn Hrathen is buried alongside several other tombs, including those of Roial, Eondel, Karata, Iadon, and Saolin. The area containing these graves is to become a memorial to the victims and heroes of the Invasion of Arelon as well as the battles of Elantris and Teoras. Sarene gives a short speech about Hrathen's contributions to the restoration of Elantris and the recent victories against Fjordell. She finishes by proclaiming that Hrathen should not be remembered as an enemy to Arelon, but as a savior and a hero.

On AonDor

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Hoid stands beside Devotion's Perpendicularity and unwraps bandages from his face. He is surprised that his face and hands appear the same and that he did not transform to an Elantrian. He is accompanied by a dark hovering sphere who trades witty banter with him and who accuses Hoid of failure at his attempt to transform. Hoid says that he is not disappointed, and says he sees beauty that there are still secrets to investigate, and that he loves puzzles. Hoid steps into the Perpendicularity and vanishes.


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