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Grupos Aspectos
Mundo natal Tierra (Legión)

Audrey is one of Stephen Leeds' aspects; an expert on handwriting and cryptography.[1][2]

Appearance and Personality

Audrey has long dark hair and self-described as "curvaceous". She has a pretty face.[1][3]

She didn't mind being an hallucination, and joked about it.[1] As the most self-aware of Leeds's aspects, she got away with things he wouldn't have expected.[3]

Steve later understand that knowing she is imaginary was not self-awareness but her imagined psychosis. This means, she would think she was imaginary even if she was real. All aspects are insane in some way, this time her insanity just aligned with reality.[4] Tobias thinks she is a sort of compensating factor in Leeds psychology, a way to blow off a steam.[3] She has a habit of visiting her sister in Springfield.[1]

Attributes and Abilities

Audrey is an expert on handwriting, able to recognize if two texts were written by the same hand, or it was an attempted forgery.[1] She also seems to keep record of handwriting of people, and can compare a text with those memories to find the author.[5]

She also has cryptography knowledge. The research she knew described decoding messages by noticing intentional changes in handwriting. The knowledge is deepened after further reading.[3][2]

Although an expert in handwriting analysis, her penmanship was awful.[3]

On her spare time, she learned biochemistry equations and was trying to figure out the method Panos used to create a virus; but Stephen erases that memory to avoid overloading himself.[3]


Audrey was created after Stephen Leeds studied handwriting analysis. He also did some tangential research in cryptography which she also absorbed.[3]

She helps him on discovering the true authors of several writings/letters. For example, she was able to expose an undercover student who wanted to get close to him to write a report by saying he had a case. Audrey was able to confirm his writing was the same as the supposed letter from his girlfriend.[1]

She does not go out on missions. The I3 investigation company mission was the second one she had been to.[6]

After acquiring deeper cryptography knowledge, she went out with Stephen Leads for the investigation of I3 company. Her first contribution was coming up with a "hacking" trick to get Zen's phone number; an assassin that was tailing them while driving.[2] She also explained that people are less secure than the encryption systems they use, which also helped Leeds figure out how the corpse was taken out the facilities.[7]

Audrey figured out that Panos was still working on viruses even after they had shut down that research on I3.[4]

Later on, when Leeds was separated from most of his aspects, Audrey remained in the car with him. She was scared, crying and did not help much at the beginning. But during their captivity she figured out where the body was.[6] She was able to figure out the cleaning lady was actually Panos mother, whose zero in the time stamp was very distinctive.[8]


Stephen Leeds

She is not one of Stephen's closest aspects, usually staying home while Stephen, Ivy, Tobias and J.C. go out on cases. She seems to prefer this, seeming to assume she'll get shot at.


I could use a new dog. I'll feed it fake food and give it fake water and take it on fake walks. Everything a fake puppy could want.

—Audrey to Stephen after helping him with comparing the impostor's handwriting.[1]

What good is being imaginary if you can't ignore the weather?

—Audrey to Stephen on wearing a scarf in June.[2]


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