Banda de los Nocturnos

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Banda de los Nocturnos
Líder Donny
Tipo Criminals
Era Post-Catacendre
Mundo Scadrial
Universo Cosmere
Aparece en Mistborn Era 2

Everyone in the area knows about the Nightstreets, though mostly they hit cities closer to the Roughs. We figure it's slim pickings out past the mountains, so they have begun to venture inward.

Constable Matieu on the Nightstreet Gang[1]

The Nightstreet Gang is a criminal organization that operates near Ironstand on Scadrial.[1]


By 342 PC, the Nightstreet Gang was a known and established gang in the area around Ironstand, though the Elendel constabulary did not seem to be particularly aware of them. They typically targeted cities in or near the Roughs, though Constable Matieu of Ironstand felt they were getting bolder and beginning to hit targets closer to the center of the Elendel Basin, likely because there were not enough resources available for them to take in the areas closer to the Roughs. They are led by Donny, a koloss-blooded.[1] They do not wear masks, likely because they are already known criminals and have nothing to lose.[2]

In Cladence of 342 PC, Kelesina Shores—at the direction of Edwarn Ladrian—hired the Nightstreet Gang to attack Waxillium Ladrian in the hopes of distracting him from his pursuit of the Set.[3][4] The gang did so, attacking the train that he, Wayne, Steris, Marasi, and MeLaan were taking to New Seran shortly before it reached Ironstand.[2][5] The gang was well-equipped for this attack; they used a chemical weapon to incapacitate the guards protecting an Erikell[1] payroll shipment, had something similar to gas masks to protect themselves and a Coinshot, who broke open the armored cargo car and fought Wax,[2] attempted to use dynamite to blow up the train's coal tender,[5] and were accompanied by Irich of the Set, who used a primer cube to disable Wax's Allomancy.[2][6]

Despite these resources, however, the gang seemed to be unaware of the true purpose of their mission, as they attacked the entire train, focusing on securing the Erikell payroll shipment, rather than attacking Wax specifically.[2] Indeed, they seemed surprised at Wax's presence and their tactics suggest they were expecting his car to be full of rich people who would easily turn over money rather than Allomancers.[1] They also seemed to be inexperienced at robbing trains; rather than forcing the train to stop, they attack it from horseback, as if they are more familiar with how train robberies happen in stories than in reality.[2]

As a result of their inexperience at robbing trains and lack of preparations for enemy Allomancers, the attack went incredibly poorly for the gang. Though some members did manage to successfully escape with the Erikell payroll early in the fight and others, including Irich, escaped by jumping into a river next to the tracks,[2][5] Constable Matieu believed that over half the gang was killed or captured and that the captured members will give him a good lead on the rest of the gang.[1]

Known Members

  • Donny, the leader, a small, spirited koloss-blodded man.[1]


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